Wireless screen mirroring with Airtame as partner

Wireless screen mirroring with Airtame as partner

Airtame provides professional grade screen mirroring technology, that supports all devices across multiple separate WiFi networks and supports WP2 encryption. Stream to your TV or office presentation screen from a guest WiFi network. Airtame streams the screen of any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, directly to any screen with an Airtame HDMI dongle attached.

But it gets better. Airtame doesn’t only support WiFi connections. With the Ethernet Adaptor attached, you get more speed, more options, and more stability. Perfect for places with crowded WiFi networks, where stability is a must. This option, the plethora of supported devices,  the encryption and the extended management options puts Airtame in a class of its own when compared to ChromeCast, Apple TV or any of the other streaming or screen mirroring systems out there.

Airtame will be providing you and all of our viewers and followers with a special GTR24H EWC 2018 coupon code, that will see you save extra when buying your own Airtame unit. More on that at a later date.

On top of this all teams at the 2018 EWC will be provided with Airtame equipment, that will let them mirror the screen from their race rig computer on to a screen in their pit tents. This is completely optional. With the distance from race rigs to team pits being a minimum of 40 meters and a maximum of possibly more than 100 meters, we know this option and a solution to it has been on many teams minds. But rest assured there will be a solution ready for you when you arrive at the event. We are very happy to be able to present our participants with this solution together with Airtame.

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