Zylinc is our new partner for EWC 2018

Zylinc is our new partner for EWC 2018

If you run a company that delivers customer support or are in contact with customers in any way, then Zylinc is for you. Zylinc will streamline all your communication across multiple channels. It will no longer matter if your customer contacts you via email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype or a phone call. All you CRM information on the customer will be available, and the communication will find its way to the appropriate employee.

Not only is it possible to make plans for customers to always reach the same person in your organization, but you can plan for fast service as well, directing incoming communication to the first available employee. The possibilities are endless.

The integrations with CRM systems are plenty, but a few include SalesForce, Zendesk, and Microsoft Dynamics. On the incoming side, Zylinc not only integrates with voice services like Skype, Google Plus or regular telephone operators. It also integrates with all major social media platforms.

Watch the video below, for more information, or click the button to go to Zylinc website.

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