Assetto Corsa Competizione – Sprint Series

Assetto Corsa Competizione – Sprint Series



Please notice the 20 € discounts for contribution and/or commitment. These discounts are added help grow the GTR24H community and awareness. The more active and engaging your team is, the more attention and exposure you will get. This is part of our year-long strategy by GTR24H to give sim racing teams a platform to grow. Our dedicated mission is to promote sim racing as a serious sport and to help promote the teams that support our efforts.

Commit and contribute to help your team, GTR24H and the sim racing community.

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2 hours of Spa-Francorchamps using Assetto Corsa Competizione

Please check the registration list for already reserved numbers

Please use standard two-letter country abbreviations (GB, DE, FR, DK etc.)

IMPORTANT: This email address will be used for all communication with the team. DO NOT USE AN INBOX THAT YOU DO NOT CHECK!
Failure to respond to vital email could result in your team missing important deadlines and important communication. In the end, this could result in exclusion from races or the entire series.

Driver 1

A user will be created with access to the protected “Team Section” using this email address.

Please use standard two-letter country abbreviations (GB, DE, FR, DK etc.)

Use this tool to look up Steam64 IDs:

Commentators and TV stations need this to promote and relay information about your drivers.

Driver 2

A user will be created with access to the protected “Team Section” using this email address.

Please use standard two-letter country abbreviations (GB, DE, FR, DK etc.)

Use this tool to look up Steam64 IDs:

Commentators and TV stations need this to promote and relay information about your drivers.

Do you and your team members intend to share news from GTR24H on your social media profiles?

Do you your team members intend to submit two 200-word news articles on your participation, sponsors, preparations, driver biographies or teams whereabouts using the article system?

Read below

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Description and information

The following can be subject to change. The fee you are paying for is not a starting fee. The fee of this ticket is paid for the registration of your entry. Participation in our race is free of charge but requires registration the fee is paid for registration. No team that is not registered and have paid the registration fee will be allowed to participate.

Assetto Corsa Sprint Series

April 29 Spa-Francorchamps – May 13 Brands Hatch – May 27 Zolder – June 10 Hungaroring – June 24 Bathurst – July 8 Suzuka – July 22 Laguna Seca – August 5 Kyalami – August 19 Nürburgring – September 2 Silverstone – September 16 Misano – September 30 Monza

Qualifying – 19.30 CEST to 19.55 CEST
Race – April 28th ~20.00 CEST to ~22.00 CEST

Important: This ticket buys you an entry list spot for ONE car in the Assetto Corsa Competizione – Spa 2-Hours Special event. If your team wants to field two or more cars, you need to buy the appropriate amount of these tickets.

Pricing and Discount Options

The signup fee is available with early bird discount until April 20th including discounts for commitment and contribution at the cost of 5€. After this date, the price will be 20 € including discounts for commitment and contribution.

The discounts for commitment and contribution are 10 € each.

Prize Pool

Race 1
600 € plus hardware prizes from RIOTORO.

Race 2-12
100 € for the winning team

Winners: 1,500€
Second: 1,000€
Third: 300€

All teams that take part in all races of the season: 50€

Registration fee:
10€ to 50€ depending on commitment and contribution discounts.

Competition Classes



Refunds and being unable to attend

The registration fee is not refundable. Should you not be able to field a car at any event of the series, your place in the entry may be offered to a team/car in the reserve list or sold as a single race entry. Once a team on the reserve list has acknowledged and accepted to replace your car in the race, you can not claim your spot back!

Commitment and Contribution discount rules

Commitment discount requires the team or team members to share all publically available Facebook posts made by GTR24H from the day of registration until and including September 30th 2020.

Contribution discount requires the team to submit at least two (2) 200-word article using the article submission system available at The subject of the article can be but is not limited to, describing participation, sponsors, preparations, driver biographies or teams whereabouts. Any content about the team, that clears the editorial process will count as fulfilling this obligation.

Failure to fulfil the requirements will result in the team being invoiced the prior discounted amount.

Rules of conduct as a participating team

Reasons for requirements
Communication is highly important as well as the best possible outcome for every single one of our participating teams, big or small. Clear communication is a big part of this, as well as helping to spread the knowledge of the event. This will benefit the big as well as the small teams. Historically we have had a lot of problems contacting teams with important information. We have even had teams complain that they didn’t get important information. This is not an ideal situation and we don’t want to see it repeated.

We consider everyone involved in the event, organizers, teams, sponsors, and partners as equal partners with a common responsibility to grow the event and ensure its a success to the common benefit of all.

We have seen teams and drivers who clearly like and care about the event, but they don’t share or like a single news post or piece of information. This lack of support is highly counterproductive both to your own team, other teams and the event in general. We do not have marketing budgets that can be used to spread the knowledge of the event or help brand the event. You, we and everybody else needs your help to do that.

Rules and Requirements

  • A team representative must be available for regular interviews. Your team is obligated to be available for online interviews with both audio and video.
  • Teams must register and email address during the ticket ordering process which they check regularly. The email address used when ordering team tickets will be the main point of contact for all information coming from the organization to the teams.
  • Each team is allowed a maximum of three cars.
  • Teams and all team members must to the largest extent possible, share on social media the official news posted on the webpage. This will be all news posted in the news category

All teams will have the option to submit news articles themselves, on topics of their own choices, just as long as it is centred on the team and sim racing. As long as the team participates in any of our events, we don’t care if the news is on participation in other sim racing leagues or series. Your team may submit articles using this form:

Important news for the teams will be sent as newsletters to the email address used in the main contact field. And made public in the exclusive “Teams Section” on the website. Only visible to participating team members.

You can find these news pieces posted on the official Facebook page as well. We do not care much about what social media you share the news on. Just that your team and team members help spread the news, the knowledge and the messages of the GTR24h.

All races will be sanctioned by live marshals as according to the GTR24h Sporting Regulations 2020. The sporting regulations may be subject to change before the race and will be a separate addendum concerning special rules for this specific special event. GTR24h will have the addendum for each race finalized by Monday at 20:00 CET 3 weeks prior to each race. But should serious concerns be raised, we will retain the right to change the rules even minutes before race start. Teams will be notified through their main contact email if such drastic measures need to be used. The rules can be found here: