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We are proud to present our participation in the GTR24 hour race held on May 23 at the Nurburgring. For years we have invested in gaining experience, and now we go for the prizes. Fair Racing Team, sponsored by Kristal Coatings, is a group of drivers who have put themselves on the map, with the reward being promotion to division 1 of the VEC. Here, the results also begin to resemble what we strive for. Fun is still at the top, but this is slowly overtaken by performance. That achievement comes by continuously working on us to want to get better, get the most out of a setup and set out good tactics.

LMP2, GTE and GT3 is our passion.

We participate in the following competitions:

  • WSCC
  • VEC
  • P1 gaming
  • EERC

We also recently started Iracing, where we will participate in the Le Mans 24 Hours in June. We are really looking forward to this 24-hour race and have only one goal and that is winning. We do this with the following drivers:

  • Paul Holt
  • Pim van Ark
  • Chris Gonzales
  • Cliff van de Vin
  • Tonnie Jansen

Max Scholten is our tactician and will pull us through this race.

We wish all participating teams good luck and we will see you on the track.

More about our group can be found here:

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