8 tips for a crash-free rFactor2

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Disable Windows update, system time updates and anti-virus

Windows update will either show annoying popups (crashing the game if you run full-screen) or automatically restart your computer.

Saturday night the Central European Time-zone will change to winter time. This again can cause popups or other disturbances.

Run rFactor 2 in windowed mode

Running rFactor 2 in window or borderless mode will allow you to minimize the game, without risking that it crashes.

Allways use network cables with a working retaining-clip

This is very important. Faulty network cable locking-clips are a servere danger to loosing connection to the server.

Disable replays and motec logging

Using memory on storing replays or telemetry logs is another risk of having the game crash. If you want the replays after the event, they are stored in a better quality by the server and we can send them to you afterwards.

Turn off “Auto Pit Lane” in the difficulty page in rFactor 2

This option takes AI-control of the car when crossing the pit lane speedlimit line. This can cause the car to miss the pit box or collide with other cars in the pitlane while pitting in or out.

Clean your computer of dust, clean cooling fans, disable any overclocking and cool’n’quite options, set fans at max. rpm.

Overheating is allways an issue when you move your computer to a hotter environment. We cannot guarantee at what temprature the racing room will be kept.

If possible make a clean Windows and rFactor 2 install

You want to be 100% ready, this is the not really required, but better safe then sorry precaution. Fresh, fully updated with all newest drivers, Windows install with only the programs you absolutely need. Test the install throughly by practicing online on our server.

Always use wired keyboard and mouse

There is always a risk that wireless devices interfere with each other or runs out of battery power, always use wired equipment.


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