Prototype on the way

Prototype on the way

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A 3D model has been bought, the physics are being modified. Let us present the Generic GP1! The top-category car for the GTR24H EWC 2018  – a purely rear wheel driven beast running a twin-turbo V6 engine that revs to about 7,000 rpm and puts out  700+ hp. The car has a curb weight of 833 kgs, which puts it very close to the 1 bhp per ton barrier. Acceleration will be phenomenal and the 13″ wide tires along with immense downforce, will make sure this car will rip around the Porsche curves at blistering speeds!

We really wanted to have the car ready by now, but so many different options kept showing up. We even had the chance to do work with Oreca at some point!

- Casper Hougaard, GTR24H Technical and Financial Manager

First edition of the car will be available to teams on the 1st of September. From there the development of the car will continue, for as long as is needed. Crucially though, changes will be cosmetic only and not affect the handling of the car – no changes to car’s physics will be made unless it is deemed absolutely necessary. Such changes could include unforeseen developments in temperatures or wear during long stints. This means you can begin testing and developing setups from day one.

The car will feature the new improved traction control system, that allows several predefined individual steps of TC intervention. Therefore, ABS and TC will be disabled on the server, as it will now be fully implemented into the setup of all the cars.

The physics are mostly reused from earlier GTR24H prototype cars. Many of the teams already know these cars, and feedback was great. The goal was always to produce a very fast car, that will still feel fun and predictable to drive. It will challenge even the best sim racers when driven on the edge, but also challenge the engineers setting up the car! Don't expect it to be easy to make a fast setup for this car. You will have to master a myriad of settings to really wrench every last drop of potential from this car.

- Lasse Jakobi Ougaard, GTR24H Car and Track Manager

The technical team is aiming for a car that will do lap times around 3.20-25 in race trim.

So get ready for some hair-raising duels at blistering speeds. The pinnacle of technology and endurance racing takes to the track, to compete for the overall win of the Endurance Eracing World Championship 2018.

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