Racing Room becomes Burst Esport

Sim racing is quickly becoming the fastest growing branch of eSports. Mainly driven by the fact that sim racing skills can actually be applied to real life racing and vice versa. And big companies are starting to pay attention to this fact. Also the fact that nearly every person on the planet age 5 to 100 understand motorsport and the basic principles of racing. Not like other branches of eSport demands you to learn the game yourself before you can understand the sport.

Perhaps driven by this momentum, the Racing Room team has changed its name to Burst Esport. Racing Room will now be one of the sponsors of the Burst Esport team, which has signed RedBull as media-partner. Burst eSport has also teamed up with Profitgruppen to become the main sponsor for the team. On top of all this, they have just signed a 3-year deal with Diadora worth more than 100.000 €.

We are excited to see Burst Esport benefit from both their fantastic results in iRacing World Championship Grand Prix series and the attention that we, through Motorsport Network and our partners,  are able to bring to the sport.

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