GTR24h Endurance eRacing World Championship – Overall 2020 season results!

The GTR24h Endurance eRacing World championship 2020 season started out in early April at Sebring with 26 participating teams – where the line up consisted of cars in LMP2, GTE and GT3 classes. Throughout the season the LMP2, GTE and GT3 showed the most exciting competition – since the Hypercar class wasn’t at the time present – but was entered at the Nurburgring race. The well known Team Viadukten – which so far had 2 World championship titles in the GT3 class – moved up in the HyperCar class and showed great performance and skill to complete all races at a great pace. And even managing a podium finish in the final race against world-leading endurance racing teams. Viadukten managed with ease to take the lead in the Hypercar class as there wasn’t much competition at the beginning of the season. A smart move by Viadukten as it was easy to get more than 2000 euros worth of hardware and get a leading edge of new coming teams.

Even Though Viadukten had an easy start, they were joined by Seawolf Netrace MotorSport, Scuderia Basilia, Team eBrit and Pinsim Drillers Esports at the last race at Le Mans – where Viadukten still managed to show great pace with their best driver Mikkel Sigaard and still managed to finish on the Podium – which showed the youngsters still have what it takes to win a season. Congratulations to the team with another World Championship title.

In the beginning, the LMP2 class was made up of only OneMove Esports #11, ID Simsport #199 and Team Rookie Monsters #37 – where the first race of the season was a huge disaster for Team Rookie Monsters as the team was leading the race with more than 9 laps at Sebring – but unfortunately, they ran out of fuel! This made ID SimSport 199 take the win. A disastrous result for such a high profile team. We think at that time Team Rookie Monsters went back to discuss fuel strategies for the next race at Nurburgring, which they obviously also won by a good margin. But the challenge wasn’t over for Team Rookie Monsters #37 as One Move eSports now finally was ready to move into the Season with Talent drivers such as Roy de Muinck, Ludovic Ferruit and Matthew Decrop.  Just before the beginning of the race at Matsusaka. One Move eSport faced a huge problem as their driver Ludovic got sick and had to be replaced by a 3rd driver.

In a desperate attempt – the team managed to get hold of Mr Nick Newcombe to help on the driving as it was required to enter with 3 drivers for each race. But Nick had zero to none practice on the track leading up to the race.  OneMove eSport managed to get Nick Newcombe up to speed and did extremely well for the team. And they got the nickname Mr Newcomber for his great pace during the race. A pace which made OneMove Esport take the Win at Matsusaka and even if OneMove Esport had its famous Engine blow. Team Rookie Monsters #37 faced another crisis – as OneMove managed to take the thunder. Yet again we can imagine what kind of disappointment Team Rookie Monsters #37 must have felt when the #11 OneMove Esport car crossed the finish line.

Moving into the final race of the season Team Rookie Monsters #37, the Le Mans race was suddenly completely full of new contenders in the LMP2 class. High profile teams such as PinSim Drillers Esports, Burst Edge ESports, Fair Racing Team, Satellite Racing, Prosim, DriveGameSeat. All teams ready to steal the thunder. Not an easy task and it all. And it would come down to the fine detail points for the team to secure the World Championship.  The Success at Le Mans didn’t go too well for Team Rookie Monsters #37 as the team just managed 8th place out of the 10 teams in the class at Le Mans – but enough to win the season with 10 points over ID SimSport #199. We can imagine the problems throughout the season for the team. It must have been a huge relief knowing they still managed to win.

The GTE field of cars we saw the very talented and professional Musto GD e-Sport #53 team with well-known drivers such as David Greco, Tiziano Brioni to mention a few. The Musto GD eSport showed superior race pace throughout the season and even with great contenders such as Simply Race #15, ID SimSport #166, ID Simsport #177 and DMD SimSport #333 – the Musto team managed to win 3 races. They won at Sebring, Nurburgring and Le Mans. But Simply Race managed to throw in a stick to destroy the train at Matsusaka and steal the win. But even with new strong contenders such as Deuces MotorSport Club #74, WOSR iZone Performance #51, DGTL Racing #12 and Satellite #65 team – Musto still managed to show who was the boss and secured the overall win at Le Mans.

