Several updates to the website

Several updates to the website

Sharing is supporting!

We are not finished updating many of the original sub pages. But the front page has been updated with live stream and live timing content. This means we are ready for the big race.

The video section on the front page will automatically change to the live stream once it is live. Meanwhile it will play the latest uploaded video on the GTR24h YouTube Channel.

Also you may notice a push notification request. This is meant as a service to you. We will use the push notifications when we have important news. You will then see notifications directly on your desktop, if you are using Google Chrome and it should work on you iPhone and Android devices too, if you visit the webpage on them.

Lastly, but certainly not least: The new forum!

You will find the forum in the top menu section. To participate, you need to create a user profile. Creating a profile can be done from the footer on any page of the website or by visiting https://gtr24h.org/wp-login.php

For easy creation of a new profile, or easy logon, use the “login with Google” option.

In the forums, you will find a section titled “Introduce yourself”. We strongly suggest you create a topic here for yourself and tell us a little bit about who you are, and your sim racing history.

Sharing is supporting!

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