Partner & Press Conference – Video and Resume

Partner & Press Conference – Video and Resume

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On September 25th 40 companies and media outlets attended the GTR24h – Endurance eRacing World Championship presentation and press conference. We live-streamed the entire event and recorded the video.

Here is your option to attend the conference in video-format. And to not rob you of the option of asking questions, you may send all your related questions to

The video is in danish. Below you will find a short resume with a timeline as well.

Short resume

Minute 13-16: Introduction
Viborg HK is very proud to welcome GTR24h and the EEWC. And are looking forward to helping grow the event to a massive size in the next three years.

Minute 16-32: Lasse Sørensen Talks about his career and relevancy to eSport racing.
Lasse uses eSport racing in his training as a successful professional race car driver.

Minute 32-55: GTR24h history and presentation
The history of the company from birth as a volunteer and non-profit community in 2007, until the incorporation and growth of the event in the last two years.

Minute 55-61: Martin Jørgensen talks investments in eSport Racing
Martin talks about the relevancy of competition and the option to help young drivers realize their talents. And the option to be a part of something that is growing and becoming an industry.

Minute 61-64: Martin Bjerg (Fanrejser) on his investments in eSport Racing
Martin talks about being an investor in eSports Racing and watching the sport grow every year.

Minute 64-74: Status of eSport Racing and EEWC
Resume of the options available with the partnership with Viborg HK with 10.000 spectators and expo. The difference in our approach to the sport and viewership vs. other competitors in the market. GTR24h goes for realism and fascination in the skills and requirements of drivers, and a close attachment to the commentary team and hosts of the event. Getting in the car and following the teams as closely as possible with onboard cameras and team radio.

Minute 74-76: Exposure and possibilities
Options in viewership available with deals through Eurosport and TV2. Options available in our own partner network with a viewership of 30-60.000 viewers generated by EEWC live stream itself.

Minute 76-85: Advertisement options and partner obligations
Example of live stream commercials and the format.
Partners and live stream partner network currently generating approx. 1.25 million viewers.

Minute 85+: Q&A

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