12 Hours of Sebring Signup Now Open

12 Hours of Sebring Signup Now Open

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The real life Sebring 12-hours race is on in March. Let’s have some fun …

We spent a whole bunch of hours testing server settings. And we believe we have perfected the settings to allow for way more than 60 cars on the same online server.

And suddenly we thought: Let’s combine that!

Sebring has 32 pit spots. So how to run 60 when you need to pit, won’t there be another car in your pit spot? Yes, but it like in real life racing, it will be your teammate! Combine that with the servers ability to run batch files and commands to assign pit spots while racing. Suddenly we can stack cars in the same team to use the same pit spots!

The road is now pawed to have very large online races. Our testing shows that 500+ clients shouldn’t be a problem. And all the usual server problems like pit spot problems and rejoin issues will disappear. We can not confirm yet, but we believe our settings also eliminate the “suddenly appearing cars” phenomenon. But that remains to be proven.

OK, So Sebring is on and now we can have a lot of clients, but how do we make such a race a special event?

Price pool! We set a participation fee and use that to create a prize pool. That way with 60 cars, there will be a 1,500 € prize pool. This means that for each class winner, there would be 244 € up for grabs.

Rules addendum for online races is not finished yet. But if a 60 car 12 hour race with 1,500 € prize pool speaks to you, then signups are now open.

You can find info here: https://gtr24h.org/12-hours-of-sebring-2019

Wether you are racing yourself or just a racing fan, we are constructing our own broadcast studio for live streaming the event. You will be able to follow the racing on our Twitch channel right here: https://www.twitch.tv/events/aJ-sVZ2eTjWSvZW54qBOfg

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