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  1. Write your article in different software before copy/pasting and submitting here. You will regret it if your browser crashes after writing the best article in your life before you submitted it.
  2. Articles must have a length of at least 400 words
  3. You must assign descriptive hash-tag keywords to your article. The field requires a comma-seperated string og keywords. Spaces are allowed in keywords.
    Example of tag field contents: racing, endurance racing, sim racing
  4. Feature image in the format 1920×1080 pixel. If you are creating your image with Photoshop please use this template
  5. The article must be sporting related sim racing news. No hardware reviews etc. We are looking for news on drivers, sponsor contracts, race results, race recaps, team presentations etc.


Now the legal conditions to cover our asses in case someone changes their mind or are offended by our changes, or if something in the article is no longer valid.

GTR24H are NOT responsible for any copyright infringement, slander, lies or otherwise wrongful content. This responsibility lies purely with the credited submitting party of the article. Upon submitting content, the submitting party hands over the right for GTR24H to publish the content in edited form anywhere in both digital and print form.

All submitted articles are proofread and go through GTR24H editorial process. GTR24h reserves the rights to change, delete, edit, add and reject any and all parts of the submitted articles, images and information.

The original author will be used and credited. There will be no further approval options available to the original author once the article is submitted. The original author may instruct GTR24h to change or withdraw articles after submission and publication, but GTR24h is under no circumstances required to adhere to such wishes.

The article will be processed as fast as possible usually within hours of submission. But sometimes personnel will not be able to process submissions and processing times could increase to several days.

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