Spa 24-Hour Signup Goes Live

Spa 24-Hour Signup Goes Live

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First things first. Please accept our unreserved apology for the month-long silence following the Nürburgring race. We had unforeseen challenges concerning both the track and the LMP1 car. This is now cleared up, and although neither the track or the LMP1 car is 100% finished, we are now in a state where we feel ready to host the event as scheduled.

Signup for the Spa-Francorchamps race 10-11th of August, with qualifying in the late evening of Friday 9th is now open.

Some changes to the usual format will be introduced. Qualifying will no longer be the double driver twin session with average lap times. Since there is no in-game mode to handle this format, it is too taxing and difficult to keep the results as exact as we want them.

3D model of the LMP1 car is also changed to the Oreca 07 by Studio 397. This was done to ensure support for the new shaders, rain maps, and windscreen wipers. Testing the new LMP1 will be one of the main objectives of this race.

We have updated the streaming platform and hardware as well. Teams that want to relay their streams for direct inclusion in our feed should contact peter@gtr24h.org for details and instructions. We really want to encourage as many participants to take advantage of this as possible. Having just a single webcam with onboard from the team’s sim rig is more than enough.

We are once again providing a net radio channel with 30 seconds delay from all teams TeamSpeak channels. Testing this setup is also a major objective of this race. The links for the net radio channels will be available from the live timing page.

Once again we are flying in Nick Newcombe and Neil Heatlie for commentating on the final race before the big one …

The expenses of flying in Neil, Nick and maybe even a surprise star, along with the hardware upgrades and expenses from the previous races has left its marks on the GTR24h cash accounts. We would also like to be able to run more live marketing for the race and live stream. Along with the testing state of the LMP1 car, we have decided it would be better to not offer cash prizes this time around. There may be prizes in other forms though. Look for further updates on this subject. No cash prizes also mean easier signup through PayPal for those who prefer this method of payment.

We hope for your support and look forward to seeing you on the track.

Click here for more information about the event.

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