Sprint Series Season II Application Form

Sprint Series Season II Application Form


Description and information

The following calendar can be subject to change. Participation in our race is free of charge but requires an application and the following approval process. No team or driver that is not registered and approved will be allowed to participate.

GTR24h Sprint Series II Calendar

Race 1: November 18th

Race 2: November 25th

Race 3: December 2nd

Race 4: January 13th
Brands Hatch

Race 5: January 27th

Race 6: February 10th

Race 7: February 24th
Mount Panorama

Race 8: March 10th

Each application is for ONE car.

Approval Criteria

A crucial part of succeeding in retaining viewership is the buildup of a healthy fanbase around the teams. When you are with GTR24H we will help create content and attract both fans and sponsors for your team. But to do this, we need consistency in return. We need to know that your team will show up for the races and that you will make your best possible efforts to be as dedicated as possible. We are not looking for the best teams. We are looking for the most interesting and dedicated teams. Teams with rich and interesting backstories with long term commitments will be prefered.


Scope of the application

This application will cover the entrance of one car in the GTR24H Sprint Series Season II using Assetto Corsa Competizione by Kunos Simulazioni including GT4 Pack and Intercontinental GT Pack DLCs.

Team Championship

Teams consist of two or more cars in each class. There is a separate team championship for each class. Only the two best-placed cars in a team in the same class will count towards the championship. At the end of the season, the winners will be the team with most points in each class.  In case of a tie on points, the team with most wins will win. Then most second places, most third places etc.

Teams Championship GT3
1st: €1,200
2nd: €550
3rd: €250

Teams Championship GT4
1st: €575
2nd: €275
3rd: €150

Rights of the participating team

  1. All races will be sanctioned by live stewards as according to the GTR24h Sporting Regulations and Sprint Series Addendum
  2. The sporting regulations may be subject to change during the season and each race may have a separate addendum concerning special rules for that specific race.
  3. All teams will have the option to submit news articles themselves, on topics of their own choices, just as long as it is centred on the team and sim racing. You may also submit news on participation in other sim racing leagues or series. Your team may submit articles using this form: https://gtr24h.org/submit-article
  4. Important news for the teams will be sent as newsletters to the email address used in the main contact field. And made public in the exclusive “Teams Section” on the website. Only visible to participating team members.
  5. Tools to change driver information, files and other information will be made available in the “Teams Section”.

Requirements of the participating team

  1. Field a car at every race of the season for the duration of the contract. A car may skip one race during the season.
  2. No change of car model is allowed during the season.
  3. The driver must be available for contact. Either through email or an online messaging app like WhatsApp.
  4. All drivers must have read the GTR24H sporting regulations.
  5. Drivers must be available for regular interviews. You are obligated to be available for online interviews with both audio and video.
  6. Each team is allowed a maximum of two cars.
  7. Drivers are encouraged to share GTR24H live streams. Either by sharing the Facebook live stream directly on Facebook or by sharing links to YouTube or Twitch live streams on Facebook or Twitter.
  8. Drivers are encouraged to participate in the race Google Hangouts conference call. Links will be sent before each race or found in the race calendar.
  9. Disrespecting and speaking ill of GTR24H or other participants is considered an offence (See “GTR24H Rights” pt. 4).

GTR24H Rights

  1. GTR24H may use any videos, photos, logos or images made public by the team or team members in any type of content concerning the team.
  2. GTR24H may hand over contact details on drivers to third parties.
  3. GTR24H may sanction the driver’s participation in races or the entire season if unsportsmanlike behaviour, cheating or any misconduct has been associated with the team or any drivers.
  4. Failing to adhere to the requirements will trigger the following sanctions.
    1. First offence: warning.
    2. Second offence: Championship points deduction depending on the severity of the offence.
    3. Third offence: Termination of the contract and exclusion from future events.
  5. Any content from GTR24H marked as “Confidential” may not be shared with any third parties. Doing so is considered an offence (See “GTR24H Rights” pt. 4).


IMPORTANT: This email address will be used for all communication with the team. DO NOT USE AN INBOX THAT YOU DO NOT CHECK!
Failure to respond to vital email could result in your team missing important deadlines and important communication. In the end, this could result in exclusion from races or the entire series.

You can use this article to find your Steam ID https://www.businessinsider.com/how-to-find-steam-id
When on your Steam profile page, your Steam ID is the number at the end of your profile URL.

Primarily information for the commentary team and live coverage

Clear background or background already removed

(max file size 128 MB)

What this means is, can GTR24H approach you with deals from sponsors.

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