Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Some things that perhaps are unclear have been answered before. Below is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers. These might prove helpful to you.

If you question is not answered here, feel free to contact us via e-mail or our facebook page. See the “Contact” page!


Q: How will you keep track of the standings?
A: We run the race in a rejoinable Race session. As long as the server doesn’t crash, the timing system in rFactor2 will keep track of timing, and you should be able to get split times etc. from the spotter in rFactor2. We will also be using timing software provided by Sim Utils. This software will also be able to save and restore any laps driven by the teams, in the event of a server crash/restart.


Q: The tyres in rFactor2 behave in a weird way compared to what I’m used to from GTR2 / rF1, are the tyres “broken”?
A: Displayed tyre temps in rF2 are surface temperatures where as in the GTR2 / rF1 they were core temperatures. The surface temp will vary widely depending on the load on the tyre. If you want to see the core temps in rF2, use the MoTeC plugin and look for the channel “Tyre Rubber Temp”


Q: How will the weather be managed?
A: Weather will, as always, be random but within probable margins of the real world weather. The weather will be generated from real world weather on a random day. This day will be kept secret from all participants (even the participating organizers).


Q: If we destroy our car in an accident, can we rejoin the race?
A: The damage files of the cars has been modified to make sure that the vital parts for getting the car back to the pits (like engine and wheels) cannot be destroyed. It is still possible to break the car, and make it very, very slow, but it should be able to drag itself around the track. If you get disconnected or stuck somewhere on (or outside) the track, you will be able to rejoin the race from the pits.


Q: Must all drivers really be pre-qualified?
A: Yes! We want all drivers to pre-qualify out of respect for the other competitors. No one wants an inexperienced or unpractised driver on track.


Q: Will there be a penalty for disconnecting or returning to garage?
A: When running in race-mode with rejoin, we do not believe an advantage could be gained by disconnecting or pressing Esc. Even though the car gets back to the pits, it will still be in the same condition as it were on the track, and it will still have to do a lap and get back to the pits, before it can be repaired. Note that this is quite different from running in training mode. As a result, we will not give any penalty to people rejoining the server.


Q: If a car for some reason is not able to continue, may the drivers drive the teams other (sister) car?
A: Normally drivers will only be allowed to compete in the specific car in which they are registered. In special cases the organisers (not judges table) can allow drivers to participate in other cars.


Q: How much corner-cutting is allowed?
A: Cars must at all times have two wheels inside the white lines. Ignoring this rule will result in a penalty. The game will normally manage penalties for corner-cutting for us. In rare cases, the judges can also penalize teams for cutting.