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You may have noticed a bit of a different tone and style around here for the last week. And that is because things are changing.

Casper, Chris and Lasse will be leaving the company as of August 1st. We want to thank them for the invaluable work they did in making GTR24h what it is. Without their work and contribution through the years, GTR24h would not have been what it is today. Every one of us from fellow organizers to participants has a lot to thank these guys for.

Having more than half of the leadership leave the company does demand change. First of all, we want to assure you, our customers, participants, followers and spectators, that we have ready and able replacements in place. And instead of putting the workload on just three people, we are planning to contract several more hands to lift the load.

That means, if anything, you should experience a more approachable organization with more resources. And given a little more time to establish the right team, we should have a more competent organization as well. Certainly, we are already seeing opportunities opening to us, that wasn’t an option before.

First and foremost we will be welcoming Nick Newcombe to the organization. Nick will be responsible for commentators and creating content. Helping Nick with creating articles, podcasts and other news media will be Neil Heatley. The plan is to make the teams more visible by creating sporting content on the particular teams.

On the modding side, we have recruited help as well.

We will be wishing the best for Casper, Lasse and Chris in their future endeavours. And we will be looking forward. Creating a better, bigger and more agile GTR24h organization.

Sharing is supporting!

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