SOLD OUT – 40 teams are now registered for the Endurance eRacing World Championship 2018

SOLD OUT – 40 teams are now registered for the Endurance eRacing World Championship 2018

In no small part due to the attention that millions and millions of motorsport fans bring to the event through our partnership with Motorsport Network, we are now sold out on the 40 car spots for this year’s race. Today we saw some massive names in both real-world racing and sim racing eSport join the list. But do not despair, you still have a chance to get your team on the grid. The reserve list is open and you can now register your team in the queue to take a spot if one of the already registered teams are unable to participate.

But above all, we have to thank the teams that support us by participating, some of them for a decade of 24-hour races. If not for you guys, there would be no GTR24H and no Endurance eRacing World Championship at all. A massive thanks go out to all the teams. You are the GTR24H!

Here are the cars and teams for the 2018 Endurance eRacing World Championship. Sadly some of the team names are still confidential and will be revealed at a later date.

1. #29 RacingRoom
2. #05 RacingRoom
3. #15 RacingRoom
4. TEAM RRC #78
5. InnoTech C2 Racing
6. InnoTech C2 Racing
7. InnoTech
8. Team DGTL Racing
9. B32 Racing
10. SimTech Motorsport GT
11. SimRazer Academy eSports
12. TEAM RRC #79
13. Viadukten
14. TBD
15. Satellite Racing
16. Endurance Racing
17. SimTech Motorsport
18. #13 RARE Endurance Team
19. Lithium Motorsports
20. #30 Nitor Velox
21. #60 Nitor Velox
22. SimTech Motorsport
23. TEAM RRC #77
24. Undercover Simracing
25. Swedish SimRacers
26. Draig Racing
27. TT SimRacing
28. SimTech Motorsport
29. S-H Racing / TTSR
30. Prosim
31. Kaspersky Nordic
32. TBA (Lithuania)
33. Gap SRT
34. IRDK Endurance
35. Møller Madsen Race Club
36. Veloce eSport
37. Lasse Sørensen Racing (TBA)
38. Team Berni Racing
39. Reserved (TBA)
40. Reserved (TBA)

All team principals will be contacted through email, as to receive further information on the current situation and plans from here on.

See you all in October!

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