Moving into the GT3 Rookie Class. The phenomenal DIS SR Lab #45 and Prosim #007 showed at the beginning of the season – at Sebring – what racing is really about – a close fight for the entire 12 hours of racing. Both teams were fighting for the win and it came down to the last couple of minutes as Prosim was facing issues with their tires and was overtaken by Andy Kurtsen in the DIS SR Lab #45 car in the last part of the race. At this stage, we knew the season was going to be a tough fight in the GT3 class. That would only be made even tougher by great contenders such as DSR NightMare, Simracing MotorSport, B32 Racing, Tele Foreningen. All teams which were strong contenders for podium finishes during the season.

But moving on into the Nurburgring, Matsuka and Le Mans races the DIS SR Lab #45 team showed they were capable of winning every single race. They were only threatened by the Prosim #007 team which was part of the GT3 field of cars at the beginning of the season leading up to the Matsusaka round 3 race. But Prosim had a tremendous fallout in the Nürburgring race – where they rammed the #12 DTGL Racing GTE car – due to bad temper we presume. That episode saw the DGTL Racing GTE car trying hard to lap the Prosim car while Prosim stubbornly ignored the blue flags and didn’t make room for any safe overtaking manoeuvres. It ended in a collision which resulted in race control disqualifying the Prosim team from the race at Matsusaka. This made Prosim pull the entire team from the GT3 class and enter the LMP2 class for the final Le Mans race. A huge loss for Prosim as their efforts in the GT3 class was completely destroyed.

After the Prosim exit, the season in GT3 saw other teams such as DSR NightMare and Simracing MotorSport become great contenders for the title and it wouldn’t be an easy win for DIS SR Lab #45. The DSR Nightmare team showed great performance and a steady increase in pace throughout the season and managed to gain a lot of points. But whatever the contenders did they never managed to catch up with the #45 DIS SR Lab team. They won the entire championship with an impressive 35 points lead followed by DSR Nightmare at 71 points.  But after the Prosim exit, the competition for the final podium steps of the championship was completely open. Le Mans would be an epic 24-hour battle between Team Rookie Monsters #999, B32 Racing #32, DSR Nightmare #777 and Simracing Motorsport #23.

This would be the culmination to a fight that was really ongoing between all the teams through the rounds at Nurburgring, Matsusaka and Le Mans. But at Le Mans DSR NightMare managed to secure an impressive second-place finish. And this sent them straight on to the second step of the championship podium. Even though Simracing MotorSport and B32 racing did manage to outpace DSR Nightmare in the earlier rounds, the double points at the season finale would prove crucial. The very experienced DSR Team managed to secure a firm 2nd place in the season, followed by TeamRookie Monsters #999 at 3rd place overall.

But we aren’t done yet! – as Simracing MotorSport had a situation before the race. Most likely a fallout between the drivers. This lead to Alvaro Inhausti having to drive the entire race by himself – Neither race control nor the organizers knew anything about this at the time when the race started. No one but Alvaro knew the situation that was unfolding, as his two team members wouldn’t make it – even though Alvaro really wasn’t allowed to do it and his points would be deducted from the race, he did manage to complete the entire 24 hours by himself. And in a provisional third place, none the less!

We do want to congratulate him on the tremendous effort as he did not show any bad driving or sleepy behaviour at the track doing so. We are only asking one question? How did he eat, how did he…. ? and how did he keep awake – We guess Italian Coffee, Pizza and the opera singer Luciano Pavarotti made it possible. Or maybe just sheer determination and talent.


At the organization, we are in full swing sorting our the prizes, generating the result certificates and virtual trophies as well as getting ready for the seasons virtual podiums. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all the participating teams.

We will be seeing some of you in the new 2021 season next year and others will take a break and leave the championship for now, as all 45 entry spots for the 2021 season are now filled. So get ready for our 2021 entry list reveal show, which will be live-streamed soon.

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