SimTech Motorsport Is Ready For The 2018 EEWC

SimTech Motorsport Is Ready For The 2018 EEWC

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Last year’s general winners of GTR24H Endurance eRacing World Championship are back in the race in Strib. This time more focused and more ready than ever before.

Irish SimTech Motorsport actually comes from the world karting, where most of the team is running long-distance racing in go-karts. But the team also agreed that eSport – like the GTR24H EEWC – is a great way of keeping the passion and training of long-distance racing straight. At the same time, eSport is a good solution because there are no big economic barriers to overcome for the team – in stark contrast to the world of real racing. The team is actually so committed to the world of karting that they have been driving karts since 2014. They have also attempted to win the 24-hour kart race at Le Mans, where they led the race, but technical problems sent SimTech Motorsport into the rows.

The fight against the track
SimTech Motorsport’s biggest rivals are in fact not any team. It’s the track itself. they tell us: “Our worst rivals are ourselves and the track! We would like to do this as perfect as possible. That means we run our own race and hit the checkered flag knowing that we did our absolute best.

It also fits well with what the group calls “the core of long-distance races”. It is the fight against the constantly changing conditions on the track that keep the SimTech Motorsport team going:
– There are many aspects: It’s the evolution of the race over time, how the track conditions change, temperature fluctuations, accidents and strategies that can all affect our position in the race. That means you have long-time duels with other teams and both short and long-term strategies. The list of factors is endless, explains SimTech Motorsport.

More classes
SimTech Motorsport can be found in multiple classes in the race. Some members are fond of prototypes, while others are of GT cars. Therefore, they are found in both classes. The Irish team has quite a long tradition in the GTR24H EEWC, the team has participated in the Danish event three times since the team’s debut in 2013. Here they achieved second place, while the race in 2015 turned out to be a proper disaster, with technical problems already showing up before the race was even started. SimTech Motorsport took a break in 2016 but returned with a blast at last year’s event, where they won the overall race.



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