24-Hours at Le Mans – GTE Podium

Races can be won in a plethora of ways. Teams can win on superior fuel strategy, having fewer tire changes thus spending less time in the pits, being cautious and avoiding accidents, and preparing equipment vigorously to avoid hardware failure. But, in the end, all it comes down to is who travels the farthest distance […]

24-Hours at Le Mans – GT3 Podium

Well, that was a nail-biter. You could not have predicted that after the first hour of the race. #585 Asetek Simsports by Volante Racing started from pole position, but that is not where they ended up at all. And in fact, they were lucky to be able to overtake the #777 for second place. […]

2023 EEWC Calendar

For 2023 we put the track choice to a vote. One vote amongst the teams and drivers, and another vote for the fans. The audience of fans is heavily skewed towards North American tracks simply because the majority of the fan base is from the USA. So you will see four tracks in the calendar […]

GlamRacing 404 race recap From Le Mans 2022

After a bland Qualifying, we were starting on p4 on the starting grid for the 24 hours of Le Mans with Lee Russell behind the wheel. Lee had a blinding start by putting the 777 DSR-gadgethuset car under pressure and passing them under the Dunlop bridge on lap 1, he retained the pushing and passed […]

GlamRacing welcomes new driver and new partnership for Le Mans 2022

We are happy to welcome Jarrod Van Der Weide as our new driver for Le Mans 2022. Jarrod has driven rFactor2 but has in the last couple of years focused on his master’s degree in Archaeology, but he is more than ready right to get on the track and do some endurance racing. As a […]

GTR24H EEWC 2022 LeMans Qualifying Results

Today´s Qualifying in Round 6 at LeMans of the Endurance eRacing World Championship season we saw some great racing from all 4 classes. Today’s Qualifying sessions the #18 Burst Esport Simplexity team stole all the spotlight with Michi Hoier continuously improving his lap times after some great driving and risky overtakes. Unfortunately, the incident between […]

Fans Vote For GT3 Le Mans Favourite

We are booting up the new “EEWC Fans” Facebook group. And one of our initial activities is asking the fans for their favourites for Le Mans. You can join the other 600+ fans in the group here The vote is almost dead even between #585 Asetek SimSport by Volante Racing and #404 GlamRacing. And […]

Updated Weather Report For Le Mans Broadcast

We use as our partner for the radar images. And they just did us a big favour and updated their rain and cloud cover overlay. This will give both teams and fans a much more detailed impression of when and where it will rain. We have also updated to the faster animation speed, which […]

GTR24H Channel on Roku

Do you have a Roku device? Great news, because then you can add the GTR24H channel. You will need either a Roku Player stick, or the Roku app on a smart TV. Some TCL and Hisense TVs even come with the Roku OS. Create a Roku account and add the GTR24H channel to your channels. […]

TCL Channel brings in GTR24H Channel to TV content

TCL Channel is so far the largest digital media platform for GTR24H. Their Google Play app has more than five million downloads. TCL Channel is the digital media arm of TCL Technology Group Corporation, a Guangdong Province-based electronics manufacturer in China. Consumer goods like televisions, mobile phones, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, and small electrical […]

Worlds First NFT Powered Streaming Service Adds GTR24H Channel

Rad is redefining the global streaming for the modern era with NFTs, on-demand, live events, and TV featuring the biggest content creators and studios in the world; all powered by future foundational technologies like blockchain and XR. Discover the best in Music, Movies & TV, Comedy, Sports, Gaming and more or on demand, live, 180°, […]

Indie Movie and TV Shows Platform FlixHouse Launch GTR24H Channel

FlixHouse is a free, ad-supported video-on-demand streaming service that offers indie movies, thought-provoking documentaries and television shows to a worldwide audience. FlixHouse gives viewers an easy way to watch all our content completely free. No subscription is required. Always free and 100% Legal. The goal of FlixHouse is to champion independent film and stream it […]

Streaming and TV Giant Viva Entertainment Group, Inc. Adds GTR24H Channel

Viva Entertainment Group, Inc. runs the OTT solution VivaLiveTV and counts its users and viewers in the millions worldwide. VIVA Entertainment Group, Inc. is a global entertainment and technology company connecting content owners and video distributors to deliver premium content on any smart device with a screen. VIVA is a Service Provider With an OTT […]

CarbonTV launch GTR24H Channel

CarbonTV is not like most OTT and VOD services. They are the premier online video destination for premium outdoor-themed shows and engaging personalities. They are focused on hunting and the great outdoors. But among their live channels, you will find a few sports, and esports channels as well. CarbonTV offers video clips and episodes as […]

Le Mans Poster Screen Shot Competition

We are going to do something different this time and get the teams and fans involved. We are launching a Le Mans Poster Screen Shot Competition. First, some basic rules The image has to be in 16:9 2160p 4K resolution. The image must not be manipulated and must come directly from the game as a […]

GTR24H joins OTT startup OneHubTV

ONEHUBTV is a unique global OTT video streaming platform that not only showcases a wide and exciting variety of international streaming linear TV channels and on-demand video content. It also offers unlimited audience-growth opportunities to content owners looking for a very cost-effective solution to broadcast and monetise their content on a global scale. “ONEHUBTV offers […]

Ayozat Adds GTR24H Channel

Ayozat is best defined as a media company for traditional TV and streaming OTT. That mould is very limiting though. After a closer look, you might call it a multi-faceted technology company in media, data, analytics, blockchain, AI, and security. Ayozat started from forays into multiple technological and entrepreneurial fronts including security, finance, and gaming. […]

Herogo Partnership Is a Blazing Succes

GTR24H has had its content channel on Herogo for some weeks and it’s clear that the impact of the free streaming platform is being felt. The current contract involves recorded content of all GTR24H races being streamed worldwide constantly 24/7 and we hope to be able to expand that contract to involve live content as […]

Mometu launches GTR24H fastchannel

For the past couple of months GTR24H has been working hard behind the scenes to add our content to multiple FastChannel networks in both United States, Asia and Europe – so far you have been able to find our content on Xiaomi, FreeCast Inc, Film Volt Group, Herogo TV- Go Stream, Select-TV, NBC Universal Local […]

24-Hours of Spa-Francorchamps – DPi Podium

For Spa-Francorchamps, we saw the new team XRL Esports ( join the DPi class. Everyone was excited to see the pace of the new team. But altough the #48 crew are veterans in simulated endurance racing, they are new to PC racing, and a lot of things are new to the team and they need […]

24-Hours of Spa-Francorchamps – LMP2 Podium

Knowing what is at stake, with a prize pool of US$ 150.000, and the teams themselves being able to earn as large a share as they can manage, it seems odd to have only three cars take the start in one of the most popular classes in rFactor 2. Right now the recording of the […]

24-Hours of Spa-Francorchamps – GTE Podium

The first half of the race features several epic battles between the #74 Deuces Motorsport Club and the #27 MCM-Motorsport crew. And for a while, aided by some pit stop trickery, the race was led by the #45 DIS Sim Racing Lab as well. But sadly they had a hard encounter with the barriers at […]

24-Hours of Spa-Francorchamps – GT3 Podium

What a performance! Once again the GT3 cars put on the show at the end. It was down to a splash and dash pit stop and 12 seconds after 23 and 50 minutes. #404 GlamRacing had to gamble on the #585 Volante Racing by Asetek SimSports also needing a pit stop in the dying minutes, […]

Recap of GlamRacings 24 hours at Spa-Francorchamps

After a rough couple of qualifying, we started at P2 on the grid at Spa-Francorchamps out of 5 GT3 cars – Lee Russell drove the car fast and firm with a lot of traffic around the track. Lee did have a few incidents with cut tracks but nothing bad and after his first couple of […]

24-hours of Spa-Francorchamps Qualifying Result

If no protests are submitted to race control before 10.00 am this is the result of tonight’s qualifying sessions. Things to look out for in the race will be #166 and #45 in GTE are only separated by a thousand of a second on a two-lap average. These two cars are obviously very well matched […]

24-hours of Spa-Francorchamps Weather Report

A high-pressure ridge running from the south of France through Germany and Denmark all the way to Sweden and the baltic sea is keeping any of the two low-pressure systems in the Atlantic from reaching the continent. The collision zone of the fronts seems to run right up through the British isles. Normally these high-pressure […]

12-Hours of São Paulo – DPi Podium

To say it mildly, even with 150.000 US dollars on the line the DPI field was a little thin. Nonetheless, professional as ever, both Burst Esport and Unison Racing showed up to give their fans a chance to see them race. And that they did. But it was an insurmountable climb for Unison Racing to […]

12-Hours of São Paulo – LMP2 Podium

It took hours into the race, before a gap of more than 10 seconds opened up between the LMP2 leaders. And then it turned out to be a gamble on pitstop and tire strategies that set into play. Although the #21 car set some blistering lap times the gain of the frantic pace was sadly […]

12-Hours of São Paulo – GTE Podium

12 hours is a long time to be competing in the arena. And MCM-motorsport starting in fifth in class and ending up with the win might just be proof of that fact. The Deuces Motorsport Club team did all they could to hold on to the lead. But in the end, speed doesn’t make winners […]

12-Hours of São Paulo – GT3 Podium

GT3 was a total rollercoaster. But the main fight was always between the two Audis, #404 of GlamRacing and #585 of Volante Racing by Asetek SimSport. With only a couple of hours to the end it looked like GlamRacing was going to run away with the trophy, but VR By Asetek SimSport pulled of a […]

The first steps

A question I have been asked several times in my commentary career, and also a question I asked several commentators in “The world of the commentator, virtual or real” series for GTR24H (here is the link to one of the articles) is “how did it all begin?”. For some, it’s a sideways step from a […]

GTR24H Partner Asetek SimSport Presents New Quick Release Concept

GTR24H and EEWC partner Asetek SimSport is presenting a new product. Not every rapid release is created equal. There is a big difference between what you want in real racing and what you want with simulation racing; in the latter, it’s all about function. Several things are different from other competitors’ products. The typical quick […]

GlamRacings recap on the 12h of Interlagos

Round 4 of the GTR24H EEWC is now over and done and Interlagos was a fast-little track with all of its corners, sadly we were only 3 out of 7 GT3 on track yesterday – so no matter what happened we would still get a podium. The start was fine but there was a little […]

São Paulo Qualifying Result

Qualifying proved to be a frantic affair. And especially for the GTE and GT3 cars, the pole position was hotly contested. On several occasions in both Q1 and Q2, the DIS SR Lab Porsche set the fastest lap, only to be outdone by other cars. In Q2 the #74 Deuces Motorsport Club Aston Martin stayed […]

São Paulo – Official Practice

Official Practice yesterday saw plenty of cars showing up to take part in and complete the session. And you have got to ask, why wouldn’t they? Since it is worth 20 shares in the prize pool to do so, and with the current share value each team earned US$ 166 by showing up yesterday. And […]

Get Your Spotter Guide for the 12-Hours of Interlagos

It’s race week! And tonight we kick of the 12-Hours of São Paulo with two hours of official practice. Ahead of the race, you can check the teams and the lineups by downloading the updated Spotter Guide. So fans, get ready to SUPPORT THE TEAMS! If you don’t have an EEWC Fantasy Manager team […]

Race Anywhere World Series – Season 3 Round 4 – Imola

Race Anywhere makes some amazing sim-racing hardware, from monitor mounts to full sim rigs, and the British company are no stranger to running a successful sim racing team. As their world series continues its third season, the format they use is a little different to your standard GT3 league affair. The RAWS lives up to […]

Frustrations from Rocket Simsport

Different types of sim racing require different skillsets. Sprint races need more aggression (within reason), as the driver has less time to make moves happen or recover from a mistake. Rallying requires a huge amount of concentration, determination and a big amount of lunacy to drive sideways along roads at 150 KPH or more, lined […]

Is Sim racing a sport?

One of the criticisms that sim racing gets thrown at it is “It’s not a real sport”, along with the usual “It’s just a game”. Whilst the latter is correct, sim racing is no less a demonstration of skill than any real-life sport and the transferrable skill from rig to cockpit has been proven time […]

Age is just a number

From my very first commentary in May 2016, I’ve been the “elder statesman” of the sim racing world, old enough to be a parent of the rising stars coming through the ranks. As of writing, I am 42 years of old with two children of my own, so I came to sim racing much later […]

Free to play, or Prize pool?

The wide diversity of racing leagues out there offers drivers a choice of where to race, whether it’s a casual “race when you have time” setup or a highly competitive organisation offering a prize incentive. There are certainly many more free-to-play leagues than prize-offering leagues, but does this mean there isn’t much room for leagues […]

F1 22 Creator Race-off

The latest iteration of the Formula 1 racing game franchise was released last week, and this is the second game in the franchise to be released since Electronic Arts bought the Codemasters studios on the 7th of July last year (though F1 2021 was only released a week after the purchased, so there would not […]

How to attract and get sponsors, Part 2

In part one we already established some important details: Sponsors don’t care much for results, and what they pay for is exposure. Of cause, most of the time winning comes with some added exposure, but because sim racing is in its infancy as a sport, the reach and exposure gained from winning are still minimal. […]

How to attract and get sponsors, Part 1

This is a constant topic for most sim racing teams. Whether you are looking to monetize your e-sport for getting better equipment, or you are an entire team that needs financing for driver salaries, the challenge is real: How do you turn your racing into cash? There are some decisions you need to make, steps […]

VCO ERL Summer cup begins

VCOs Esports Racing League begins its summer calendar tonight with the opening round of the ERL Summer Cup. New teams and new cars have been introduced since the Spring cup concluded, so let’s have a look at what’s new for the VCO ERL Summer Cup. Toyota Corolla GR Toyota’s latest British Touring Car Championship entrant […]

The Global Championship enters its penultimate round

Eight rounds down, TGC heads stateside for its penultimate round of the season. Every round thus far has been a thrilling show of the best of the participating esports teams, with the varying driver line-up each week, there hasn’t been a single dominant driver for every round, so let’s have a look at each team […]

Burst Esport Become stronger

Whilst the costs of motorsport are forever on the rise, and thus place more pressure on commercial partnerships for teams, the same applies in the sim racing world. Teams will always want to gain and retain the best drivers possible, and in order to provide the best support package possible, the importance of successful commercial […]

Rennsports march around europe

Rennsport’s new simulator has been causing quite a stir in recent weeks, with their launch event taking place in Munich, Germany, and the feedback from the attendees has been quite positive so far. Rennsports’ next stop was the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, teaming up with Porsches esports team Coanda Esports, to demonstrate the capabilities of […]

The future of Future?

The F1 league racing scene isn’t immune to a scandal here and there, and this week, the subject of two scandals last year was involved in two separate signings that had the community in an uproar. FuturEsports, a Hungarian organisation, has seen a lot of action of late, and are about to launch its seventh […]

DPi Class Podium from EEWC 2022 Round 3, 12-Hours of Sebring

DPi was a hoot from the getgo. Burst Esport SimPlexity was bested by Moradness Estars for pole position, and the battle between the cars went on long into the race until the rain separated the cars. Burst Esport SimPlexity went on to win the race. Moradness was shockingly later disqualified from the race and will […]

A new league launches with high hopes

With the new F1 game launching this month, leagues will be quick to evaluate the capabilities of the new game. It’s not uncommon for new leagues to launch with the arrival of a new title, and whilst Formula Euro League existed previously, it was a Playstation league for F1 2020. FEL launched a new discord […]

The world of the commentator, virtual or real. Luke Crane

Luke “Actrollvision” Crane has been a powerhouse in the sim racing commentary world for several years and is a testament to how hard work and determination pay off to get to where you want to be. He not only built from scratch a thriving online community in the form of Actrollvision Community Racing, but Luke […]

LMP2 Class Podium from EEWC 2022 Round 3, 12-Hours of Sebring

The fact that three teams are within 14 points in the championship after three races is enough excitement, and this situation was created by the long-overdue comeback by #15 Dueces Motorsport Club. Starting from third in class the team slowly worked their way forward to finally taking the win. Second place finishers #21 SEM9 Axle […]

GTE Class Podium From the EEWC Round 3, 12-Hours of Sebring

Are the racing gods punishing the Italian drivers for choosing Stuttgart’s finest for this season? We don’t know. What we do know is that the lead was hotly contested with almost all GTE teams leading the class at one point or another in the race. And for the second time in a row #27 MCM-Motorsport […]

GT3 Class Podium from EEWC 2022 Round 3, 12-Hours of Sebring

What was the most dramatic class of the Sebring Race? If you ask me, I will have to say GT3. Volante Racing by Asetek Simsport was responsible for providing much of the action, through no choice of their own. Penalties and incidents seemed to just never stop raining on their parade to the podium. Lost rear […]

Grid Finder finding grids, both real and sim.

