VIP tickets on sale at half price

VIP tickets on sale at half price

VIP tickets are still on sale at half price for a couple of days more. The sale will end on May 1st.

The VIP tickets are special spectator tickets, that give the purchaser access to the event 24/7 from 19.00 right through to the end. It includes access to the Friday night teams and VIP dinner and party.

During the VIP party, teams are also obliged to let VIPs try either their simulators or the job of pit-crew and race engineer.

The VIP dinner and Party will have both DJ and live music plus a bar with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, drinks and beer.

We hope to see a lot of both the VIPs from our partners and our teams’ various partners for a fun night of partying, networking and a weekend filled with fun and great experiences for all.

There are only 100 VIP tickets on sale and there will be no extra VIP tickets put up for sale when these are sold out. Each partner agreement with the GTR24h includes the option to reserve up to 20 VIP tickets. And the tickets are sold or reserved on a first come, first serve principle.

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