GTR24h 24-Hours of Spa-Francorchamps – 1 car spot

GTR24h 24-Hours of Spa-Francorchamps – 1 car spot


The real-life 24-hours of Spa-Francorchamps is part of the GT3 Blancpain championship. In the GTR24h version, it is not limited to only GT3 cars. For the first time this year, we are going to bring the full four-class field to the track. This means plenty of overtaking when the super-fast LMP1 cars will be on track with the other sportscar- and prototype classes.

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It’s in the interest of every participating team to generate as much attention around the race as possible. But if only one team or person shares, we will not get the synergy effect going. This is why we decided to set up requirements for participation. With everyone sharing information about the race your team will not only benefit from your own followers and friends but from the 59 other teams friends and followers as well.


  • Teams must register and email address during the ticket ordering process which they check regularly. The email address used when ordering team tickets will be the main point of contact for all information coming from the organization to the teams.
  • During the event, you and your team must share the official Twitch live stream link for the race (https://twitch.tv/gtr24horg) at least three times. Preferably at the beginning of qualifying, beginning of the race and half time of the race. On most social media you can set this up to be done automatically using scheduled posts. You can also use services like https://later.com/ which allows you to schedule posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  • Teams and team members must read and accept the official rules of the event found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ftZ5jbWSjM-KDloCV0Ukh0bzOktl8fuh_PnrXiXIFN0. additional addendum for online races will be available on a later date.
  • Not adhering to the requirements may lead to disqualification at the discretion of GTR24h organizers.


August 9th – 20.00 CEST – 22.00 CEST – Free practice
August 9th – 22.00 CEST – 00.00 CEST – Qualifying
August 10th – 09.00 CEST – 11.00 CEST – Practice
August 10th – 11.30 CEST – 11.55 CEST – Warmup
August 10th – 12.00 CEST – Race Start
August 11th – 12.00 CEST – Race End

Refunds and being unable to attend

The entry fee of 32 € (25.60 € ex. VAT) 1€ (0.80 € ex VAT) is not refundable. Should you not be able to field a car at the event, your place in the entry list will be offered to a team/car in the reserve list. Once a team on the reserve list has acknowledged and accepted to replace your car in the race, you can not claim your spot back!