Grid Finder has established itself as a comprehensive tool for those seeking to get into league racing on many different racing sims, and across all three major platforms, but the organisers weren’t content to simply go through the motions of maintaining the search engine. Their enthusiasm for racing, and determination to grow their brand, has […]

The world of the commentator, virtual or real. Kieran McGinley

The next commentator in this series is a young man we at GTR24H have enjoyed the company of behind our own commentary desk. Kieran McGinley has proven himself as a highly knowledgeable, enthusiastic and adaptable commentator in any series he puts his voice to. Well established in the Formula 1 league racing scene, Kieran has […]

Virtual GP 2022 Round 5 – Donington Park

The most prestigious sim racing series from the  Czech Republic’s 5th round of the season returns to British soil for the penultimate round in the GT3 machinery. Donington Park, near Castle Donington in Derbyshire, has seen many racing categories race on the fast and flowing track since its opening in 1931, from dirt bike racing […]

From the sim to the seat – Yvonne Houffelaar

It’s the dream of many sim racers to climb into a real race seat, and the opportunities to do that are slowly growing for the sim racing elite. Rudy Van Buren working with McLaren, James Baldwin competing in the British GT Championship, both coming through the Worlds Fastest Gamer program, Lukas Blakeley and Brendon Leigh […]

Floris Wijers returns to sim racing

Sim racing has enjoyed several hugely successful drivers from The Netherlands, and Floris Wijers was one such Dutch driver who put himself in the mix with the very best in the business. Floris was in the F1 pro draft in 2018, and the following year, he was chosen by Haas for their 2019 campaign. Sadly, […]

F1 2021 racing continues with VSL

An inevitable part of an annually released title, such as the F1 and FIFA games, is when the next title in the series is soon due to arrive, the life of the current title comes to an end. With just five weeks until the 28th of June release date for F1 22, league racing in […]

Victory for Burst esports in the Formula Pro Series

The Formula Pro Series has seen a lot of very intense action from numerous esports teams, and round two travelled to the temple of speed, Tifosi territory, the Autodromo Nazionale Monza. On the rFactor 2 battlefield, the victors in virtual Italy were Burst esports, Jernej Simončič bringing home the win from pole for the Danish […]

Elite Racing Team Star-studded Summer PC event

The fine folks over at Elite Racing Team (ERT) are hosting a social event that will combine some legendary names in the F1 league racing scene along with some major names outside of sim racing. We’ve seen Codemasters do something similar in the run-up to the F1 Pro Series last year, where sports stars were […]

Management structure of the modern sim racing team

Back in the formative years of sim racing esports, a team would consist of a few friends who share a passion for racing and want to compete with other like-minded individuals. Over time, a successful team will attract the attention of other talented drivers who also want to use their talents to improve their standing […]

Jeffrey Richie signs for Race Anywhere

Jeffrey Richie is a Dutch F1 league racing star, with his eyes set on the next F1 challengers series, and to race against the likes of fellow countryman Jarno Opmeer, to represent Formula one teams in the F1 esports arena. Jeffrey is also a driver coach for, imparting his wealth of knowledge and experience […]

FBL Community

The sim racing world is filled with leagues for almost any sim that is available, the majority of which will cater for the fresh face as well as the racing ace. We at GTR24H have talked about the heavy hitters in sim racing, such as PSGL in the F1 world, or SimSport Racing International in […]

VCO and SimGrid open their next round track votes

VCO esports have opened up the track vote for the final time in the ERL Spring Cup, and this time it’s another pair of incredible Italian classics that are open to the public to decide which venue the series visits. The battleground will either be the Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari, otherwise referred to […]

Roster rebuild time for Team Shazoo

Managing a driver roster is one of the most important tasks of an esports team. Every team always wants the best drivers, but getting the best out of the roster is vital to the success, not just of the roster itself, but to the organisation as a whole. When a roster isn’t performing to the […]

EEWC 2022 Round III – Sebring – Fifth Hour

Tonight et 20.30 CEST we will be premiering the fifth hour of the Sebring 12-hours EEWC race on YouTube. The first third of the race is done and we have two hours to go to the halfway point. The weather radar is starting to look a bit more menacing with the occasional rain shower beginning […]

EEWC 2022 Round III – Sebring – Fourth Hour

If you are already watching the fourth hour, you will automatically be redirected to the premiere of this hour. So no action needed. It is again Kieran McGinley taking you through this hour of racing as the action unfolds in multiple classes. At the beginning of hour three, the gap was about 1 second for […]

EEWC 2022 Round III – Sebring – Third Hour

This afternoon from 14.00 CEST we will be bringing you the third and fourth hours of the EEWC round three the twelve hours of Sebring. So, set up your reminders and gather around everyone as Kieran McGinley takes you through hour three. Michi Hoyer of Burst eSports SimPlexity leads the pack about a second and […]

EEWC 2022 Round III – Sebring – Second Hour

The action didn’t stop in the second hour as we’re now deep into the first pit stop cycle. Some teams chose to change drivers, and some chose not to change to fresh rubber opting to double stint both drivers and tires. Everybody knows the April weather in Florida is fickle. But there are no clouds […]

EEWC 2023 Round III – Sebring – First Hour

Here is perhaps the most hectic first hour of a GTR24H race to date. Position changes, accidents, and battles all over the grid. The YouTube stream is available with commentary in English by Kieran McGinley and Chris Buxton. We hope you enjoy the show! #12hoursofSebring #EEWC2022 #SebringInternationalRaceway

Nicolas Longuet signs with Simracing Centre as a driver coach

Veloce driver Nicolas Longuet has been in the Formula 1 racing scene for almost as long as the scene has existed. He has been in F1 esports since 2019, being part of the Red Bull squad that won the team championship that year in the F1 Pro Series, participating in the 24 hours of Le […]

The role of the stewards, part two

Previously, we looked at the role of the stewards, and the potential backlash they can receive when the decisions are contested. When the league is the size of PSGL, they potentially have greater resources at hand to handle the large number of incidents that are raised each week, but what about smaller organisations? Is the […]

EEWC 2023 Round III – Sebring – Intro and Pre-Race

Tonight at 20.30 CEST we are starting the YouTube reruns of the 12-hours of Sebring EEWC 2022 round three with the introduction and pre-race show. You will get the full rundown of the championship standings after round two at Monza in all four classes. And you will also get the full walkthrough of the starting […]

The role of the stewards, Part one

Race stewarding, be it for real or sim racing, can often be a very thankless task, but it is essential to the success of any racing event. Without stewards to ensure the rules are followed, any race could devolve into absolute chaos, but often the stewards will come under fire for the decisions they make, […]

The world of the commentator, virtual or real. Lewis McGlade

Another commentator who was kind enough to share some words about his experiences on both sides of the commentary fence is Lewis McGlade, a very well-established and respected commentator in the rFactor world, and has seen action recently in the GB3 and newly started GB4 championship. How did your commentary journey begin? As is with […]

Making sure you don’t get disconnects – Part 2

The second thing after CPU temperatures should be your graphics card. Questions that you may need to ask yourselves include the following: “Do you know how hot it is? Do you know what load it runs under?” Graphics cards generally run hotter than CPUs. That is is in their nature of calculating floating-point values for […]

Making sure you don’t get disconnects – Part 1

OCCT is a nice free piece of software to analyze issues, which has tests for both CPU and GPU that can be used to help analyze potential heat issues during PC usage. Download, run, and familiarize yourself with the software and start your burn tests. For CPU: Normally a testing period one to two hours […]

The world of the commentator, virtual or real. Alex Goldschmidt

Continuing the series of chats with commentators who have worked in both virtual and real-world motorsport commentary boxes, I had a catch up with a man who started in the real commentary box and then hit the ground running in the sim racing commentary world, and also has done a lot of work here at […]

The world of the commentator, virtual or real. George Morgan

Following on from our chat with Chaz Draycott regarding his mix of real-world and virtual commentary duties, another commentator that has recently started his journey in the real commentary world is George Morgan. The Welsh wonder was all too happy to share some words about his new adventure. George has built a reputation as one […]

Visceral Esports combines with Volante Racing

Visceral esports or Visceral Sim Racing (VSR) was established in 2015 and has enjoyed great success in its time in the sim racing world, in particular in the Formula 1 league racing scene, but now they joined forces with Volante racing, who themselves are a well-established racing team since their inception in 2018, and are […]

The world of the commentator, virtual or real. Chaz Draycott

The vast majority of sporting events these days have some form of commentary, to both inform and entertain the audience. The play-by-play commentator is the hype machine, calling out the action that can be seen on the broadcast, and also to give information that may not be visible to the audience, whereas the colour commentator […]

Ongoing Investigation Delays Sebring Final Results

The stewards and race control have informed management, that the final result of EEWC Round 3 the 12-Hours of Sebring will be postponed due to ongoing investigations. More information will follow as soon as it is made available by the stewards. The process involves dialogue with the teams and no final decision will be announced […]

First win ever for GlamRacing

We won! We actually won the GT3 class at the GTR24H 12-hour race at Sebring. Not in a million years did we think that tonight was going to be the time that we would win the GT3 class, but we guess a “bit” of rain and great team spirit can take you a long way! […]

EEWC 12-Hours of Sebring Qualifying Result (updated)

The preliminary starting grid is sorted after a dramatic couple of qualifying sessions with rain lurking right beside the track and positions teetering between the two sessions.   Pole position in GT3 went to #82 Mugen SimRacing crew with a margin so big that it must have left the rest of the field pondering how […]

Sebring 12-Hours EEWC Spotter Guide

Yes, it is here. Just in time for qualifying. The EEWC spotter guide for Sebring. You will get a nice rundown of the teams, cars and drivers. A detailed track map is also in there along with other information on how to follow the racing as closely as possible. The data on the teams is […]

Sebring weather report

Florida has a wonderful climate in the springtime.  Most days are 25-30 C with a mild Caribean breeze, but those nice days can be broken up by some quite potent thunderstorms. That is where we took the inspiration for the race poster. Not that we were trying to predict anything. But to just hint, that […]

Running the ERL

VCO are well into their Esports Racing League (ERL) Spring Cup, in which the top esports teams from ACC, iRacing and Rfactor, all compete in order to qualify for the Esports Racing World Cup (ERWC), but what goes into starting such a series, and what also goes into maintaining the machine once it is running? […]

Asetek Simsports by Volante Racing: From Sushi to Pizza

This post was submitted by Asetek Simsports by Volante Racing, prior to the Monza race. You will see more content from the Monza race during the month of May. Almost exactly a month ago we, Asetek Simsports by Volante Racing, started a new endeavour by entering the EEWC 2022. Not knowing what a great start […]

Fabrizio Donoso signs for TF10

Fabrizio Donoso has been in the F1 esports scene since the very beginning, standing on the podium in the first finale at Abu Dhabi in 2017, being signed by eForce India in 2018, and representing Alpine and Race Clutch in 2020, culminating in a successful F4 test at Le Mans. The French-speaking Chilean is now […]

Toxicity and the toll it takes

The world of social media grants us the means to interact with people from around the world in an instant, sharing thoughts and ideas, opinions and facts, experiences and dreams, and everything in-between. There are avenues for discussion and debate, to discover new trends or the latest viral video, a means to keep up with […]

Virtual GP Season 8 Round 3 – Hungaroring

Virtual GP’s eighth season enjoyed the speed of Daytona last time out, as the pinnacle of Czech Republic sim racing heads back to Europe for round three, venturing to the twists and turns of the Hungaroring. It’s been several years and different racing sims since VGP last set its virtual foot in Hungary, 2016 in […]

The path of Actrollvision

Last month, I spoke to several people about the time and dedication it takes to run a successful league, but one individual I was very keen to talk to was Luke “Actrollvision” Crane about his rise from racer to professional DTM commentator. He graciously gave me some time during his hectic schedule for a glimpse […]

Virtual GP’s rise and future

The Mercedes-Benz Virtual GP championship began its eighth season this year, and is the premier sim racing competition of the Czech Republic going from strength to strength since its inception. Some major sim racers have been through their ranks, such as Jaroslav “Jardier” Honzik, multiple VGP champion Michal Smidl, and Williams Esports’ Martin Stefanko, and […]

The workload balance whilst rising to the top – Simon Perigny

In Formula 1 Esports, the competition is fierce, so balancing the time required to practice to compete at the very top, alongside real-life commitments, is a huge challenge. I spoke to Simon Perigny, a rising star in the league racing scene who has his sights firmly set on challenging the best in the F1 Esports […]

Dáire McCormack dominates at Misano

The Mobileye GT World Challenge Europe Esports series travelled to Misano for the opening round of the season, with 48 cars vying for top honours at the twisty Italian circuit. Almost the entire field was separated by just a single second as the 15-minute qualifying session concluded, with 60 minutes of action-packed racing following shortly […]

EEWC 2022 Round I – Matsusaka – FInish

Here is the full replay of the finish of the opening round of the 2022 GTR24H Endurance eRacing World Championship season, the 12 Hours of Matsusaka.

EEWC 2022 Round I – Matsusaka – Hour 12

Here is the full replay of hour 12 of the opening round of the 2022 GTR24H Endurance eRacing World Championship season, the 12 Hours of Matsusaka.

EEWC 2022 Round I – Matsusaka – Hour 11

Here is the full replay of hour 11 of the opening round of the 2022 GTR24H Endurance eRacing World Championship season, the 12 Hours of Matsusaka.  

IVRA HyperX GT Sprint Series Winter Season Round 3 – Laguna Seca

The International Virtual Racing Association continues its winter season of the GT Sprint Series, sponsored by HyperX. On the 20th of March, the third round returns the series to America for Laguna Seca, having been to Circuit Of The Americas for round one, and Okayama for round two. Teams running the Lamborghini Huracán GT3 EVO […]

EEWC 2022 Round I – Matsusaka – Hour 10

Here is the full replay of hour ten of the opening round of the 2022 GTR24H Endurance eRacing World Championship season, the 12 Hours of Matsusaka.  

10 hot topics for the F1 2022 season opener

Image © Planet F1 Bahrain is less than a week away and we have recently witnessed the final testing session. There are a lot of changes coming into 2022, most notably the cars themselves, so condensing this article down to just ten points was actually rather difficult. 10. Will Valtteri Bottas find his form? Image […]

PSGL PC F1 Season 30 Round 8 – Spa

PSGL rides again for round eight around the famous Spa-Francorchamps, located in the Ardennes forest in Belgium. PSGL and F1 Esports champion Jarno Opmeer leads the way on 69 points, following on from taking three wins in a row. Qualifying master Bari Boroumand has taken second place with 47 points, just two points clear of […]

GT Omega unveils the Challenger Cup

  Scotland’s GT Omega have been in the business of making top-quality sim racing equipment and gaming chairs for quite a few years, and they have just announced they are holding a Challenger Cup on the Assetto Corse Competizione platform. Eight rounds will be spread across nine weeks, the Challenger Cup will visit amazing circuits […]

Race Anywhere Simsport join forces with PCDC and PPR esports

Formed only a month ago, the Race Anywhere Simsport crew aimed to make their mark in the top tiers of iRacing, which is a crowded arena to say the least, but their ambition was not in short supply. The game somewhat changed when the newly formed squad was approached by a long-running community that was […]

EEWC 2022 Round I – Matsusaka – Hour 9

Here is the full replay of hour nine of the opening round of the 2022 GTR24H Endurance eRacing World Championship season, the 12 Hours of Matsusaka.

Fantasy mananger update – Individual driver points

So far, all points have been assigned on a team basis, and the first question you may ask is “why?” Which one of the drivers is responsible for winning? Which one of the drivers gets points for content production when the team manager does an interview? Which driver is responsible for completing the race? The […]

Smooth sailing to first victory in the 2022 EEWC at the 12h of Matsusaka

Burst Esport enjoyed a great start to the 2022 Endurance eRacing World Championship season by taking the win at the 12 Hours of Matsusaka with a dominant drive. To take you behind the scenes of the no. 18 DPi machinery, you will now hear from Michi Hoyer, who first secured pole position, and then in […]

EEWC 2022 Round I – Matsusaka – Hour 8

Here is the full replay of hour eight of the opening round of the 2022 GTR24H Endurance eRacing World Championship season, the 12 Hours of Matsusaka.

12 Hours of Hungaroring Charity Race supporting Children of Ukraine – SSRI

The folks over at SimSport Racing International are putting together a charity endurance event on the 16th of April, to support the Children of Ukraine. The platform will be Assetto Corse Competitzione, and the race will be 12 hours of the Hungaroring, but this is not your usual endurance event. Usually, drivers would face restrictions […]

EEWC 2022 Round I – Matsusaka – Hour 7

Here is the full replay of hour seven of the opening round of the 2022 GTR24H Endurance eRacing World Championship season, the 12 Hours of Matsusaka.  

SimSports Racing International Clio Cup Round 3 – Bannochbrae

SimSports Racing International’s Clio Cup resumes its season with a visit to the fictitious (and very scenic) Scottish countryside of Bannochbrae for its third installment. Thruxton in Hampshire was the opening round, withCroft circuit near Darlington playing host for round two. Now we head to the track that was introduced into the sim racing world […]

Grid Finder F1 Community Cup

The folks over at Grid Finder have put together a clash of communities on the F1 game, the Grid Finder F1 Community Cup, sponsored by Grid Rival. Spanning all three platforms and represented by several F1 racing communities in the sim racing world, each league taking part will nominate 2 drivers and 1 reserve to […]

Interview – Burst Esport SimPlexity – Jesper Pedersen

It’s time to chat to one of the drivers from the leading DPi car after the first round of the 2022 Endurance eRacing World Championship, as Yousuf bin-Suhayl caught up with Jesper Pedersen of the #18 Burst Esport Simplexity crew. He talks about what we can expect from Monza, along with what we can expect […]

Shanaka Clay signs for Williams Esports

F1 Esports star Shanaka Clay has finally put pen to paper by signing for the mighty Williams Esports team. Up until a week ago, Shanaka was under Aston Martins’s banner but this week, the Reading-based Brit announced that he was now fully represented in Williams’ colours, but it’s not the first time that Clay has […]

One Hub Racing League launches season 20

Today is the day that One Hub Racing fans have been waiting for, as it is the launch day for their landmark 20th season in the Formula 1 game arena. For those less familiar with OHR, they specialise in F1 and ACC racing on the Playstation platform, they are a very popular and friendly place […]

The effects of war – Andrey Tarabukin and Team Shazoo

Whilst the globe continues to turn and normality remains for most of the world, it’s impossible to ignore the terrible events going on between Russia and Ukraine. The world’s news outlets report on what support goes out to those on the receiving end in Ukraine and the sanctions given to Russia. but what of the […]

Michi Hoyer sidelined by COVID-19

Burst Esport racer Michi Hoyer was due to take part in the GPVWC season opener tonight, however, the Willstätt-based driver has announced via Twitter that he has had to withdraw, due to testing positive with COVID-19. Due to COVID infection I am not going to start in the @GPVWC season opener tonight. Currenty body conditions […]

iRacing brings new car and track content for Season 2 2022

In the past week, the folks at iRacing have released new content to the already incredible library of tracks and cars available to the subscribing public, so let’s take a look at what’s been released for Season 2 2022: Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55 Situated in Peverly Missouri, the Ken Schrader-owned 1/3 mile clay […]

VCO starts their ERL Spring Cup tonight, but where?

