Prefered Car Vote Is Live In Team Section

Prefered Car Vote Is Live In Team Section

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We are updating access to the team section as fast as we can when new teams are signing up. As soon as the update is done and your email address is approved for team section access you will be able to see the “Team Section” menu point in the website menu.

Right now, on the front page of the Team Section, you will find the vote for prefered cars along with instruction on how to vote.

In the future, all confidential news concerning the online series and the main LAN race will be available here. As well as getting access to this section all team members are signed up for a Mailchimp newsletter, that emails the latest news directly to your email inbox inside 24 hours after publication on the website.

If, for any reason, you find some of your teammates don’t have access to this section of the website, contact and supply your team name, and the email address of the person, that should be granted access. We will confirm with the team manager and grant access as soon as possible.

In this team section, you will also find the option to submit articles on behalf of your team. This could be any news concerning your team, and doesn’t have to be related to GTR24H at all! It only has to be related to your team, and sim racing in general. When you submit your article, it will be edited by GTR24H staff and go live on our website, all social media platforms and be emailed to 350 sports and esports journalists, plus our regular newsletter subscribers. In general, such articles reach about 2.500 social media followers and about 500 views of the main article on the GTR24H website.

There are huge common benefits to publishing articles with us

  1. You get to drive attention from GTR24H to your social media profiles or website, or even your sponsors, by including links and sponsorship material in the post.
  2. You help contribute with engaging stories and depth which draws attention to GTR24H and in turn to your team as well.
  3. It is a positive feedback loop. More attention to GTR24H = More attention to your team = More attention to GTR24H = More attention to all teams etc.


Now go vote for your favourite car.

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Sharing is supporting!

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