SOLD OUT – 50 Cars Are Now Registered For the Endurance eRacing World Championship 2019

SOLD OUT – 50 Cars Are Now Registered For the Endurance eRacing World Championship 2019

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What a crazy month January was. Sim Racing is really making an impression both in eSports and in real racing. We see some of the biggest teams in sim racing joining the event this year. That support really means a lot to us, and it will have a noticeable effect on the event this year.

50 car spots sold out in a month also speaks volumes to partners and media partners. You are proving that the EEWC is an event to be reckoned with. And that holding title of Endurance eRacing World Champions is something to be very proved of. Already one of the hardest titles to achieve in sim racing. No doubt that together we are making it even tougher and more prestigious than ever before.

Your level of enthusiasm this early on is a huge benefit to the event. Already, amazing options are available to us, that surely would not be there without your level of support. A heartfelt thank you to all teams and drivers!

This is also the proper time to remind participating teams of the new “Team Section” on the website. All email addresses in all orders and contact details have been signed up with user accounts on the website. Log in with your user-accounts, visit the team section and get insider news on what is going on. There isn’t much there in the beginning, but we plan to fill you guys in, every time we have the slightest piece of back-stage news.

And remember, when your team has news related to the EEWC, you are obliged to share them with us, like your team is obliged to share news posts from us, like this one.

But let’s get to the point of this news post. Here is the entry list for the 2019 Endurance eRacing World Championship:



1. #88 Team Endurance Racing

2. #18 VRS Coanda Simsport

3. #8 VRS Coanda Simsport

4. #30 HYDR eSport

5. #24 Team Magenta

6. #77 Flag-to-Flag SimRacing

7. #912 Real eSport Blue

8. #67 Black Devil Racing 1

9. #25 Team Magenta

10. #11 Satellite Racing



11. #11 – B32 Racing

12. #007 Prosim

13. #55 IRDK Endurance

14. #13 Rare Endurance

15. #52 MSB Racing

16. #90 HYDR eSport

17. #823  GTS – SimRacing

18. #4 Team4Play

19. #01 SimTech Motorsport



20. #32 B32 Racing

21. #166 ID Simsport

22. #177 ID Simsport

23. #188 ID Simsport

24. #29 Burst Esport

25. #78 Scanview

26. #99 Team Berni Racing

27. #333 DMD

28. #05 Burst Esport

29. #48 MSB Racing

30. #777 DSR – Nightmare

31. #81 VRS Coanda Simsport

32. #15 Burst Esport

33. #60 HYDR eSport

34. #238 GTS – SimRacing

35. #73 Rookie Monsters

36. #199 Nygaard Racing

37. #766 DSR Dream Team

38. #919 Real eSport Red

39. #911 Real eSport Orange

40. #21 VELES Simsport

41. #76 Black Devil Racing 2

42. #87 Asetek eSports Academy 

43. #1 Undercover Simracing

44. #254 iDM Simracing

45. #97 SimTech Pink



46. #132 B32 Racing

47. #63 Viadukten

48. #79 Scanview

49. #44 MSB Racing

50. #420 SimTech Banter


We would like to encourage you to support the teams by clicking the team names to visit their websites or social media pages. Thank you.

See you all in October!

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Sharing is supporting!

Sharing is supporting!