Viborg HK releases 10.000 EEWC 2019 Spectator tickets for sale

Viborg HK releases 10.000 EEWC 2019 Spectator tickets for sale

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A milestone for the 2019 Endurance eRacing World Championship has arrived. Viborg HK has now officially put their 10.000 spectator tickets on sale.

Tickets are separated into two tiers, regular and VIP. Regular tickets grant you access to the entire venue including the paddock arena, exhibition arena as well as the main racing arena with 1.883 seats and room for thousands of standing spectators as well.

The VIP tickets further include an exclusive gala dinner as well as a long list of lectures from famous race drivers such as Dennis Lind, Jason Watt and hopefully Tom Kristensen as well.

Outside the arena, local car dealerships, as well as car collectors, will be showing off the latest models and exotic sports cars. And there will be more options to test your racing skills. Racehall from Aarhus will be there with a temporary karting track with race karts for rent.

Apart for the 50 racing teams inside the arena, you will find exhibition stands from international IT and Gaming companies like Cooler Master, Thrustmaster, Alienware, Rio Toro, etc. with their latest products on display for you to test.

In the main racing arena, you will be able to follow the 50 teams compete for the world championship in both sight and sound. We will bring you as close as possible to the real racing experience as you hear the 50 cars thunder through the arena, watch the live activity in the pit lane, follow the action, live timing and detailed strategic data on the big screen with 10.000 other racing fans cheering for their favorite team and drivers. Get your autographs from the famous race car drivers as well as the best sim racers in the world. Listen in on the different teams radio communication and visit them afterwards in their pit tents in the paddock area.

Early bird prices from 75 DKK ~ 10 €. for regular entry tickets.

VIP tickets sell for 500 DKK ~ 67 €.

Buy your tickets here (in danish):

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