Virtual Competition Organisation (VCO) will hold round one of this season’s Esports Racing League (ERL) Spring Cup on ACC tonight at 7PM CET at….well that’s actually a good question! The public has the power to decide where the Munich-based powerhouse holds the opening round of the season, as it did with the Esports Racing World […]

Invictus Racing League

Invictus Racing League has been a growing force in the F1 league racing scene since its inception in 2017, providing competitive league racing across all three platforms of PC, Playstation, and XBOX. As their popularity has grown, so has their tiered league system, allowing them to cater for fresh faces as well as racing aces […]

EEWC 2022 Round I – Matsusaka – Hour 6

We’re at the halfway point folks, and if you’ve enjoyed the action so far, there is still more to come!

Behind the scenes – a GTR24H studio tour

Here at GTR24H, the team behind the scenes are not meant to be the main focal point, as that is more case in point regarding the teams and drivers. Nevertheless, we thought it would be a welcome insight for you all out there to take a little walk around the studio, give you an understanding […]

EEWC 2022 Round I – Matsusaka – Hour 5

With darkness now surrounding the circuit, it was a case of making it count where it matters the most. But the fighting around the circuit continues at a frightening pace!

Formula 1 liveries – What’s hot and what’s not

With Alfa Romeo having recently released the final livery of the current Formula One teams on Sunday, I figured that I could give my very unbiased thoughts on all the liveries for 2022 and rank them in a somewhat coherent fashion. 2022 sees some big changes to the Formula 1 regulations and as a result, […]

EEWC 2022 Round I – Matsusaka – Hour 4

With nighttime fast approaching, drivers were still pushing like it was a sprint race. But there were still battles galore in all classes!

EEWC 2022 Round I – Matsusaka – Hour 3

Time to look back over hour three of the race, and it still was one to watch!

EEWC 2022 Round I – Matsusaka – Hour 2

The action continues, as hour two of the 12 Hours of Matsusaka sees more battles out on track and close-quarter racing.

EEWC 2022 Round I – Matsusaka – Hour 1

The green flag waving got the first race of the 2022 Endurance eRacing World Championship underway, as the 12 Hours of Matsusaka saw almost 30 cars over four classes go into battle!

EEWC 2022 Round I – Matsusaka: Pre-Race Show

We’re going to take you all down memory lane with the first round of the 2022 GTR24H Endurance eRacing World Championship, which recently took place at the Matsusaka Grand Prix circuit. Join Alex Goldschmidt and Kieran McGinley, as they take us through the talking points ahead of the 12-hour race in Japan getting underway.

777 DSR – After Matsusaka

Our very own Yousuf bin-Suhayl was able to catch up with the pair of Karl Lykkegaard and Steven Salsgaard, who were part of the #777 DSR crew that managed to bring their Callaway GT3 across the line fourth in class. It was really interesting to hear from them about how it all went at […]

SimSport Racing International: iRacing TCR Championship Round 3 – Oran Park

SimSport Racing International’s Touring Car Racing Championship continued its march across the globe with its third instalment at Oran Park, a former race track that was located near Sydney, Australia. Whilst the site is now a housing estate, the track lives on in virtual form in iRacing, as its 2.6 km of twists and turns […]

GTE – Deuces Motorsport Club take the spoils in Matsusaka

It was a great start to the season in GTE for Deuces Motorsport Club, as the #74 Aston Martin V8 Vantage crew kept their cool during both day and night at Matsusaka to win the class by almost one lap over the #54 Porsche 911 RSR of MPE, with great battling being showcased throughout the […]

LMP2 – SEM9 Axle draws first blood in Japan

Malaysian outfit SEM9 Axle was able to weather the LMP2 storm that was intensifying into what would intially end up being a three-way fight for the victory at Matsusaka. But the pair of both Nabil Azlan and Inigo Anton would keep their cool and push their strategy towards a well-deserved and emphatic win, 53.485 seconds […]

GT3 – Volante Racing survives the dramas in Asia to secure victory

It was a welcome fight to take the first win of the 2022 GTR24H EEWC season in what was an ultra-competitive GT3 class, but when the dust had settled, it was the #585 Audi R8 of Volante Racing by Asetek Simsport that would secure its place at the top of the field, winning the race […]

DPI – Burst eSport Simplexity rules the roost

In the top-tier class of the 2022 Endurance eRacing World Championship, the DPi class returns for a full campaign this time around with six entries, as Burst Esport Simplexity dominated proceedings in the opening round at Matsusaka. It saw Michi Hoyer put in a stunning lap in Qualifying One, with the #18 car eventually taking […]

Interview – – Karl Lykkegaard

From turning the nightmare of what was a difficult two-pronged attack on LMP2 last year into a dreamier and more positive outlook towards a new approach for 2022, as goes to Callaway for GT3 this time around. Karl Lykkegaard made a surprise appearance during Official Free Practice to chat with Alex, as they are […]

How to succeed together bringing sim racing to the masses!

Restricted Access You need to be a member of a participating team to access this information. If you are a team member: Login details will have been sent to the email adrress you team caotain used when signing up your team. If you can not find this email, ask you team captain to provide the […]

EEWC 2022 Season Round 1: 12 Hours of Matsusaka Qualifying Results

Today’s Qualifying session at Matsusaka showcased some great driving by all teams in both the day and night sessions. The most impressive lap was done by Michi Hoyer in the #18 Burst Esports Simplexity Cadillac DPI car, which managed to set a record lap time at 1:42.79 in the Day session, with the #64 Moradness […]

Interview – Team Adrenaline – Arturas Masaitis & Sebastien Deville

One of the late additions to the DPi late last year, Swiss racing outfit Team Adrenaline will look to learn more about the #33 chariot they will be piloting throughout the whole 2022 EEWC season. Arturas Masaitis and Sebastien Deville spoke with us during Official Free Practice, giving a clear impression that they are here […]

Interview – Deuces Motorsport Club – Nick Newcombe

One of the long-standing members of Deuces Motorsport Club, Durham’s very own superstar DJ and avid sim racer, Nick Newcombe was on hand to chat with us at GTR24H, giving us the lowdown on what has been happening for both their LMP2 and GTE entries. Looks like a busy time ahead for this crew, but […]

Interview – Teun Louer – Team IRIS

Dutch racer Teun Louer has switched to a new team for the 2022 GTR24H EEWC season, as he moves from Deuces Motorsport Club to Team IRIS. He spoke with Alex Goldschmidt about having fun in sim racing, a new challenge and looking forward to racing against competitive teams this year.

Interview – GTR24H CEO Jon Fabricius Turell

Alex Goldschmidt spoke at great length with GTR24H CEO Jon Fabricius Turell ahead of the 2022 EEWC season opener, the 12 Hours of Matsusaka, which gets underway at 14:00 CET on Saturday, February 26th. They discussed the hard work behind the scenes to get this championship ready for an even bigger push for this year, […]

Interview – Burst Esport SimPlexity – Michi Hoyer

Two-time GTR24H Nürburgring Nordschleife 24H winners Burst Esport make their long-awaited return to the EEWC in both the DPi and LMP2 classes, which are welcome additions to the grid for 2022. Alex Goldschmidt caught up with German rFactor2 ace Michi Hoyer, discussing Burst’s decision to enter, the correlation between sim racing and real-life motorsport and […]

Interview – GlamRacing – Maria Rinhack & Henrik Hoier

After a very consistent 2021 GT3 campaign, GlamRacing are looking ahead to another strong year in the Endurance eRacing World Championship, when both Team Manager Maria Rinhack and lead driver Henrik Hoier visited the GTR24H studios. They explained the decision to switch from Aston Martin to Audi, their new partnership with Grizzly Simgineering and how […]

Spotter Guide For EEWC Matsusaka Released

Ahead of the 2022 EEWC season opener, the 12 Hours of Matsusaka, we at GTR24H have now officially unveiled our brand-new spotter guide, which has been updated with all the returning and new teams that have joined for our epic six-round journey, that spans four different continents at some of the most-celebrated tracks from across […]

EEWC Fantasy Manager Open Beta

It is time to reveal another one of our winter projects. The EEWC Fantasy Manager Game, where fans will be able to set their own teams and compete for championship glory. The game focuses on selecting not only the fastest and best but the most active and engaging drivers from this season’s teams. You will […]

Endurance eRacing World Championship – A 2021 Refresher

We are less than a fortnight away from the start of a brand new year of EEWC and let’s face it, a lot of us have forgotten all about last year championship, so we thought it would be a good idea to give everyone a ‘brief’ recap of both the season and its finale from […]

GlamRacing welcomes Grizzly Simgineering as sponsor for 2022

GlamRacing is proud to announce Grizzly Simgineering as their first sponsor.  Grizzly Simgineering is a webshop that specializes in sim racing equipment & gadgets for ambitious sim racers. Grizzly Simgineering sells gear indicators, wheel mounts, dashboards, cup holders and much more!  All of the products and hardware are designed & produced in Germany.  GlamRacing and Grizzly […]

First AI-Powered TV Ad Management Platform, Moneyball, Joins Forces with LUSI / Zuki

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MMA Global, Inc. (OTC Pink: LUSI) (the “Company” or “ZUKI.APP”) (name and ticker symbol change pending) is pleased to announce that it has joined forces with LILAKFORTUNE, LDA (doing business as “Moneyball”), the first artificial intelligence (AI)- powered TV ads management platform, connecting sporting organizations, clubs, teams, […]

Sprint Series Season II Postponed

We are sad to announce that the Sprint Series will be entering a short hiatus from its regular schedule. Due to the low number of entries, we have decided to put the series on hold, in order to secure more participants before returning with the remainder of the season. We do not believe that it […]

PSGL PC F1 Season 30 Round 3 – Monaco

The Premier Sim Gaming League travelled to the principality of Monaco for the third round of Season 30. The famous roads of Monte Carlo have played host to Formula 1 machinery for over 50 years, so it’s no surprise that it is a regular stop on the league racing calendar. Aston Martin’s Shanaka Clay leads […]

EEWC Track Insight – Matsusaka

Making a welcome return back to the GTR24H EEWC calendar, this Japanese circuit kick starts the 2022 campaign in earnest on February 24th with Official Free Practice. This 5.807-km circuit was last in action on the 2020 calendar, before a brief hiatus last year. It will nevertheless provide a stern test for all four classes […]

Sprint Series Season II Preview – Round 4 – Silverstone

With three rounds of the championship down and round four of the season later on this week, it is only right that we begin to prepare for what will await us at Silverstone. The Sprint Series So Far From the opening round it was clear that the fastest drivers were Amir Hosseini, Pierluca Amato & […]

Sprint Series Season II Round 3 Race Report – Hungary

The Sprint Series headed to Hungary for the third round of the championship with Amir Hosseini looking unstoppable, having taken pole and the race win in the opening two races. However, a BOP adjustment from KUNOS that nerfed the BMW and McLaren was expected to throw a wrench in the works of Hosseini’s dominance. As […]

2022 EEWC season to have $150k total prize fund

The days are drawing closer for the start of the 2022 Endurance eRacing World Championship season, as the 12 Hours of Matsusaka begins with official free practice on Thursday, February 24th, 2022 from 19:00 CET. Ahead of this new campaign, we at GTR24H can officially reveal that there will be a total prize fund of […]

GTR24H joins forces with MMA Global, Inc.

GTR24H has merged with US entertainment platform technology company MMA Global, Inc. (OTC Pink: ZUKI) to further push its ongoing assault on the esports sim racing scene, which will see further expansion of its already significant global reach. With over 200 million being shown a variety of exciting and dynamic high-quality content over a combined […]

PSGL PC F1 Season 30 Round 1 – Portugal

Premier Sim Gaming Leagues has been the home of the F1 esports elite for several seasons now, and a milestone in PSGLs history was marked with the commencement of Season 30. The pre-season invitational race at China was a thrilling appetiser for the season to come, with a lights-to-flag victory for McLaren Shadows Bari Boroumand […]

2022 EEWC Season calendar revised with new schedule

With the winter break finally over and done with, GTR24H is getting ready for the upcoming Endurance eRacing World Championship season, which will take place over six exciting rounds at some of the most iconic race circuits from across the globe. Positive developments outside of GTR24H has the unfortunate effect of forcing us to update […]

Revealing the GlamRacing 2022 car and sad news

Firstly, we here at GlamRacing want to wish everyone a happy New Year and also take a chance to thank everyone for a great 2021 season, especially the whole team behind GTR24H. We here at GlamRacing have learned so much in the last season as a team. We had lots of great races with a […]

Sprint Series Season II Round 1 Race Report – Zolder

Amir Hosseini was close to a perfect race at Zolder as he took the top step with almost a minute lead to last seasons champion Pierluca Amato. Right away from qualifying it was a clear battle for the win between Amato and Hosseini. Sprint Series Season II – Zolder – Race Start The race for […]

SimSport Racing International: iRacing TCR Championship Round 1 – Oulton Park

A new year sees the start of a new series. The sim racing broadcasting powerhouse that is SimSport Racing International kicked off the new year with a Touring Cars championship on the iRacing platform, and the opening round of the TCR championship was held at the MSV outpost Oulton Park. 12 drivers took up the […]

Sprint Series, Zolder Time! Tonight! 21.00 CET

Tonight at 21.00 CET we kick the Sprint Series Season II into high gear. We will be visiting Circuit Zolder in Belgium. A tight and twisty circuit that doesn’t exactly lend itself to high downforce GT3 racing with its chicanes and hairpin turns. But weirdly enough it produced some amazing racing when we last visited […]

Team Renegade begins its adventure in the Sprint Series by GTR24H

Great enthusiasm in the pits of Team Renegade Simracing Workgroup! On Thursday the team begins its adventures in the Sprint Series championship by GTR24H. “We are undoubtedly excited; just a year ago Renegade formed a sim racing working group in which pilots of both Italian and foreign origin participate. In the group, we share know-how […]

Is Hill Climb Only For The Bravest Of Sim Racers?

With 10 races down in the series, and having done practice and run the live stream production of the entire series, one thing stands clear to me: Hill Climbs are very special. I found a thrill with Hill Climbs that had been gone for me for years. Half a decade ago my sim racing was […]

2022 Sprint Series II – Revised Calendar, Rules and New Signup Application

First of all, a big thank you to Yousuf for setting up the revised rules and calendar for the series. And here is the 2022 calendar: Race 1: December 16th Monza Race 2: December 30th Zolder Race 3: January 13th Kyalami Race 4: January 27th Hungaroring Race 5: February 10th Silverstone Race 6: March 3rd […]

2022 Sprint Series Round 1 – Monza Demoted to Test Race Status

Restricted Access You need to be a member of a participating team to access this information. If you are a team member: Login details will have been sent to the email adrress you team caotain used when signing up your team. If you can not find this email, ask you team captain to provide the […]

Virtual Touring Car Cup Season 4 Round 5 – Okayama

The VTCC returned to SimSport Racing International for the penultimate round of Season 4, held at the twisty and technical Okayama circuit. Previously, this series had it’s Pro and Pro-Am races held on separate streams, however sadly they have had some people withdraw from both divisions, however, this gave the VTCC a chance to show […]

GTR24h Launches Sprint Series Season 2

Following the success of its inaugural season, we are delighted to announce the return of the Assetto Corsa Competizione Sprint Series to GTR24H. Drivers & Teams can now register for the season via our website – Season 2 of the Sprint Series will start at 9 PM CET on Thursday 18th November and will […]

James Dzuiba, Martin Hemmingsen, Liam Rance and Henri Sinik become EEWC champions

Satellite Racing has claimed the first ever DPI championship title in the Endurance eRacing World Championship the previous weekend by a sizeable 30 points. This comes after their famous victory at the finale in Le Mans, which they took ahead of the #65 sister car. There was a record entry in the DPI class for […]

Team Rookie Monsters return to the EEWC for Le Mans

Team Rookie Monsters have returned to the Endurance eRacing World Championship for the first time since 2020 for the finale at Le Mans. Previously, they have used the LMP2 car to clinch a championship last season, but they have moved up to DPI on this occasion. Not only have they moved up, but it’s a […]

Roy de Munick and Roland Szucs set the pace in Open Practice 1 at Le Mans

Roy de Munick of Deuces Motorsports Club and Roland Szucs of DEAC Hackers have set the pace during Open Practice One at Le Mans. Despite the fact they’re in LMP2 cars amongst an array of DPI talent, they managed to match each other and finish the session 1-2 with a 3:24.9. The leaders of DPI […]

EEWC championship permeations heading into Le Mans

All four categories are still up for grabs in the Endurance eRacing World Championship this weekend as we head to Le Mans for the final round. It has been a varied season in all classes, with the DPI class only being two races old and the LMP2 battle still a mystery. But one thing remains, […]

EEWC Le Mans Qualifying – Shots fired ahead of race day

The current DPi leaders, the #64 Caddilac of Satellite Racing dominated proceedings courtesy of Martin Hemmingsen, who set the top best lap time with a 3:20.750 in the opening night session, before capping that off with a 3:21.330 in Q2. But it will not be a lockout of the front row for the team, as […]

Vincent Tucoulat keeps the title fight alive with second place in Switzerland

Vincent Tucoulat has kept the European Hillclimb Championship alive in Group H Special as he put in a respectable performance to finish second on the St. Ursanne climb in Switzerland. It comes after a disappointing evening for championship leader John Spyder, who ended the day in fifth. This reduces the gap in the championship between […]

BMW and FANATEC brings together sim and real life racing

Back in late 2020 at the BMW Sim Life finals, a new revolution in steering wheel technology was unveiled when the all-new 2022 BMW M4 GT3 roared into life and into the studio, piloted by works driver Philipp Eng, who stepped out with the steering wheel, placed it on the in-studio sim rig and started […]

