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Following on from our chat with Chaz Draycott regarding his mix of real-world and virtual commentary duties, another commentator that has recently started his journey in the real commentary world is George Morgan. The Welsh wonder was all too happy to share some words about his new adventure. George has built a reputation as one of the best sim racing commentators, particular in the F1 league racing scene

Was it always the aim to move into the real world commentary box, to begin with, or has that opportunity risen through your work in the sim racing world?

There was never a plan, never a carefully thought out idea to become a professional motorsport commentator. It all seemed to happen naturally. I love motor racing, growing up on a cocktail of Formula 1, Touring Cars, MotoGP, RAC World Rally Championship, and even Powerboat Racing! Basically anything on wheels on terrestrial television in my youth growing up. I found it very easy as a result to get emotionally invested in it. If you are passionate about something, then that for me is 75% of the job. I was and still am living the dream of doing league racing commentary which I love to pieces.

But at the same time now, all of a sudden being asked to cover a real-life series to the extent of the International GT Open and Euroformula Open, it’s beyond anything I could have expected. It allows me to talk about something I’m passionate about and at the same time be part of a great team that gives everything to make something entertaining for the viewers to watch at home. To answer your question, yes, Sim Racing definitely built my platform in commentary for sure, and not a day goes by when I thank my lucky stars that we have such a supportive community.

There is always a pressure to perform, do you feel that you have an added pressure as someone who has gone from sim to real, or does the support you have make that transition easier?

The trick I think is, to always be real. I believe the support I’ve garnered is through simple honesty. Someone can watch one of my broadcasts and it can come across easily to viewers at home. I was of course a little apprehensive jumping into the real racing commentary box for the first time, but just allowing myself to maintain my natural rhythm and being myself made everything so easy. I honestly felt like I was back home doing what I love doing, which is such a thrill for me.

Your new adventures in the International GT Open and EFO came through your signing with Loudspeaker. How did that relationship begin?

It was just a simple conversation, they looked at clips of what I’m all about and we had a few meetings. Gemma and Louise have been so helpful and I think they understand me very well. Both have such gargantuan expertise in the business, so to have the validation of being part of such a talented roster of broadcasters is a real privilege. I hope that through my hard work, not only can I continue to build my platform but also help to assist the growth of Loudspeaker. The team is simply made up of fantastic human beings!

Whilst you had no particular plan at the beginning, is there now a particular goal in mind? Whose footsteps are you looking to follow?

I’m not looking to follow anybody at the moment. My focus is on International GT Open and Euroformula Open. I have fallen in love with the platform and the great characters that work so hard to make this Championship so successful. They have been running now since 2006, so this isn’t a fly-by-night organisation. The drivers are next level, with great teams and of course the best Grand Tourer manufacturers in the world! What’s not to like? At the end of the day, I am George Morgan, so I want to be George Morgan.

Is this the end of the line now for sim racing commentary?

Not at all, I will still be working the sim stuff. It may mean I’m a little stretched. But I only really did one series before, as in PSGL. So that shouldn’t be an issue.

George will be an incredible asset to any broadcast team he is part of, and yet he maintains a very down-to-earth demeanor when you speak to him. We wish George the very best of luck in his career. Check back with us for the next installment of this series.

Image © George Morgan

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