Thrustmaster Supporting the GT-Rookie Class

Thrustmaster Supporting the GT-Rookie Class

Grassroots sim racing, the people that join the race just to have the adventure, or the new guys in sim racing who wants to challenge themselves. You will find them all in the GT-Rookie Class.

With a wide mix of drivers ranging from seasoned veteran hobbyists to real life race drivers doing their first ever esportĀ sim racing event, to first-time sim racers, that have never done any kind of competitive racing, the GT-Rookie class is by far the most diverse class of the event.

For the same reason, Thrustmaster wants to show its support for the starting or hobbyist sim racers, by providing some sim racing equipment for the prize pool in the GT-Rookie class. Thrustmaster provides a fantastic starter to mid-level product range, so any beginner or hobbyist should be kitted out nicely with the prizes from Thrustmaster.

A part from us recommending Thrustmaster to support the GT-Rookie class, they wanted to confirm to the people thinking about starting in sim racing, that the Thrustmaster product range is the right place to start.

The interchangeable steering wheels and the number of 3rd party hop-ups and upgrades confirm the popularity of the Thrustmaster products. This again means a longer life cycle for your wheels and pedals.

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