Satellite Racing aiming for DPI success at Le Mans

Satellite Racing have had a strange EEWC season in 2021. It started back in Indianapolis where they were one of three McLaren Sennas on the grid, alongside Drillers Esports and Omicron Sim Racing. On that particular day, they didn’t look anything like the dominant team they are now, driving in the DPI class with a […]

Circuit de la Sarthe GTE hot lap by Musto GD-eSports

The challenge of Circuit de la Sarthe at Le Mans is one that is very much relished by all drivers, and that is not any different here in the GTR24H Endurance eRacing World Championship. Musto GD-eSports’ Mattia Crupi takes us on board with the #53 BMW M8 GTE around the 13.626 km layout, explaining how […]

Musto GD-eSports attempting to become 2-time EEWC Champions

Musto GD esports will be taking aim at the upcoming Le Mans 24 Hours as they attempt to win the GTE category of the Endurance eRacing World Championship for a second year in a row. They hold a 13-point advantage over World of Simracing iZone Performance heading into Le Mans, in a season that has […]

Tobias Baerschdorf puts in heroic performance to win again

Tobias Baerschdorf has won another European Hillclimb Championship event. This isn’t very surprising, however the manner with which he won certainly was. It extended his championship lead to 41 points with 75 remaining, making his victory in E1 +2000 even more likely by the week. Antonis Parinopoulos won’t let this happen easily, but after the […]

Interview – Ádám Serege – Mugen Sim Racing

With a very big task ahead of them for the 2021 Endurance eRacing World Championship finale between the 27th and 31st of October, MUGEN Sim Racing have two teams in contention for top honours in both the LMP2 and GT3 classes. Team Manager Ádám Serege was happy to catch up with Alex Goldschmidt, talking about […]

Aleksey Myzin: “Patience the key at Le Mans”

Unison Racing’s Aleksey Myzin has spoken about his team’s chances of taking the Endurance eRacing World Championship title in the GT3 category at the upcoming Le Mans 24 Hours. They have a 20 point advantage over MUGEN Simracing with only one race to go, and so only need a podium to secure the win. Despite […]

John Spyder with chance to clinch European Hillclimb title in Switzerland

Group H Special competitor John Spyder has an opportunity to become the fourth driver in 2021 to clinch a championship title early when the European Hillclimb Championship rolls into Switzerland for Round 10. There will be 75 points up for grabs after the event, and with a 77 point championship lead over Vincent Tucoulat already, […]

GTR24H Podcast Talk Show – Episode 5

The GTR24H Podcast Talk Show is back and ready to give you viewers out there some fantastic insights and also great interviews. Kieran McGinley is your host, and he has a very special guest in the form of Satellite Racing’s Henri Sinik, as they discuss multiple topics including his switch to the DPi class, following […]

eTeam BRIT GT Challenge Round 4 – Stapleford tames Mount Panorama

In what has been an intense third season so far for the eTeam BRIT GT Challenge, the series headed to the famed Mount Panorama circuit in New South Wales in Australia to hit the halfway point. With three different winners from the first three rounds, it was looking set for a new name to hit […]

Simsport Racing ACC League Season 7 – Stapleford strong at Snetterton

Article by Chris Buxton SimSport Racing’s ACC league began the second half of its season back on British soil, this time with the technical Snetterton circuit. The series has seen some incredible moments already, with defending champion Robbie Stapleford atop the standings. The Briton has yet to drop a single point, having scored all the […]

Improvements for Axle Sports at Le Mans Virtual round in Spa

Axle Sports are competing in one of the most competitive endurance racing leagues on rFactor 2 this season at the Le Mans Virtual Series. The event, which was a one-off in 2020, is a five round championship this year bleeding into the next. So far, there have been two rounds, where Axle Sports have been […]

Adam Baldwin gains dramatic promotion to GT Pro

Deuces Motorsport Club’s Adam Baldwin  has taken a GT Pro spot for Season Five in dramatic fashion. The final race at Indianapolis had six drivers in contention for an automatic promotion spot, however only five could make it through. EEWC driver Jimi Nisula was one of these alongside Baldwin, but with a 21-point advantage going […]

Solid day for Satellite in Le Mans Virtual Cup

Le Mans Virtual has expanded in 2021/22, instead of being a singular 24 Hour event like in 2020, it now has an entire championship along with a support series that runs on a Friday. That support series is the Le Mans Virtual Cup, using the LMP3 cars available in rFactor 2. The evening consists of […]

Interview – Sim Kai Wern – LMP2 #401 Blue Steel Racing

Another Malay team joined the ranks of the 2021 GTR24H Endurance eRacing World Championship, as newcomers Blue Steel Racing entered the LMP2 class from the penultimate round of the current campaign at Spa-Francorchamps. With just days remaining until the final Le Mans double points round, Alex Goldschmidt caught up with Sim Kai Wern to talk […]

Interview – Valdemar Eriksen – GT3 #585 Asetek Simsport

Following on from the recent announcement that Asetek Simsport will be joining the Endurance eRacing World Championship for the 2021 seaosn finale and for the entire 2022 campaign, their team manager Valdemar Eriksen spoke recently to Alex Goldschmidt about the more exciting development of the team’s endeavours.Along with that, Alex also asked Valdemar about Asetek’s […]

ID Simsport present 3 cars for EEWC Le Mans 24 Hours

The Endurance eRacing World Championship has received a welcome boost in the entries for the Le Mans 24 Hours coming up in just under two weeks’ time. It comes as ID Simsport announced they would be running a trio of GT cars into the race. One will be a GTE, which the team haven’t made […]

Jimi Nisula among EEWC drivers looking to gain promotion from GT Challenge

Satellite Racing’s Jimi Nisula is the lead Endurance eRacing World Championship driver in contention for promotion from the second tier of rFactor 2 GT racing – GT Challenge. Adam Baldwin of Deuces Motorsports Club and Zoltan Varkonyi of MUGEN Simracing also sit within the Top Ten, giving all three a very good chance of being […]

Introducing………. David Christie

We have a welcome Scottish voice joining the GTR24h commentary crew, as David Christie is another well-known commentator in the world of sim racing, as Alex Goldschmidt had a good chat with him ahead of our 2021 EEWC finale….. David is another of the team that will be at our studio in Denmark for the […]

Introducing … Kieran McGinley

We get to find out a bit more about another new face on the GTR24h team, as Alex Goldschmidt chats with Kieran McGinley, who talks about his love of racing, how he got involved in commentary, and a lot more. Kieran will also be joining us at the studio in Denmark for the 2021 EEWC […]

Thoughts on Le Mans and team news

The last race of the season is coming up and we here at GlamRacing have had a few thoughts on the team as a whole and the upcoming race. So for once, I’m going to hand you over to the drivers to tell you guys in their own words how they feel. Henrik Hoier: Man, […]

Introducing…….. Chris Buxton

As we proceed headlong towards the 2021 Endurance eRacing World Championship season finale in the last week of October, we here at GTR24h decided to send Alex Goldschmidt to catch up with another new addition to the ever-expanding commentary team, Chris Buxton. Based out of the home town of 2009 Formula 1 World Champion and […]

Interview – Calum Wilson – GT3 #404 GlamRacing

Even though they may be in the top four of the current 2021 Endurance eRacing World Championship GT3 standings, but Glam Racing have one more step of the rostrum to hit, and that is the top step! Alex Goldschmidt managed to recently catch up with Calum Wilson, who has also been racing in the VMO […]

Pagani and Asetek Pen SimSports Licensing Deal

The newly introduced offering in sim racing of Asetek SimSport is entering into a very exciting partnership with World known Car brand Pagani Automobili to extend their experience into sim racing. Asetek will be working together with Pagani on a number of things such as licensing, marketing, and product deals for a number of Asetek’s […]

Sebastian Ronat and Javi Rodriguez claim European Hillclimb titles!

Sebastian Ronat and Javi Rodriguez have clinched their European Hillclimb Championships with just four rounds remaining. They become the second and third drivers to do so this season, following on from Chris Bennett, who has won every race in the E2-SS 2000 category. The pair managed this during the most recent hillclimb event, the Trento […]

Csaba Kiss and Deuces Motorsports Club prepare for another VEC season

The Virtual Endurance Championship is one of the longest running series on rFactor 2, as it is now in its 14th season. It’s very well recognised as well, because the biggest teams flock there every year to try and become champions. One team aiming to do that in more than one category is Deuces Motorsports […]

Interview – Alex Yoong – DPi #21 Axle Sports

In the lead up to the 2021 GTR24H Endurance eRacing World Championship finale in late October, both Alex Goldschmidt and Yousuf bin-Suhayl had the chance to talk to famed Malay driver and founder of Axle Sports, Alex Yoong. His team, comprising of Mika Hakimi, Mikko Nassi, Josh Purwien and Naquib Azlan, who are piloting the […]

Down to the wire for the EEWC Le Mans finale!

Since January of this year, the 2021 GTR24h Endurance eRacing World Championship has so far visited five fantastic tracks, which have provided more than their fair share of racing action and drama along the way. In just under a month’s time, the season concludes at the hallowed tarmac of the Circuit de La Sarthe in […]

Asetek SimSport joins the EEWC LeMans season finale and 2022 season

Asetek SimSports is a newly founded company, which is heavily involved in producing sim racing peripherals including Pedals, upcoming wheelbases, and wheels – is now joining the Endurance eRacing World Championship series as a team. The Asetek eSport team holds names such as Valdemar Eriksen, Largim Ali and Thomas Vilhemsen – who all are experienced […]

Swiss outfit Team Adrenaline joins the EEWC for Le Mans and the 2022 season

Newly-launched sim racing team Team Adrenaline, originating out of Switzerland and consisting of drivers from Latvia, Switzerland, and Germany, will now be joining the 2021 EEWC Le Mans 2021 season finale and also for the 2022 season. Team boss Arturas Masaitis tells us they will be joining the DPI class and are wanting to gain […]

SimRacing Lab partners with Asetek SimSports

It is with equal levels of pride and excitement that SimRacing Lab can announce a new partnership with Asetek SimSports. Running up to the GTR24h Spa race, SimRacing Lab; already sponsored by engineering consultancy DIS/CREADIS, signed with Asetek SimSports on a deal that takes the two brands to the end of 2022. Star driver Andi [...]

GlamRacing are looking for sponsors for 2022

The Danish-based team GlamRacing is looking for sponsorship support for further development in season 2022 for the GTR24H Endurance eRacing World Championship! GlamRacing will be keeping the same driver line-up in 2022, which means Jakub Kowalski, Lee Russell, Calum Wilson, Jef Vannijlen and Henrik Hoier will be driving in the 404 GlamRacing car. In season [...]

The World Is Not There Yet

The good news first: There are no covid restrictions left in Denmark. So nationally there are currently no barriers stopping us from entertaining the physical LAN event. This is a very uplifting and promising situation to keep in mind for the next parts of this message, and for 2022. There are however sadly a lot […]

EEWC 2021 Standings After Spa-Francorchamps 24-Hours

DPi Sadly the season debut for Axle Motorsports ended at the top of Radillion in the very opening laps to the race. What would have been a relatively quick rejoin to the session for a trip back to the pits and a rebuild of the car, ended with a press of the dreaded race-ending “ESC” escape […]

Welcome to Endurance eRacing World Championship Season 2022 Signup

Welcome to the GTR24H Endurance eRacing World Championship Season 2022 –  After a long 2021 season with great racing at Indianapolis, Silverstone, Sebring, Nurburgring, and Spa-Francorchamps so far – we are already ready to reveal our new 2022 season subscription kicking off as of today. The new season will take us to legendary tracks of […]

Official EEWC Qualifying Result For Spa Francorchamps 24H

The 5th Round of the Endurance eRacing World Championship is well underway– this Friday Night we experienced 2 Qualifying Sessions Day and Night at the famous Spa Francorchamps track  – where both the DPI, LMP2, GTE, and GT3 classes were represented. Today’s first Qualifying session in the Day started with zero rain – but that […]

EEWC Round 5: Introducing 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps

The 5th round of the Endurance eRacing World Championship is up next and takes all the teams to the famous race track of Spa-Francorchamps for a staggering 24 hours of racing. The Spa-Francorchamps track was originally designed by  Jules de Their and Henri Langlois Van Ophem and formerly held public roads such as Francorchamps, Malmedy, […]

GlamRacing brings in Kuba for Spa 24H

For the upcoming race in the GTR24h Endurance eRacing World Championship at Spa-Francorchamps – GlamRacing brings in highly experienced driver Jakub Kowalski aka Kuba Kubica. Kuba is a great friend of many of the drivers on the GlamRacing team so the team doesn’t have to take much time on the chemistry of the team – […]

Blue Steel Racing joins EEWC

Formed in 2015 as Hoshizora Shinsei Racing by founding members Sim Kai Wern, Ayman Aqeem, and Amir Haziq, it was the team’s initial goal to unite the passions of anime lovers and motorsports enthusiasts. The team was formed after Ayman Aqeem left for another team and wanted to start a new one. He got together […]

Axle Sports joins the EEWC

Joining GTR24h for the remainder of the 2021 Endurance eRacing World Championship is one of Asia’s oldest sim racing teams – Axle Sports, which was founded by racing driver Alex Yoong back in 2008. Yoong made a name for himself in racing, being the only Malay driver to ever compete in Formula One, along with […]

12 Hours of Monza Special – The Event and results

The 12 hours of Monza Special is in the Box – The purpose of the entire event was to create a summer event for Simracers to enjoy and of course find and solve issues that might be thrown at us. The second purpose for us was also to get a better overview of the future […]

12 Hours of Monza – Report 2 – 5 hours left of the race.

The nightmare on 12 hours of Monza carries on as the teams are being tested to the limits – We are now seeing the 62 Unison Racing in a DNF and 51 Ramada MotorSport out of the race so far due to sickness in the cockpit. The spell of Monza hasn’t threatened the teams well […]

12 hours of Monza Special – Race Report 1

The first 4 hours of Monza Special have been showing great action,  overtakes, and some really good entertainment for the viewers. Throughout the first couple of Hours – the 64 Satellite car, 74 Deuces MotorSport, and 33 Mugen Simracing was battling it out at the track for the position – but hardware failures, incidents, and […]

Official Qualifying Result For The 12-Hours Of Monza

What a Qualifying session at Monza! That was tremendous entertainment from the very first get-go. Maybe it was the impending thundershowers that seemed to always loom in the area right from the very beginning of Q1? Maybe it was just a band of 12 awesome teams – who gave it all? The 2 Qualifying sessions […]

12 hours of Monza – Weather Forecast: Rain and Thunderstorms

The Weather forecast for the 12 hours of Monza looks to present changing weather conditions going into tonight’s Qualify session and tomorrow’s Race session – this will definitely create some excitement to the race and give the viewers some very interesting racing. The weather forecast for the teams though looks rather dull as it represents […]

EEWC GT3 Championship Leaders Unison Racing Enter Monza 12-Hours

Podium, podium, podium, podium. Yes, four podium finishes in four races and two wins, that is the track record of Unison Racing in the EEWC, proving that they belong to the absolute top of endurance racing GT3 teams in the world. They are not unbeatable though and they will meet Mugen Sim Racing in another […]

Get Ready For Tonight’s Hill Climb

Ecce Homo comes from Latin and means something like “stride on man” or “come on, man”. So tonight it’s time for the Come On Man Hill Climb from Sternberk, Czechia. The course is a combination of local road 44424 and main road 46. At the top of the hill is the Ecce Homo statue of […]

12 Hours of Monza preparation has begun!

Today we went to the Virtual track of Autodromo Nazionale di Monza to view Ramada MotorSports doing their rounds of practice for the upcoming race on Saturday 31th of July at 12:00 AM CEST. Ramada MotorSport which consists of Pedro Ramada(Team Boss), Paulo Reis and Carlos Basto were already fiercely practising setups, hot lapping and […]

Viadukten to join 12-Hours of Monza in GT4

The 2 times EEWC World Champions Club Viadukten will be joining the 12 Hours of Monza. This time around the team will not consist of the former champions Rasmus Bornhøft, Stefan Wagner, Mikkel Sigaard, Alexander Hartvig or Nicolai Bergdahl – but more excitingly the club will introduce their new Viadukten Duckling team in the GT4 […]

Deuces MotorSports Club to join 12 Hours of Monza

Deuces MotorSports Club – Powered by Viper Gaming is a familiar name in the Endurance eRacing World Championship and will join the 12 Hours of Monza Special Event. The team lineup will consist of Rui Reis from Portugal,  Csaba Kiss from Hungary and Pedro Crula Gomes from Brazil. A strong lineup which definitely will give […]

We Ordered Our Own Products And Here Is What We Got

We have a partnership with Printful who produces most of our merchandise. That means orders are fulfilled from multiple factories and storage facilities around the world. It also means we do not produce huge stocks of products and only do produce on-demand, which minimizes waste and storage demands to help protect our planet. And no! […]

Two GT3 Slots Remain As Monza Will See Danish Sim Razers Join

Usually, the drivers of DSR er split into the two Nightmare and Dreamteam cars. But for Monza, it looks like the lineup will be a mix of three drivers from both cars. And maybe that is why the car entered doesn’t carry any of the Dreamteam or Nightmare appendices. DSR is actually both a team […]

Monza 12-Hours will include GSRTeam

With two cars entered into the GTR24H special event 12-Hours of Monza, the GSRTeam from Greece is moving in with the guns loaded. And this will be the second time we see the GSRTeam in any GTR24H organized racing, which makes it even more exciting. The team enters two cars with a full lineup of […]

Ramada MotorSport joins 12-Hours of Monza

Ramada MotorSports, a familiar name in the Endurance eRacing World Championship will be joining 12 Hours of Monza in their Audi R8LMS GT3 2019 in the last weekend of July – The team which consist of Pedro Ramada the Team boss, 2. driver Carlos Basto and 3. driver Paul Reis.  All very talented drivers  who […]

Mugen SimRacing Ready For Monza 12-Hours

Mugen Sim Racing are a team of relative newcomers to GTR24H events. And indeed several of the teams drivers are newcomers to sim racing in general. But do not let the relatively low levels of experience in terms of years fool you. These guys mean business on the track. Currently sitting second in both the […]

GTR24H & Printful Launch Eco Friendly Merchandise Line

It shouldn’t be a secret anymore how we are always looking for options and possibilities to have fun and still protect the environment. After all who are you, if you are not looking to leave the planet as a better place than it was when you arrived? So, utilizing Printfuls wonderful services of eco-friendly recycled […]

Prosim to enter 12 hours of Monza

The Danish Prosim team is already a known contender in the Endurance eRacing World Championship over the last couple of years will enter the 12 Hours of Monza Special Event in late July. Since Prosim’s last appearance in the EEWC series at Sebring – We know the team has been undergoing some major changes in […]

Satellite Racing First To Enter Monza 12-Hours

Only hours after making the event official, Satellite racing entered two GT3 cars into the race, taking two of the initial 10 GT3 spots available. Car #64 will be piloted by Jimi Nisula, Henri Sinik, Liam Rance, and James Dziuba, while car #65 will be directed around the course in the hands of Ryan Nash, […]

12-hours of Monza Special Event

The summer is all over us and many may already be enjoying their vacation with their family, friends and do what they truly love.  We are though certain that many of our followers and friends of the Simracing communities are enjoying their free time on their number one hobby: Simracing and that’s entirely the reason […]

New GTR24H Shop Launched

We have had a merchandise store for years. But it has always been shoehorned in together with signups, spectator tickets and other unrelated products. We have also always tried to have inventive cool racing or sim-racing-related products that are NOT company merch. Like the, in our opinion pretty cool, racing terms products that feature famous […]

Endurance eRacing World Championship Round 4 Overall Standings

The fourth round of the 2021 Endurance eRacing World Championship started out at the famous Nurbürgring Grand Prix track – where some 26 cars were present at the start and we already knew that race would be very exciting as the new DPI Class was introduced for the first time a long wait after the […]

EEWC 12 Hours of Nürburgring Qualifying Results

The 4th Round of the Endurance eRacing World Championship is well underway – this Friday Night we experienced 2 Qualifying Sessions Day and Night at the Famous Nurbürgring GP track  – where both the DPI, LMP2, GTE and GT3 classes were represented. The weather forecast was looking rather dull for the teams – especially because […]

EEWC 12-Hours of Nürburgring – Official Preview

Yousuf and Alex sat down and had a chat about all the things that happened since the EEWC 12-Hours of Sebring. We get to hear a bit of Yousuf’s adventures into karting as well as an update on the Sabine Schmitz corner, what happened at the end of the Nürburgring 24 hour race, the introduction […]

GlamRacing races for Childhospice Strandbakkehuset

GlamRacing have decided that for the last 3 races in the GTR24H – Endurance eRacing World Championship, that GlamRacing will be fundraising money for the newly opened Child hospice “Strandbakkehuset”. The child hospice is located near Rønde in Denmark, and it opened its doors for families in December 2020, and up to 4 families can […]

DPI Class introduced to the EEWC

After a long 3 month break since the 12 Hours of Sebring in March, the EEWC returns next weekend with another 12 hour race, this time at the Nurburgring GP circuit. The series has undergone a fairly large change too since it’s last race, as the unpopular Hypercar class is ditched for a much more […]

GTR24H Nurburgring 24H Race Report

GTR24H annual Nurburgring 24h event turned out to be one the closest race we have seen in a long time over 24Hours of racing and the positions within the top 10 changed by the hour up until the final stages of the race and pit stops. The only constant throughout was the #94 Burst Esport […]

Nürburgring 24Hours Qualifying results

Like last year’s race at the Nürburgring Nordschleife 24Hours event – we saw some extraordinary racing between Burst Esport and Drillers Esport – but this year and already in the Qualifying Session both Day and Night sessions – we saw some of the best racing we have seen in a long time here at GTR24h. […]

Deuces MotorSports Club enters Partnership with Viper Gaming

Deuces Motorsports club was created in 2007, and has fostered a spirit between members to compete together, and develop skill, knowledge, and friendships. Our Four Values: Preparation. Perseverance. Pride. Appreciation. Preparation is the cornerstone and foundation for every result. We appropriately prepare for each race to give ourselves the best chance of success. We enjoy […]

Viper Gaming by Patriot Memory joins GTR24h

Viper Gaming by Patriot joins GTR24h in a strategic partnership to promote their gaming brand to our many Simracers and viewers. Patriot Memory Inc a Global Leader in Performance Memory, Solid State Drives and Flash Storage Solutions joins GTR24h in a strategic partnership to promote their gaming brand Viper Gaming. Viper Gaming with roots going […]

Interview – Dysfunctional Team Racing SP9 Driver Carl Newiss

A couple of weeks ago, Yousuf had a talk with Carl Newiss. It would be nice to win, but the team is looking more to survive and complete the 24 hours. Carl especially puts emphasis on the track being bumpy and narrow. At the time of recording this interview, the race was not yet designated […]

Introducing Dysfunctional Racing for the Nürburgring 24hours

We are a team with members from all walks of life and places in the world. What started out as various players racing and competing on F12020 has grown into some of those becoming team-mates in the Assetto Corsa and AC Competizione simulation as well as iRacing and more recently rFactor 2. We are a […]

MUGEN SimRacing Are Looking For Sponsorship

MUGEN SimRacing, one of the most outstanding e-sports team in Hungary, is looking for sponsorship support for further development! We know sponsors are primary marketing partners and don’t care too much about results. But MUGEN SimRacing is a team with a good foundation of racing talent. Our team has had a lot of success in […]

GTR24H Talk Show – Episode 2 – 2021 Week 17

What is going on? Meetings with important people from venues and manufacturers are going on, and some of that relates to the event at the Nürburgring. And GTR24H will dedicate this year’s 24-hour race to the loving memory of Sabine Schmitz as a tribute race. And in other news, GTR24H is partnering with the Hillclimb […]

P1 Le Mans Series 8-Hours of Silverstone Today

Broadcast starting today at 13.45 CEST when the German P1 LMS is headed to Silverstone for the third round of the championship with eight hours of intensive endurance racing. In the DPi class you will find such GTR24H familiar names as Buttler-Pal Motorsport and Rookie Monsters with Simon Marshall in the lineup. Rookie Monsters also […]

Interview – Deuces Motorsport Club LMP2 Driver Teun Louer

Currently holding second place in the LMP2 championship, Yousuf has a talk with Deuces Motorsport Club’s Teun Louer, who is part of the line-up in their #15 Oreca LMP2 car. He explains to us what went wrong at Indiananapolis, where the team finished in ninth place, along with how frustrating it was for everyone to […]

Interview – Musto GD e-Sports Tiziano Brioni preparing for Nürburgring 24H

The Nürburgring 24H is getting closer and Yousuf had a talk with Mr Brioni on how to prepare for such a mammoth race. They discuss what results the team is expecting and how preparing for this one-off event differentiates from the EEWC races. Tiziano expresses his respect for the very difficult and challenging track and […]

GTR24H Talkshow – Episode 1 – 2021 Week 16

Today marks the start of a new piece of regular content from GTR24H, A podcast! Yousuf bin-Suhayl spoke to Jon Turrell, Peter Munkholm and Nick Newcombe to discuss all things GTR24H related, from teams leaving the EEWC, the new DPI car class, the much anticipated LAN event in October and more. We will be bringing […]

Interview – Varga SimRacing Manager Vojta Polesny

Something different. Normally we speak with drivers from the various teams, but this time we are greeting the team manager of championship-leading LMP2 team Varga SimRacing. Vojta is confident in his drivers and believes the team can take victories in all of the races for the remainder of the season. So certainly such a perfect […]

Meanwhile over at VEC: Round 7 – 6 Hours of Suzuka

There is a lot more interesting endurance sim racing going on than just the EEWC. Over at SimRacing.Club the VEC has progressed to round 7. Today it is time for the 6-hours of Suzuka. Broadcast starts today at 16.50 CEST on the VEC YouTube Channel Running through the entry list of Division 1, there […]

Interview – Musto GD e-Sports GTE Driver Tiziano Brioni

You are going to learn two things about Mr Brioni from this interview. He doesn’t like the C7 Corvettes and he really is into the whole endurance racing economy racing strategy thing. Maybe that is the reason why either Musto is at the top of the boards or they suffer incident upon incident and have […]

GlamRacing Getting Ready For The 24h Of Nürburgring

Everyone at GlamRacing is slowly but steady getting ready for the 24h of Nürburgring. Doing both single practice and group practice sessions. We are checking the gear, such as rigs, computers, and steering wheels, and swapping out what’s needed to get the rigs and computers in peak conditions. We are currently looking into getting some […]

Interview – DSR Nightmare LMP2 Driver Karl Lykkegaard

The move from the Callaway Corvette GT3 all the way to LMP2 seemed like a big move for DSR, but it seems as they get to know the car better and better they move up through the field. Karl talks about the obvious differences between the GT3 and the LMP2 car and how when you […]

Interview – Onemove Esport Ferrari GTE driver Matthieu Decrop

Why did Onemove go from LMP2 to the GTE class? That and many other questions will get answered in this interview with Matthieu Decrop, one of the drivers of the Onemove Esports Ferrari 458 GTE. And if you are wondering: How does Matthieu actually drive in daily traffic? You may get some insight on that […]

Interview – Mugen SimRacing McLaren GT3 driver Martin Milotai

More content from the Hungarian sim racing scene, as we get some comments from Mugen SimRacing and their GT3 effort in the form of an interview with McLaren driver Martin Milotai. Surprising to us we learn that the Mugen SimRacing McLaren GT3 was plagued by technical issues in the first races and their issues with […]

To William Marsh And Everyone In The Sim Racing Community

April first is normally a day for jokes and pranks. But for the sim racing community this year it will be different. Today, the news broke and we mourn the loss of William Marsh, who passed away on March 22nd 2021. William was one of the cornerstones of Sim Racing content for the last decade. […]

DEAC Hackers – Norbert Jakab Interview

Driver of the #95 DEAC Hackers LMP2 Oreca Gibson, Nobert Jakab did a conference call with Yousuf Bin-Suhayl about the podium result at Sebring and their preparations for the Nürburgring race. We get a glimpse of the problems that DEAC Hackers faced at Indianapolis and Silverstone and their struggles after the 30-second stop’n’go penalty. And […]

Sebring Race Week Statistics

Restricted Access You need to be a member of a participating team to access this information. If you are a team member: Login details will have been sent to the email adrress you team caotain used when signing up your team. If you can not find this email, ask you team captain to provide the […]

Introducing the GTR24h Nürburgring 24 Hours

The construction of the Nürburgring started in 1925 by 25000 workers and took 2 years to complete and the cost of the massive project was back then 4.1 million reichmarks or in today’s money around 50 million USD which is a massive amount of money for a construction of a racetrack. The first race was […]

LMP2 Podium 12-Hours of Sebring

The surprise team of the Sebring race must surely be the #95 DEAC Hackers. Not only did they qualify in third place in class, but thirty minutes into the race they held second place behind #117 Varga SimRacing. But ultimate credits still go to Varga SimRacing taking maximum points once again taking pole position, leading […]

Exclusive Content From GTR24H On Twitter

A lot of content from us here at GTR24H get syndicated to all of our social profiles. That would be articles and videos, submitted articles by the teams or even videos. We are just ALL about making it extremely easy for fans to follow the teams, the drivers and the races. Building that fanbase for […]

GTE Podium 12-Hours of Sebring

The titans of the GTE class clashed once again at Sebring International Raceway. Half an hour into the race #74 Deuces Motorsport Club led the race with a three-second lead to the #51 WOSR iZone Performance Porsche 911 GTE. Third place at this point was held by the, at that point championship-leading #53 Musto GD-eSports […]

GT3 Podium 12-Hours of Sebring

The GT3 balance of performance update package may have had some influence on the results. But what the BOP did not turn on its head the track sure did. Adam Serege of the #41 Mugen Simracing McLaren did take the lead of the race and sat on the fastest lap of the race for his […]

Endurance eRacing World Championship Round 3 overall standings

The third round of the 2021 Endurance eRacing World Championship at Sebring International Raceway started out to be a complete thriller between both the LMP2, GTE and GT3 class of cars – as many teams nearly had even points and the excitement was at its highest. The Hypercar class was though completely ruined as Omicron […]

Asetek launches Asetek Simsports

Asetek which is world known for its OEM Watercooling solutions and heavily used by multiple manufactures such as Corsair, NZXT, Antec, Thermaltake, AMD, and Intel – are surprisingly moving into producing Simracing gear such as Wheels, Pedals and have already launched their UGT Controller software – for configuring your wheel, shifter LED and etc is […]

Silverstone Race Week Statistics

Restricted Access You need to be a member of a participating team to access this information. If you are a team member: Login details will have been sent to the email adrress you team caotain used when signing up your team. If you can not find this email, ask you team captain to provide the […]

EEWC 12-Hours of Sebring Qualifying Result

Last night Qualifying saw some of the most exciting racing – we have seen in a long time – The fights between the LMP2, GTE and GT3 classes were ongoing in both the Day session and Night session. With the average calculated time the LMP2 pole was taken by #117 Varga Simracing followed by #22 […]

How To Follow The EEWC 12-Hours of Sebring This Weekend!

The EEWC goes back to the states. This time we are in sunny Florida at the former ASAF B17 Bomber training facility now known as the Sebring International Raceway. This is an iconic stage for the third round of the championship. And GTR24H and the EEWC has a long history with this track. Follow live […]

Preview for the 12 Hours of Sebring and Summary of Silverstone

Sebring is one of the world’s most famous race tracks. It’s rise to fame was almost instant when included as a round of the World SportsCar Championship from 1953 onwards. Several other series have also used the track, but the centrepiece, the 12 Hours of Sebring dates back exactly 69 years to 1952. Several historic […]

HyperCar 12-Hours Of Silverstone Podium

It’s always fascinating to see the fast McLaren Senna GTR HyperCar rip through the traffic on track. Sadly for this race only two of the four signed up HyperCars were able to compete in the top class for the biggest prizes and overall win. Even though PINSIM Drillers Esport led from the start to the […]

LMP2 12 Hours Of Silverstone Podium

Varga Sim Racing is a tough competitor for the other teams in the class. And some controversy at the end of the race caused #17 Drillers Esports to initially cross the finish line as winners. This was however very quickly subject to investigation by race control and the result for the class was made preliminary. […]

GTE 12 Hours Of Silverstone Podium

The question that is immediately on everyone’s mind: Where was HM Engineering? After the dominant performance at the Indianapolis season opener, it was expected that they would be fighting at the sharp end of the field, fighting for their fair share of podiums and wins this year. However, their absence allowed other teams to make […]

GT-Rookie 12 Hours Of Silverstone Podium

For the second race in a row, the sportsman class for the hobbyists, gentleman racers and “just racing for fun” class was one of the most-closely fought throughout the field. Even so, the #717 Unison Racing crew came out on top once again, ahead of the #41 MUGEN Sim Racing McLaren 650sGT3 and the #26 […]

Endurance eRacing World Championship Round 2 overall standings

The first round of the 2021 Endurance eRacing World Championship brought some great racing between the four classes – Hypercar, LMP2, GTE and GT3 – as four teams managed to steal the spotlight back in January, before heading into the second round of the season. We already knew from the very first race that the […]

EEWC 2021 – 12 Hours of SilverStone Qualifying Results

After some intense hours of Qualifying from 7PM to 23:30PM in both Day and Night sessions at SilverStone – We are finally ready to reveal the yesterday results. The Overall best qualifiers in the Hypercar class was car 80 Omicron Simracing followed by 10 Pinsim Drillers Esports at position 25. The Overall 3 best qualifiers […]

EEWC 2021 Round II – FilmVolt 12 Hours Of Silverstone Introduction

Alex Goldschmidt and Yousuf bin-Suhayl take you through what happened after an interesting and exciting first round of the 2021 GTR24h Endurance eRacing World Championship, the 12 Hours of Indianapolis. Based on the results from just under a month ago, they take a look back at how the teams performed, what we can expect from […]

INTERVIEW: Deuces Motorsports Club – Nick Newcombe

It’s race week, and Alex Goldschmidt went virtual social distancing in the company of Nick Newcombe from Deuces Motorsports Club. We get a bit of an insight regarding the bad luck that struck the team at Indianapolis, with mixed up pit stalls and very unlucky timing. Nick also talks about some of the future plans […]

Fan Zone

Teams & drivers: Share this to get your family, friends and fans to cheer for you! The GTR24H Fan Zone is a new initiative for fans of sim racing and fans of the teams. Being a member of the Fan Zone will come with different perks. But the main perk, for now, is to be […]

INTERVIEW: eTeam BRIT – Max Spooner

Alex Goldschmidt has been in the field for an interview with Max Spooner from the #68 eTeam BRIT LMP2 car. They talk about the ethos of the team itself,  their car choice for 2021 after their début at the Le Mans finale last year, what happened at Indianapolis and how they plan to comeback at […]

GTR24H TV: 2020 Nürburgring Premiere

Maybe you remember. We certainly do. The duel of Hemmingsen and Henningsen. Well, you are going to have to wait a bit for that one. But at least we have prepared and set up the entire 2020 Nürburgring 24-hour race. And we are running the first two hours on GTR24H TV tonight at 20:55 CET. […]

INTERVIEW: Danish Racing League, Morten Aagesen

The video will premiere on YouTube at 20:30 CET tonight. But you can catch it early on GTR24H TV at 12:55 CET  and at 15:25 CET. Morten Aagesen has a talk with Yousuf about the situation after the podium finish in the 12-Hours Of Indianapolis. We get to hear a bit about the team’s expectations […]

What makes Silverstone so special?

Silverstone Circuit is built on the site of a World War II Royal Air Force station and formed a major part in Bomber Command strategy. RAF Silverstone opened in 1943, with the airfields have three runways in the classic WWII triangle layout favoured by the RAF. Since its first use in the 1940s, the circuit […]

HyperCar Podium – Indianapolis 12 Hours

After unfortunate incidents hit the #10 PINSIM Drillers Esports McLaren Senna GTR, Omicron Sim Racing put in a massive fight to try and secure the win. It would however not only be the #10 that was struck by the Kraken, with the #80 was ultimately forced to park the car in the garage and sit […]

Final Hours Of EEWC Le Mans 2020 Re-Live Tonight

Looking for some Friday night entertainment? Well, look no further. We are starting the Re-Live series of hour-by-hour live-stream of the final hours of the 2020 EEWC Le Mans Race. The 20th hour will be airing tonight at 21:00 CET, followed by the 21st hour at 22:00. For the 20th hour the rain has finally […]

LMP2 Podium – Indianapolis 12 Hours

Varga SimRacing led the race from start to finish and finished five laps ahead at the end of a dominant display!  The rest of the LMP2 class was a complete unknown, as second place was only settled at the finish line. If for nothing else, it is worth watching the entire race once again, just […]

GTE Podium – Indianapolis 12 Hours

From the very start of the race, it was a battle between the #74 of Dueces Motorsport Club and #959 HM Engineering, but an unfortunate collision with the outer wall in turn thirteen put the #74 out of reach for the podium. The #7 Pescara ADG in their brand new Corvette C8R GTE kept following […]

GTR/GT3 Podium – Indianapolis 12 Hours

Without a doubt, this was the most unpredictable class of the race. The sportsman drivers and rookies put us all on the edge of our seats in this fantastic 12-hour-long thriller. Congratulations to the teams on the podium! 1st Place #717 Unison Racing Driven by: Aleksey Myzin, Alexander Zakirov, Jaroslav Khrustalev, Nikolay Bezrukov, and Maks […]

Endurance eRacing World Championship 2021 – Round 1 Result

The GTR24h Endurance eRacing World Championship 2021 season kicked off in early January 2021 with 12 hours of Indianapolis Speedway and with the introduction of 4 classes (Hypercar, LMP2, GTE and GT3) and a staggering 45 teams entering the season and completely sold-out season. We already knew from the very beginning with this amount of […]

EEWC 2021 Round 1 – 12-Hours of Indianapolis – Official Qualifying Result

Of cause, the track is shorter than Le Mans, but even so, this was some the closest qualifying session even. The podium starting positions in all classes are all inside the same second. Congratulations to all the pole sitters and thank you to all the participating teams. We are all looking forward to an excellent […]

EEWC 2021 12 Hours of Indianapolis Spotter Guide

The dynamic live spotter guide is now ready for release. The spotter guide will likely grow and have more informative pages added in the coming days. The goal is to extend the document with all information on the teams and drivers plus additional essential information for following the race. In the future, the most […]

Alex Goldschmidt Joins GTR24H Commentary Crew

Our own Yousuf bin-Suhayl met up with Alex Goldschmidt to talk about his decision to join the GTR24H commentary team. Alex is an experienced motorsport commentator with a lot of experience from British and European karting, having started his commentary career in 2017. He is looking forward to calling the action from Indianapolis in a […]

2020 EEWC Prizes update

As Christmas fast approaches and brings to a close to an extraordinary year, not just for sim-racing but also for the whole of humanity we felt a long overdue update on the delivery of prizes would be welcomed. Firstly we again want to thank all the competitors of our 2020 Le Mans season finale, there […]

2021 EEWC Entry List Is Full – Reserve List Is Open

The 45 teams that will be competing in the 2021 Endurance eRacing World Championship are now found. Thank you! We are looking SO much forward to having you with us on our ever-expanding sim racing adventures! Some teams are signed up for two or three years and the teams currently signed up for the 2021 […]

GTR24h Endurance eRacing World Championship – Overall 2020 season results!

The GTR24h Endurance eRacing World championship 2020 season started out in early April at Sebring with 26 participating teams – where the line up consisted of cars in LMP2, GTE and GT3 classes. Throughout the season the LMP2, GTE and GT3 showed the most exciting competition – since the Hypercar class wasn’t at the time […]

Endurance eRacing World Championship Calendar 2021 – Updated

The task was laid and the objective was clear: Using tracks approved or officially licensed by Studio 397 we want to create the toughest endurance racing series ever seen in sim racing,  We started by listening to our teams, with that interaction we feel our plans and the teams are better aligned through 2021.  There […]

Full 39 Hours Of EEWC Le Mans YouTube Coverage

YouTube has a 12-hour replay limit. We tried to work around it and have the race split into two halves. Sadly, the final hour of the race was not available for VOD. This has now been rendered separately and added to the complete EEWC 2020 playlist. You can use the player directly on this page […]

Asetek Supported The EEWC Le Mans

You may have seen in the commercial breaks and noted in the prizes list, that products by Asetek featured. This marks the third year of collaboration with Asetek. And Asetek certainly is no stranger to sim racing with several entries of their own team under the Asetek Esports Academy name. Asetek is a Danish company […]

Endurance eRacing World Championship – Le Mans 2020 – HyperCar Podium

Last and at the very top: The king-class! The fastest and the hardest to set up. So hard and troublesome that only six teams even dared to give it a shot, and only five of them made it to the finish line. With excellence and a steady pace, PINSIM Drillers Esports made it to the […]

Endurance eRacing World Championship – Le Mans 2020 – LMP2 Podium

They started on pole position, then PINSIM Drillers Esports took the lead. But all the time Burst Edge Esport was always lurking in the background, ready to strike at the opportune moment. But through the night Burst Edge Esport would struggle with engine trouble and once again they found themselves performing a hard-fought recovery drive […]

Endurance eRacing World Championship – Le Mans 2020 – GTE Podium

GTE was this year’s most hotly contested class with just one lap separating the entire podium after 24 hours. And not only that but the three cars completed the entire race almost without incident and maintained this one lap gad for the entire 24 hours. A heroic effort saw the #53 Musto GD-eSports car take […]

Endurance eRacing World Championship – Le Mans 2020 – GT3 Podium

Although 1ACO found a hole in the rules and used it to comfortable take pole position, this fact didn’t promote their chances much when they had to fight against engine issues, heavy traffic and the rain doing it’s best to prevent their recovery drive. In the last hours of the race, they caught up with […]

Endurance eRacing World Championship – Le Mans Results

43 teams were entered in this year’s Le Mans race and 36 ended up taking the checkered flag. It’s not an easy thing completing a twenty-four-hour race with that many cars on track, let alone on a track with such high speeds. So congratulations to all finishers and thank you to all teams and drivers […]

GTR24h kicks of Sprint Series Season II on November 18th

Following on from a very eventful and successful opening season in the GTR24H Sprint Series, that concluded with Musto GD e-sports finally clinching the Championship. We are proud to announce Season II registrations are open for the Sprint Series using Assetto Corsa Competizione. This year will see Multi-Class racing which GTR24H is renowned for, coming […]


What makes sim racing special as an esport is the possibility of super close relation to real-life motorsports and the relevance to car fans around the world. When sim racing is done in a way that makes it relevant to the regular motorsports viewer, the appeal of watching fast cars and figuring out the strategies […]

Drillers Esports enters EEWC 2020 Le Mans & 2021 Season

Drillers Esports together with PINSIM are returning to the GTR24H EEWC with a strong showing of two entries at the EEWC 24 Hours of Le Mans, entering a Hypercar and LMP2 for the big race. Either car will see the team’s mainstay VEC drivers take on the most famous endurance race this weekend.   The […]

Deuces Motorsports Club

Deuces MC officially began in 2009 by Dave Jordan and Eric Schmieder, but the two drivers raced together in Swedish American Racers in 2007! Our history is long and proud, and we value the effort it takes by all teams not just Deuces MC to prepare for Endurance races. We have four values we as […]

Prizes for EEWC Series and Le Mans Finale event

Restricted Access You need to be a member of a participating team to access this information. If you are a team member: Login details will have been sent to the email adrress you team caotain used when signing up your team. If you can not find this email, ask you team captain to provide the […]

New Features For The Fans

GTR24H is all about the teams and their fans. And creating a platform, where it’s easy to follow the teams and getting the latest information is what our website is constantly evolving towards. Today we reveal new options for the fans. The first option is an important one, both for us and the teams. The […]

DIS SimRacing Lab – Livery, LeMans and the future

DIS SimRacing Lab to sport new gorgeous liveries for LeMans Our first livery was made in a rush before our very first race because we were past the deadline for submission. Naturally, we have long wanted to create a new and nicer livery for the cars, and we actually tried something a bit new for […]

DriveGameSeat Racing Team joins the GTR24h 24h of Le Mans

DriveGameSeat Racing Team is the name given in 2018 to Energy Racing Team, which recently returned as a parallel project to the DGSRT. Originally founded in 2014 by a group of friends, the team quickly noticed the fast evolution of SimRacing in the last few years, bringing the team to reach the needed professionalism to […]

eTeam BRIT Set To #BelieveAndAchieve In EEWC

OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE British eSports team eTeam BRIT will make their long-awaited GTR24h début in the Hypercar class in the forthcoming EEWC 24 Hours of Le Mans between October 22nd and 25th. Based out of Dunsfold, as the eSports arm of inspirational racing outfit Team BRIT, the #68 McLaren Senna will be piloted by a […]

AMD Launches Ryzen 5 5600X, Ryzen 7 5800X, Ryzen 9 5900X and 5950X Series Of Processors – Optimal For Sim Racing?

Today we bring you exciting news as AMD our sponsor launches a new line of Ryzen 5 and 7 and Ryzen 9 family processors which will secure our many sim racers optimal performance for both racing and streaming at once. The Ryzen 5, 7, and 9 families of processors: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X will be […]

Fair Racing Team is back

We are back, Fair Racing Team will compete in the world’s most prestigious race. The GTR24hr from Le Mans. Fair Racing Team, sponsored by Kristal Coatings, is a group of drivers who have put themselves on the map, with the reward being promotion to division 1 of the VEC and launched a second team in […]

Winners Never Quit, Quitters Never Win

DSR – Danish Sim Razers – now consists of more than 1200 members, which means that we have grown by more than 200 members since the current GTR24H ACC and EEWC seasons started. If you’re able to attract that many new members in so short time then it should tell you something about the popularity […]

How did Musto GD e-Sports win the GTR24H Sprint Series?

It’s been nearly a week since Musto GD eSports took a thrilling championship victory in the GTR24H Sprint Series with their #71 car. Thanks to the precision driving of Tiziano Brioni, Pierluca Amato, and the occasional help from Manuel Biancolilla, they were able to take a comfortable championship win by 56 points. Euronics Gaming Team […]

Sponsorship Masterclass for Sim Racing Teams

Would it be useful for you to learn more about how to attract sponsors? Then this is possibly the best online masterclass for you! Jess Shanahan is a professional coach and teaches how to make you and your team more attractive to sponsors. Not only is she deeply engaged with helping other sim racers, but […]

GlamRacing ready for Le Mans with an international driver line-up

GlamRacing is ready for Le Mans 24 hours, with an international line-up of 4 drivers, Alexander van der Woude (NL), Calum Wilson (GB), Henrik Hoier (DK) and Lee Russell (GB), between them they have over 42 years of endurance experience, winning multiple racing and podiums. The drivers are looking forward to driving the Aston Martin […]

Highlights… GTR24H Sprint Series – Race 11 – Misano

Round eleven from the Sprint Series highlights, just in time for the final round in our first season of ACC racing. The championship is wrapped up but will this mean the door is open for another team to win this race. Misano race saw a couple of disconnects at the front and would lead to […]

HM Engineering Enters The EEWC GTE Class In A 2 Year Deal

HM Engineering is a team of the highest level on iRacing and rFactor 2. In the last few days, they penned a two year deal with GTR24H and their highly-acclaimed EEWC, the first to do so. The Indonesian-owned team are regulars in every top series but are looking to break into sim racing greatness with […]

Ewan talks to Karl and Michael from Danish Sim Racers

Karl Lykkegaard and Micahel Ciccolini both talk to Ewan answering some quick-fire questions The interviews were both done some weeks ago and we now release them so you know who you are up against. Karl discusses his performances and objectives in the Sprint series in ACC from the #777 car They both compete in the […]

Podium Sim Racing – a new team enters the fray

John Clemments, his inside story. After an impactive debut for Rookie Monsters at the Misano ACC Sprint Series John Clemments talks with Simon Marshall His first race in GTR saw him running an awesome pace in the Porsche and making some impressive overtakes on a dominant comeback after a start line Drive Through penalty put […]

How To Calculate Your CO2 emissions

Green racing is one of the best ways towards a better future without the hard feelings of leaving the pollution behind the car. At GTR24h, know how good it feels to stand for something great and move towards a more sustainable future. Racing is fun indeed, and we all love it, but have you ever […]

Satellite Finalise Their line-ups for the GTR24H 24 Hours of Le Mans.

With the current world situation putting an end to the LAN event in Denmark in 2020. Satellite Racing was delighted to hear the organisation moved instead to hosting a fully online race. thus allowing teams to still be there in spirit if not physically. As former attendees of the race, it has also allowed Satellite […]

Sprint Series Standings Before Finale Round

It’s been a phenomenal Sprint Series season. Three different teams have leed the championship at one point or another in the hunt for the 1,500 € grand prize. If there is one thing to be a little sad about it’s that the championship is already settled before the last race. For the season podium, the […]

GTR24H EEWC Le Mans 2020 Entry List

This year has thrown many challenges to all throughout the world, and it was in this background that the 2020 EEWC (Endurance e-Racing World Championship) Le Mans GTR24 Hour race will be online for the first time in its history. We very much hope and are working towards the return to the event in Denmark […]

GTR24H Sprint Series – Race 11 – Misano

Successful start of the race, with absolutely lovely weather to boost the moods and burn the tires, while taking extra care of the gravel on the racers’ favourite turns alongside the track. For the first time in the Sprint series, we have the pleasure to see a Lamborghini joining the race by team #58 EURONICS, […]

Simply Race’s long road to victory in the GTR24H Sprint Series

Ever since the first ever GTR24H Sprint Series race began at Spa nearly 5 months ago, the field has been stacked with top-tier simracing talent. One of the stalwarts of the series have been Simply Race, entering with 3 cars and 6 drivers, one of which was former BTCC driver Mike Epps. However, it was […]

Highlights… GTR24H Sprint Series – Race 10 – Silverstone

Round ten from the Sprint Series highlights, just in time for round eleven tonight at Misano in the North of Italy. This Silverstone race saw Musto GD E-sports struggling to keep up on pace with Euronics but would their luck turn? We encourage teams to use Teamspeak for their radio comms as we get an […]

A New Era For GTR24H

Big changes are coming to GTR24h. For starters, teams will no longer have to pay any sign-up fees. And hopefully soon teams will even get a share of the licensing and sponsorship deals that GTR24H secures for our series! But that is a topic for future debates. TLDR: It’s free but conditions apply … We’ve […]

GTR24H Gets Own Channel On Amazon Prime Video

In May 2020 the Observer has Amazon Prime Video as the world’s second-largest video streaming service with 150 million global subscribers. If you are a petrol head like us, you will also know Amazon Prime Video as the home of The Grand Tour. The TV-Show hosted by former BBC Top Gear hosts James May, Richard […]

2020 Sim Racing Hardware Survey

EDIT: We have gotten a lot of responses, but we are not at a statistically significant level yet. Can you help us get more survey responses from sim racers? To get a feel for the average sim racers PC performance level, we are running the 2020 Sim Racing Hardware Survey. The final results will be […]

DSR Nightmare Eyes Championship Podium At Le Mans

Steven Salsgaard with the DSR Nightmare team, visited the broadcast studio for a post-race interview. Yousuf got the story about how the team had to do a rejoin during the night. Engine trouble got the better of the team and caused them to lose out on a podium finish. DSR Nightmare is now only trailing […]

Professionalism Is The Focus For Musto GD-eSports

Ewan O’Leary met with team captain David Greco before the Matsusaka 24-hour race for a talk about David’s take on the championship. Musto GD-eSports is disappointed that not more teams are supporting the championship, even though they are signed up. But the team is happy fighting Simply Race for the title. David is pleased with […]

Musto GD e-Sports Secures 31 Point Championship Lead

Everything was lined up for the big clash at Silverstone. The race that was supposed to have the three championship podium contenders fight it out for two hours of intensive door to door racing. Or that was what we thought. But that didn’t happen and #71 Musto GD e-Sport car walked away from the battlefield […]

C02 Neutral Le Mans Laps – Sustainable racing

Racing is fun for sure, though not the most environmentally friendly sport there is. Although that can be changed in several ways with the help of innovations and hard work. Electric cars, eRacing, and planting trees are prominent places to start the more immeasurable sustainability journey. GTR24h collaborates with “Racing for green” “Mission and goal: […]

The Battle Lasted More Than 23 Hours and Andi Kurtsen Was Under Pressure

GTR24H now has a well-renowned reputation for close and long-lasting battles, but rarely have we seen battles as long and hard-fought as the GT3 battle at the EEWC 24-Hours of Matsusaka. Team Rookie Monsters gave DIS SR Lab a fight to the finish line with all ingredients included. Rubbing, pit strategies, fuel economy, technical issues, […]

He Earned a New Callsign and Went Faster Than Ever Before

Nick Newcombe had a stellar drive as stand-in driver with OneMove Esport in the LMP2 category. This is the interview conducted with Yousuf bin-Suhayl right after the race, Nick accepted his new callsign “The Newcumber”, and told us that this might have been the drive of his life.

Highlights… GTR24H Sprint Series – Race 9 – Nürburgring

Round nine from the Sprint Series highlights, just in time for round ten tomorrow night at the home of motorsport, Silverstone, England. This race at Nurburgring saw changeable weather conditions take the momentum away from the championship favorites, Musto GD E-sports giving more hope for their rivals. Burst and Euronics. Check out the highlights video […]

Single Online Event Tickets Available

All changes require a response. And that means new opportunities to our community. Specifically the chance to enter the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2020 season finale race. Annus horribilis. Meaning “a horrible year” is a phrase first used in an Anglican publication, a sub-branch of devoted protestants, to describe the year 1870 when the […]

Jannik and Andi Had This To Say Before The Matsusaka 24-Hours

A couple of weeks ago, before the Matsusaka 24-hours, Yousuf went to have a talk with the #45 DIS SR Lab drivers. The video got delayed because of lacking transcript support and time shortage. But even if the race is already history, it is no less interesting what they guys had to say. Video transcript […]

The EEWC Championship standings after 24 hours of Matsusaka GP.

The Championship standings after 24 hours of Matsusaka GP. Team Viadukten #63 entered the 24 hours of Matsusaka as the only HyperCar car again and could take another win in its class and get top points in the EEWC Championship – as Team eBrit was kind enough to stay away from the race(I bet the […]

GTR24H Future Growth Strategy


Jon Fabricius Turell Talks Future Of GTR24H

Late-night interview with Jon Fabricius and the new member of the team, partaking the duties as a Marketing & Communications Officer, “MCO” – Peteris (Peter) Ginters. Having a situation like the Covid-19 accelerates changes and new ways to cope with unpredictably unfortunate situations with negative impacts. GTR24h has been affected as well, as it limits […]

AMD joins the Endurance eRacing World Championship

AMD a world leader in manufacturing processors and GPUs is now joining the GTR24h Endurance eRacing World championship as a  sponsor. AMD has experienced tremendous succes for the last 3 years with the introduction of the Ryzen Family processors – with the latest introduction of AMDs Threadripper 24, 32 and 64 core processors with support […]

Matsusaka Weather Forecast For The Weekend

For qualifying Friday night temperatures around 25-30 degrees C with no rain and almost clear skies. On Saturday for the start of the race, heavy rain showers are expected with 28-30 degrees C air temperatures. Hours into the race a bigger low-pressure system is moving across the region with more continuous but lighter rain. During […]

DMD Simsport Focused On The EEWC Finale Race

Ewan O’Leary met up with Peter and Alexander from the DMD Simsport team while they were in Spain getting ready for the European Karting Championships. Video Transcript coming later

EEWC Championship Standings After 12-Hours Of Nürburgring

The Championship standings after 12 hours of Nürburgring GP. For the first time in the EEWC 2020 season, we finally have a team entering the Hypercar class being presented by team Viadukten no. 63 – which was the only car in its class and therefore it was basically an easy win and the team had […]

Highlights… GTR24H Sprint Series – Race 8 – Kyalami

Round eight from the Sprint Series highlights, just in time for round nine tomorrow night at the Nurburgring circuit, Germany. What a race this was… with the rain only 16 drivers came out to play. The notable absence, of the championship leaders, who were not able to attend due to circumstances out of their control […]

The GTR24H Sprint Series Championship Is Tied

Ewan O’Leary spoke with a happy but very focused Tiziano Brioni after the Kyalami race. Transcript of the video: Ewan O’Leary: [00:00:08] We were having this very same conversation with that Tiziano Brioni last week and and yeah he was able to take the victory then taking the third… sorry taking it… wait… second place. […]

Simon Crain: Surprised After P2 Finish at Kyalami GP Circuit

Transcript of the video Ewan O’Leary: [00:00:08] First of all gonna get Simon Crain in and we’re going to talk to what I would call the team of the day, but a pretty lonely race for you in the end here Simon you didn’t have a lot of battling and but I guess you had […]

GTR24H Sprint Series – Race 8 – Kyalami

Wet weather brings out the best in the best. With the first rain of the sprint series, any little struggle became exceedingly obvious, and some drivers managed the bad visuals and terrible conditions better than others. To make the game even more interesting, the race contained multiple battles. Turn one was drama as always and […]

Highlights… GTR24H Sprint Series – Race 7 – Laguna Seca

Round seven from the Sprint Series highlights, just in time for round eight tonight at the Kyalami circuit, South Africa. This race at Laguna Seca saw the championship leaders Burst E-sport Simplexity lose ground to the chasing pack, specifically Musto GD E-sport but by how much? You will have to check out the highlights video. […]

Euronics Gaming Once Again Unlucky at Laguna Seca

Earlier in the weekend, we received the following from Vincent Jarschel with Euronics Gaming: “The bad luck is with us the whole season so far. Team Intel had a good race pace before the event so we were optimistic to take the 2nd victory of the season. Tim drove the qualifying session and was completely […]

EEWC: Matsusaka Preparations Starting

In less than 20 days – 20+ teams will be entering the 24 hours of Matsusaka race for the 3rd race of the EEWC (Endurance eRacing World Championship) season. Matsusaka is Japan’s longest racetrack of 5.807 kilometers and consists of 18 turns – with three distinct overtaking possibilities and fast corners that usually produce exciting […]

GTR24H Sprint Series Standings After Round Seven at Laguna Seca

The qualifying session at Laguna Seca saw the 16-year-old German phenomenon Tim Jarschel from the #57 EURONICS Gaming Team Intel being dethroned by Pierluca Amato from the #71 Musto GD e-Sports taking pole position. Tim Jarschel and Marko Pejic actually did completely identical times down to the thousands of a second for P2 and P3. […]

Mike Epps: Simply Race Zansho Is Confident and Satisfied With Results

During the weekend Yousuf was lucky enough to catch up with Mike Epps. They talked about Simply Race, Zansho Simsport, and what a real-life racing drivers take on sim racing and the GTR24H Sprint Series is. You will get a tiny look into how Mike helps the team understand the real-life physics behind setup changes […]

Team Manager of Championship Leader Talks After Laguna Seca

Jesper Pedersen, Team Manager and driver in the #94 Burst Esport Simplexity car joined Yousuf and Ewan for an interview after the Laguna Seca race.

Driver of the Musto GD E-sports Car Tiziano Brioni Post Race Interview

Ewan O’Leary and Yousuf Bin-Suhayl talk with Tiziano Brioni, driver of the #71 Musto GD E-sports car, that he shares with Pierluca Amato. Transcription of the  video: Ewan O’Leary: We’re going to speak to our race winner now the Musto driver Tiziano Brioni. Driver for the number 71 Musto GD Esports car, Fortunately to the […]

Musto GD e-Sport took victory in California

Round #7 of the GTR24H Sprint Series turned out to be two intense hours on the sunny Californian track filled with excitement, disappointment, and glory. And not the least important, a significant tightening of the championship as well. But despite some technical issues with the live stream at the start of the race, it evolved […]

GTR24H Sprint Series – Standings Before Laguna Seca

Japan was sunny and welcoming when the GTR24H Sprint Series visited the Suzuka Circuit for two hours of end-to-end action racing. At one point it did look like a possible one-two for Musto GD in the opening phases of the race.  The championship-leading #94 Burst Esport had a disaster of a start but still managed […]

Highlights… GTR24H Sprint Series – Race 6 – Suzuka

More from the Sprint Series highlights, just in time to whet your appetite for round seven in California at Laguna Seca on the 22nd of July 2020. That race premiers tomorrow – be sure to not miss it by setting a reminder here… In the last race at Suzuka we saw the runaway championship […]

GTR24H Expands Reach to 128 Million American Households With eSports Revolution

GTR24H is all about bringing sim racing to a wider audience. We will be working hard to make it as entertaining as possible for both drivers, teams, and viewers to watch our content. This year we are taking giant steps towards making our strategy a reality. A strategy that needs several things to be secured […]

GTR24H Endurance eRacing World Championship Coronavirus response

The current situation in Denmark is that Covid-19 infection numbers are the lowest since the outbreak arrived in Denmark back in February. The current epidemic laws allow for events with five-hundred participants. With the right precautions in place, that can even be lifted to more than a thousand. Most of Denmark has not seen any […]

GTR24H Sprint Series Corrected Standings Before Suzuka

Bathurst was indeed as dangerous and exciting, as everyone both hoped and dreaded. And the race hit the No. 71 Musto GD e-Sports crew the hardest as they had to travel the long way home to Italy with a points-tally of zero. This now leaves Burst Esport SimPlexity in the lead with 35 points going […]

Highlights… GTR24H Sprint Series – Race 5 – Bathurst

Introducing the first Sprint Series highlights video to whet your appetite for round six at Suzuka on the 8th of July. ACC is fast becoming a tense battleground for the top teams to fight it out and there were certainly plenty of casualties. See who comes out on top after the exhilarating race at Bathurst […]

GTR24H Sprint Series Standings Before Bathurst

Hungaroring was a thriller and championship leaders Burst Esport were unable to maintain their winning streak. Instead, the victory went to Euronics Gaming Team Intel car no. 57. This means 3 different winners in four races. The no. 87 Triple A E-sports did not show up at the race and are now 19 points behind […]

Team Danish Sim Razers

Danish Sim Razers (DSR) has had an increasing influence on the diverse Danish sim racing community during the last 5 years. Originally created as a Facebook group by Steven Salsgaard and Jesper Wium Hansen, the basic idea was to gather people to race against in the original Project Cars game using the Playstation 4 console. […]

A New Era Sim Racing Starts Now!

Who would have thought that the 2020 24-hours  of Le Mans would be a virtual sim race? Tomorrow at 15.00 CEST will mark the start a brand new era in sim racing and esports in general. The 2020 virtual 24-hours of Le Mans will not only be the biggest competition with most viewers in sim […]

GTR24H Sprint Series Standings

The race at Zolder fourteen days ago was filled with action and turmoil. The no. 94 Burst Esport Simplexity car took the win for the second time in a row and Tripple A Esports suffered from both incidents on track and an unlucky penalty. No. 71 Musto GD E-Sports has established themselves as a solid […]

3 Sponsors are racing with ID Simsport for one more year!

3 Sponsors are racing with ID Simsport for one more year We are already half-way through 2020 and we haven’t seen a Formula 1 race yet, but we have seen real racing drivers losing their jobs due to simracing, who would have thought that? The world is completely different than when we started 2020, everything […]

New GTR24H Servers Powered By

Our new servers are finally ready and powered by Danish – FROGGAMING is an eSport Gaming Company that builds Gaming Computers for demanding sim racers, esports enthusiasts, and regular gamers. Check out their assortment of tried and tested excellent gaming PC builds here:   After years of running on the same HP600Z server […]

A new team, a new car and an infamous corner

A new team, a new car and an infamous corner written by Shaun Bennett I’ve watched my teammate Jacob Anderson navigate the start, keeping the nose clean with little drama. The laps count down and soon it is time for the pit stop. 30 seconds of intense choreography to get four tyres changed, fuel on […]

GTR24H Sprint Series Standings

After the first two rounds on Spa-Francorchamps and Brands Hatch of the GTR24H Sprint Series, these are the standings. Triple A Esports leads Burst Esport by 10 points, with Musto GD e-Sports right at their heals. After the Nürburgring 24-hours special event, Burst Esport must be counted as the favourites for the win at Circuit […]

GSRTeam History

GSRTeam a.k.a. Greek Sim Racing Team HISTORY We are a  Greek  Sim Racing Team and we are racing together since 201. We take part in many championships around the world in the sim racing community. We don’t have a special game that we prefer, because we love them all. We race to have fun. Racing […]

Article NR33 Fair Racing Team

We are proud to present our participation in the GTR24 hour race held on May 23 at the Nurburgring. For years we have invested in gaining experience, and now we go for the prizes. Fair Racing Team, sponsored by Kristal Coatings, is a group of drivers who have put themselves on the map, with the […]

HM Engineering take on The Green Hell!

HM Engineering to take on the GTR24h Nurburgring! The Indonesian based simulator design company and esports team will be taking part in this weekend’s 24-hour race at the Nurburgring, fielding a team in the SP9 (McLaren 720s) and SP7 (Porsche Cup). With only becoming a proper eSports team this year and making waves in the […]

Who are AFP?

In a stacked field of teams for the GTR24H, a team with no prior 24-hour race experience enters. Who are they, and why would they enter GTR24H? Short History AFP – short for Apstineo Force Polonia, is a sim-racing team founded on the still active community of rFactor 1 in 2017. Until 2020, we only competed […]

The History and Origins of Gaard Racing

We are Gaard Racing! Our everyday life is quite normal. Regular day job and school. But when the right event presents itself, we are always ready for it. Gaard Racing is born with support from ID Simsport. History: Our history started at 2019 EEWC Le Mans. At that time we ran under the name Nygaard […]

1000 € For Nürburgring 24H Winners – First Prize Announcement

The television broadcast deal with SportExtra is fresh of the print as the last details were ironed out yesterday. This means that the first announcement on prizes for the Nürburgring 24H Special Event can now be made. For the first prize in the SP9 (GT3) category there will be a 1,000 € cash prize. The […]

Official Practice Tonight – From Both RF2 Servers and Hopefully With Interviews

Tonight from 20.30 CEST the official practice broadcast and live-stream will be on. We encourage the teams that took part in yesterdays GTR24H Sprint Series race at Brands Hatch to show up for interviews on the race. We already have a recorded interview with Jesper Nyvang Pedersen from Burst Esport, the winners of the race. […]

Rookie Monsters… rolling with ACC

With the big money attracting some big names the anticipation of green lights with in our team was building throughout the day. This was only our teams second ACC race, as we are usually an rFactor 2 exclusive team. The team manager, Simon Marshall and his new found team mate Kris Vickers raced ACC against [...]

ACC Sprint Series continued at England with a blast!

Brands Hatch – Grass, gravel, no room for error. Farewell, modern design – welcome to the old school. With so many current circuits lined by tarmac and astroturf, it is refreshing to see what is undoubtedly a blast from the past. And, as seen today, long history does not make something obsolete. In fact, quite […]

Assetto Corsa Competizione 12 race sprint series – 6000€ Prize Pool – 50 € Cashback

The contract with SportExtra requires fast action. On Wednesday we will kick off the series with the first 2-hour race at Spa-Francorchamps. The first race of the season will have a 600 € cash prize for first place, as well as hardware prizes sponsored by RIOTORO and ZYLINC. The remaining eleven (11) races will have […]

BREAKING NEWS: New Media Partner – Sport Extra

A contract for twelve 2-hour Assetto Corsa Competizione Sprint races was signed today. The races will be live broadcasted on television and associated streaming services by SportExtra ( The first race is preliminarily scheduled to start next Wednesday at 16.00. This schedule may change, as a doubt, any of our teams will be ready to […]

Nürburgring 24 Hours 2020

Tradition dictates special GTR24H events and no track or race is more special than long-distance endurance racing on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife. Last year this was the race that teams cherished the most. The challenge of surviving 24 hours in The Green Hell is something to brag about on its own. On top of this, the track […]

ZYLINC RIOTORO 2 Hours Of Spa-Francorchamps

To kickstart our Assetto Corsa Competizione endeavours we have partnered with ZYLINC and RIOTORO to create this two-hour sprint race for two-driver teams. Signups are open and the signup fee is set as low as 5€ with early bird, contribution and commitment discounts. The prize pool includes 500 € in cash and some nice hardware, […]

Championship Standings After 12-Hours Of Sebring

Since there were no Hypercar Class vehicles present in the race ID Simsport no. 199 took the overall win in the LMP2 class. Here are the results and championship standings after 12-Hours of Sebring. Due to the Team Rookie Monsters LMP2 car taking pole position but not completing the race ID Simsport starts the Championship […]

New Version of Rhodium EBF

Already our testing regime has led to many bugs being found and improvements made. So even before tonight’s testing session, there is a new version of Rhodium EBF available from the download section. We are also changing the description of the software from anti-cheat to fair play software. Because the software is not as much […]

How To Exploit And Hack GTR24H!

This is a story on how to exploit GTR24H, inject your content on their website and force them to send attention to your team and drivers. And the weird part is, they will actually allow it, and in fact, they will even encourage it! In January 2020 eTeam BRIT exploited the GTR24H platform to submit […]

Assetto Corsa Competizione Test Race

Yes, yes, we know. 1st of April and April fools and all that. But we surely do not have time for joking around. The situation is, that we both need to get ready and have all our ducks in a row, and we need to provide testing material as well as earn experience with this [...]

Assetto Corsa Competizione Sprint Series

Together with a number of new partners, which will soon be disclosed, GTR24H is launching a brand new online 2-hour sprint series hosted in Assetto Corsa Competizione. GTR24H owes its legacy to the 2005 release of GTR by Simbin and later GTR2 both simulating the high powered FIA GT Championship. This sparked the first GTR24H […]

GTR24h Servers

We understand that for many people it is important to test cars before the commitment to a full 4 race season. And we have tried our best to provide you with the correct set of servers to supply you with online testing options. But we are still in the middle of negotiations on so many […]

GTR24H stance on COVID-19

No illness or virus is to be taken lightly. It is always a serious issue when someone’s health is at risk, no matter the severity. And although the COVID-19 virus has proven to be a mild type of influenza virus when compared to SARS or MERS, it is always best to be prepared and know […]

L33T gaming and GTR24h enters a 2 year partnership deal

We are now nearing the first quarter of 2020 completed and the last time we heard from L33T gaming was in 2019 – back then we had the chance to introduce their latest eSport V3 chairs – which was an upgrade to the very comfortable Gaming Elite chairs. We are now happy to announce that […]

2019 Endurance eRacing World Championship Official Results

With 43 cars taking part in the 2019 race, there were a lot of lap times, laps, teams and driver names to take care of. But with a lot of video watching and data checking, we are now ready with the official results. The podium of the three classes was already official at the event. […]

Refund Period Has Expired

The refund period for teams that chose to withdraw because of the shift back to rFactor 2, has now ended. We saw 5 teams withdraw their cars from the race, but we have already had 4 new cars join. With more than 20 teams working on assembling drivers and crew for one or more cars […]

Ossian Puhakka And Aidan Millward Interviews Dennis Lind During 2019 EEWC

At around 2 a.m. in the morning, Dennis Lind joined the stage for a 20-minute talk about his real-life racing career, sim racing and how he professionally uses sim racing in his professional career. He was kind enough to give us quite an in-depth view of sim racing, the realism of it, potential future and […]

Sim-lab is returning as a partner for another Season in EEWC

We are happy to announce that Sim-Lab is returning as a partner in our new EEWC 2020 Season. Sim-lab is by now well known in the Simracing Community and has some the best assembly Simrigs money can buy. Especially the GT1-EVO and P1-X is a big seller at the company and as a follower of their […]

Riotoro joins GTR24h 2020 Season

Riotoro is strongly back in our new EEWC (Endurance eRacing World Championship) 2020 season. Riotoro is a US-based hardware manufacture whose current line of products is pc cases(Check out their innovative Morpheus case), RGB keyboards, power supplies, water cooling, and mouses.       Lately, Riotoro expanded its eSport gaming line with its brand new […]

GTR24Hh And Studio397 Enters a 5-year Strategic Partnership

We know this news will come as a shock for our many teams and drivers since we recently changed the entire series to Iracing. But to put it straight, and for the sake of our company and teams that change was a huge mistake. A mistake we know that many weren’t happy about, and disliked. […]

Introducing eTeam BRIT – The all disabled-driver Sim Racing team.

A little over 6 months ago eTeam BRIT came to be; the Sim-Racing team of Team BRIT, an all disabled driver racing team who aim to inspire people with disabilities, PTSD and mental health issues, by demonstrating what can be achieved through motorsport. Perhaps unique amongst all sports as disabled people can compete on equal […]

2020 Tickets Are Live

With the 2019 EEWC well behind us, planning and changes have been going on in the organisation. We are aiming to continue our dedicated work to bring sim racing forward as an Esport. We are working hard on bringing in more people to help us and forming bigger alliances. Apart from the obviously needed changes […]

EEWC World series continues in 2020

After a great 2019 and more than a decade in Simracing – We at GTR24h are happy to announce our new 2020 season will soon kick-off. As stated last year, and with the launch of our World series GTR24hs main goals has always been replicating real sport cars races in simulated form, and that will, […]

Stage PCs And Laser Projectors From Dell Alienware

Once again this year, the big screens are going to be handled by the famous Dell Laser projectors S718QL . With it’s 5.000 ANSI lumens brightness and 4K capability, it is able to project more than 200″ projection from just a couple of feet away from the canvas. And on the stage, Dell is contributing […]

The Racing For Green Mission Continues

Last year sim racing was accepted by multiple motorsports organizations as an official branch of motorsports. And last year the Endurance eRacing World Championship became the first 100% directly carbon emissions-free motorsport event. We did this by securing a contract with the power providing company. The certificate states that all used electricity during the event […]

Alucaiter builds the network

With Cisco premier partnership and experience from gaming networks with over 4.500 clients, the company has a professional backlog with companies like Cinemax, Norden, Teracom, IC Group and Brunata. We are very comfortable leaving the network of EEWC 2019 in the hands of Alucaiter. Alucaiter specialises in network, IT-security and data centres. But one of […]

L33T Gaming Continues as Associated Partners For EEWC 2019

It’s 2019 and still, every person, gamer or sim racer, needs a proper chair to sit in. And like 2018 L33T Gaming is supporting our stage crew and race control with high-quality gaming chairs. L33T Gaming has been kind enough to once again provide L33T-Gaming Elite V3 chairs. We have already tested and can confirm […]

Viborg Palads Hotel Partners With EEWC 2019

Relaxation and good sleeping quarters are as important as fast pace and good lap times. For the first year of EEWC in Viborg, the Palads Hotel will be providing a number of rooms for the international GTR24h personnel. For participants and spectators, the hotel can provide famous rooms and suites with the naming theme of […]

ID Simsport Enters Three Cars for EEWC 2019 with Koenigsegg Supplier

Sim-racing has evolved and matured vastly in recent years, and at ID Simsport they also had to adapt their approach to the sport, not to be overtaken by other teams. But they continue to stay true to the spirit of the team, a team spirit and environment where there’s a place for drivers on all levels.

Strong Lineup With Talented Real Racers For Asetek Esport Academy

The team returns to the Endurance eRacing World Championship for its second consecutive year of endurance racing. This time though in the GTE class, and with a few other changes.

DanishSimRazers Target The Podium In GT-Rookie Class With Dual Entry

2017 saw the start of an adventure for a team. Back then it was called DSR RacingRoom #05. They secured the 9th position in the GTE class at the EECW. It was the teams’ first participation in an event of that calibre. The goal was limited to just finishing. And they did. It wasn’t completely […]

Cooler Master back for EEWC 2019

You will have the pleasure of experiencing the newest cases and cooling solutions at the Cooler Master stand at the 2019 Endurance eRacing World Championship. And for the drivers and teams, there will be the chance of winning some nice Cooler Master products.

Partner & Press Conference – Video and Resume

On September 25th 40 companies and media outlets attended the GTR24h – Endurance eRacing World Championship presentation and press conference. We live-streamed the entire event and recorded the video. Here is your option to attend the conference in video-format. And to not rob you of the option of asking questions, you may send all your […]

Partner & Press Information Event

Esports are booming and esport racing is a great way to earn brand recognition and earn association with high-performance esports.

This event is a presentation of the opportunities for press and partners with the Endurance eRacing World Championship.

New Options: Rent a Gaming PC

This is another one that has been on our wish list for years: Giving the teams the option to rent a good PC, we just couldn’t find a partner with the right options and pricing. But here it finally is. The affordable PC rental service. This means no risk of damage during travel, travel lighter and reduced risk of hardware failure during the event. All machines are load-tested, cleaned, dusted and 100% ready for 24 hours on full load.

A Story of Practice and Preparations

I’m going to tell you a story of a team that won the GTR24h 24-hour races right out, or class wins, 7 times since 2008 and some of the preparations and activities the team used to achieve these results.

The Art of Strategy

Strategy within endurance racing can and has been the difference between winning and losing. The choice of tyres, fuel strategy, stint lengths for drivers can all play a part of what gives a team as good a chance as possible in performing at its maximum.

EEWC 2019 Real Racers

Some of the best sim racers in the world travel to Denmark each year to take part in the EEWC, one of the most unique sim racing events on the planet. Some of the sim racers who take part also take part in real-life racing. The similarities between simulations and real-life are becoming more and more as sims get more and more complex. This article is the first of two looking at drivers who compete at the EEWC and in real-life competition.

Catering and Coffeé

AS asked for many times by our dear customers and participants, here it finally is. The full pension catering option. The menu included is: Friday 26 OctoberBreakfastFreshly baked corn buns, rye bread, two types of cold cuts, cheese, pâté, juice coffee/tea.EUR 8.66 DinnerPasta Bolognese with fresh saladEUR 8.66 Saturday 27 OctoberBreakfastFreshly baked corn buns, rye […]

A brand new entry for the GTE class

We’re glad to announce that a fourth GTE will join us at the 2019 Endurance eRacing World Championship, with the aim to give even more variety to the GTE field and more possibilities to the teams which have chosen this class. This latter has been quite hidden by the recently introduced McLaren Senna, which has […]

LMP1 exchanged for Hyper Car

GTR24h will follow the pied piper and we will be running the McLaren Senna Hyper Car instead of the LMP1 car for the 2019 Endurance eRacing World Championship. This was no easy decision and it took us most of the weekend to weigh for and against. But the diminishing problems that come with the Hyper […]


You may have noticed a bit of a different tone and style around here for the last week. And that is because things are changing. Casper, Chris and Lasse will be leaving the company as of August 1st. We want to thank them for the invaluable work they did in making GTR24h what it is. […]

Spa 24-Hour Signup Goes Live

First things first. Please accept our unreserved apology for the month-long silence following the Nürburgring race. We had unforeseen challenges concerning both the track and the LMP1 car. This is now cleared up, and although neither the track or the LMP1 car is 100% finished, we are now in a state where we feel ready […]

Viborg HK releases 10.000 EEWC 2019 Spectator tickets for sale

A milestone for the 2019 Endurance eRacing World Championship has arrived. Viborg HK has now officially put their 10.000 spectator tickets on sale. Tickets are separated into two tiers, regular and VIP. Regular tickets grant you access to the entire venue including the paddock arena, exhibition arena as well as the main racing arena with […]

RacingRoom Challenge 2019 – Livestream by GTR24h

RacingRoom asked us to live stream their 2019 GT3 Challenge race on the new rFactor 2 Lester race circuit. Signup goes through RacingRoom and the cost to compete is 100.- DKK. There is a cash prize pool of at least 3,870.- DKK as well as gift cards for RacingRoom. Signup and payment information is available […]

We Are Shipping Jon To Taipei – Computex 2019

From humble beginnings in 1981 Computex has grown into the worlds second largest computer expo in the world only surpassed by CeBIT. You can be sure to find major manufacturers such as Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, and others, as well as Taiwanese brand names such as Acer and ASUS. Since most of these companies are already in our partner network, we […]

GTR24h Camp at ADAC TOTAL 24 Stunden Nürburgring

For the past 7 years, members of the GTR24h organization have been going to the Nürburgring 24 hour race. Many unforgettable memories have been forged on the brinks and campsites around the track. This year we want to invite you along with us, to one of the worlds most legendary 24-hour races. With people starting […]

Pinnacle, Worlds Leading Live eSport Betting Company Chooses EEWC

Not only does betting, in general, add a lot more excitement when watching any sport. But betting is a sure sign that any sport is becoming main-stream. Because not only are big international companies starting to realize, that eSport Racing is a serious sport, but the entrance of betting means, that so is the general […]

Livestream Plan – Nürburgring 24 hours

Like previous events, we are again this time going to live stream the racing. With new 21:9 format, new webcams and improved overlays, improved possibilities in the studio as well as Nick Newcombe and Neil Heatlie on site, we hope to keep increasing the quality of coverage. And don’t worry, we are of cause going […]


Click on the poster in your prefered language for details. We are looking forward to seeing you for a day full of racing

Nürburgring 24 hours – Signup open

The toughest challenge of them all. No race is harder on the drivers than 24 hours on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. The GT3 cars from Studio 397 will be a perfect match for emulating the real life 24 hours race in the German Eifel Mountains. Like the Sebring race, the price of entry is set at […]

12 Hours of Sebring Signup Now Open

The real life Sebring 12-hours race is on in March. Let’s have some fun … We spent a whole bunch of hours testing server settings. And we believe we have perfected the settings to allow for way more than 60 cars on the same online server. And suddenly we thought: Let’s combine that! Sebring has […]

Global Connect Provides 10Gbit Internet For EEWC 2019

The ISP of 2018 was not up to par. The provided equipment made a lot of our plans, as well as plans for the teams impossible. We won’t let this happen again. Teams being able to stream 60 fps full HD streams from their rigs and paddock areas. Us being able to run our own […]

SOLD OUT – 50 Cars Are Now Registered For the Endurance eRacing World Championship 2019

What a crazy month January was. Sim Racing is really making an impression both in eSports and in real racing. We see some of the biggest teams in sim racing joining the event this year. That support really means a lot to us, and it will have a noticeable effect on the event this year. 50 car spots sold out in a month also speaks volumes to partners and media partners. You are proving that the EEWC is an event to be reckoned with. […]

12 Hours of Sebring Test

We mentioned before that several things had to fall into place. Some of it is falling into place. In fact so much, that we are now ready to run the 12 hours of Sebring with 60 cars. How you might ask? Well. That is our little secret. But, in order to make sure that we […]

We need your help and information, for a very special project with a very special partner.

For all teams considering participating in the 2019 EEWC we need a complete, or as complete as possible, back log on sim racing achievements. What races did your team participate in, what positions did you achieve, what series and races did the drivers on your team participate in and what positions did they achieve. Years […]

GTR24h 2019 Special Online Races

GTR24h is ready with 3 special online race events for 2019. Perfect for you to prepare your racecraft for the 2019 EEWC

2019 Endurance eRacing World Championship Team Registration

The full registration is already underway. The podium teams of all classes have already been notified with the information on how to register. They will have the signup for themselves until January 14th. After this date, all of the other participating teams of 2018 will receive information. They will then have exclusive access to signing […]

EEWC 2018 60 Min Review

So finally our Christmas gift for you is ready. Following the full rerun of the race on VIASAT EsportTV we can now make both this 60 minute review and the entire race avialable to you, directly here on the website. The review covers starting positions, start of the race and some of the most important […]

Insider: EEWC 2018 on TV2 Fyn

Broadcast plans for the 2018 EEWC on VIASAT ESportTV

The dates and times for the broadcast on VIASAT ESportTV of this year’s Endurance eRacing World Championship are now official. EEWC part 1 – December 17th 16:30 – 19.00 CET EEWC part 2 – December 18th 15:55 – 18.15 CET EEWC part 3 – December 19th 14:15 – 17.30 CET EEWC part 4 – December […]

Partnership with NordVPN

We are finally ready to announce one of our biggest partners: NordVPN. NordVPN eliminates any privacy and tracing problems. You will be completely secure from websites and hackers tracking your online presence. On top of staying anonymous NordVPN also eliminates the threat of malware and viruses from browsing the web. It knows when malicious content is […]

Computer Salg Is Helping Us Lift The Bar

Last year was not without problems. A bad USB cable in a microphone is a memorable situation amongst others. The lack of proper working network cables was another. Not a problem this year. All backbone LAN cables will be delivered by Computer Salg. Anybody remembers Jimmy Broadbent messing about with content in the live stream […]

Dell Joins EEWC 2018 With Laser Projectors and Computers

To spectators and teams in the arena, the large screen experience of the live feed and live timing is important. And the most effective way of projecting an image onto a big screen is using lasers. Dell has 6 Advanced 4K Laser S718QL projectors in Europe and 3 of those will now be at the […]

Wireless by Linksys

Nowadays all events really need strong wifi coverage. Both for internet access for spectators and all of their wireless devices and for the competitors and drivers. Some teams use mobile apps for telemetry and some use mobile apps for live streaming updates from their teams during the event. You also want everyone to have a seamless experience […]

Certified Zero Emissions Motorsport World Championship

40 cars, 15,000 laps, 22,500 bhp, 6,400 racing tires, 189,000 kilometres completed, 136,000 litres of high octane fuel, and a certified carbon footprint of zero. This will be the result after this year’s Endurance eRacing World Championship. There are approximately 6,200 active wind turbines in Denmark. Capable of producing 5,7 million kW of electric power. This […]

Food Tickets For Spectators Now Available

This is the small food ticket without the VIP dinner. It’s intended for regular spectators, VIP spectators who want full board for the entire weekend and team members, not attending the VIP dinner or party. They will remain on sale until October 14th. This ticket covers: Breakfast Friday – Coffee & Tea. Rolls with […]

Food Tickets For Team-Members Now Available

The food tickets for team members are now available. They will remain on sale until October 14th. This ticket covers: Breakfast Friday – Coffee & Tea. Rolls with butter, cheese, jam and cold cuts VIP dinner Friday – Tuna mousse with shrimp and dressing and bread – Buffet with marinated turkey and beef cuvette stew with small spicy […]

The EEWC 2018 Hardware Prizes

The preliminary hardware prizes for the 4 classes are now ready. It is unlikely that more will be added, with the exception of cash prizes, which we are still working very hard to secure. There are some policies behind the distribution, which we would ask you to respect. We do not want to differentiate between […]

ASUS Enters as EEWC 2018 Partner

There are big hardware manufacturers, there are even some gigantic once. And then there is ASUS. What makes ASUS special amongst other IT hardware companies, is not only do they make all the categories of IT computer equipment, from smartwatches, smartphones, tablets, laptops to desktop computers, they also make and sell individual PC hardware components […]

Wireless screen mirroring with Airtame as partner

Airtame provides professional grade screen mirroring technology, that supports all devices across multiple separate WiFi networks and supports WP2 encryption. Stream to your TV or office presentation screen from a guest WiFi network. Airtame streams the screen of any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, directly to any screen with an Airtame HDMI dongle attached. But it [...]

Karting-center Roskilde Racing Center backs massive EEWC investment

TEAM RRC has its roots deeply planted in Danish motorsport, and now it actually shares its name with the Danish karting center Roskilde Racing Center, located a little outside the cathedral city. The name is relatively new – in fact, TEAM RRC was founded just a year ago, in October 2017, but it is a […]

Lithium Motorsports in The World Championship to Learn

They started out as a Danish sim racing team in 2015. But since then the team has reached a mature size. From being a team consisting of two friends, Mads Krog and Danni Fugl, they have now grown to the size of nine drivers. This year’s Endurance eRacing World Championship in Strib is the debut […]

SimTech Motorsport Is Ready For The 2018 EEWC

Last year’s general winners of GTR24H Endurance eRacing World Championship are back in the race in Strib. This time more focused and more ready than ever before. Irish SimTech Motorsport actually comes from the world karting, where most of the team is running long-distance racing in go-karts. But the team also agreed that eSport – […]

Sim Lab is now a partner for EEWC 2018

Richard Schouteren, the founder of Sim Lab is a fellow believer in the exponential growth of eSports Racing. Since 2015 his company has been building some of the best sim racing platforms in the world. Sim Lab does this with a policy of providing professional grade products at an affordable price. And to ensure that [...]

Prototype on the way

A 3D model has been bought, the physics are being modified. Let us present the Generic GP1! The top-category car for the GTR24H EWC 2018  - a purely rear wheel driven beast running a twin-turbo V6 engine that revs to about 7,000 rpm and puts out  700+ hp. The car has a curb weight of 833 [...]

Zylinc is our new partner for EWC 2018

If you run a company that delivers customer support or are in contact with customers in any way, then Zylinc is for you. Zylinc will streamline all your communication across multiple channels. It will no longer matter if your customer contacts you via email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype or a phone call. All you CRM information on [...]

EWC 2018 willl be broadcast on Viasat eSportsTV

There are so many news and announcements, that we are having a hard time keeping up with just announcing them. The biggest and most important news this week, is that the broadcast of our event has gained yet another channel. Together with Viasat, we are happy to announce that the entire race will be broadcast [...]