Viborg Palads Hotel Partners With EEWC 2019

Relaxation and good sleeping quarters are as important as fast pace and good lap times. For the first year of EEWC in Viborg, the Palads Hotel will be providing a number of rooms for the international GTR24h personnel. For participants and spectators, the hotel can provide famous rooms and suites with the naming theme of […]

ID Simsport Enters Three Cars for EEWC 2019 with Koenigsegg Supplier

Sim-racing has evolved and matured vastly in recent years, and at ID Simsport they also had to adapt their approach to the sport, not to be overtaken by other teams. But they continue to stay true to the spirit of the team, a team spirit and environment where there’s a place for drivers on all levels.

Strong Lineup With Talented Real Racers For Asetek Esport Academy

The team returns to the Endurance eRacing World Championship for its second consecutive year of endurance racing. This time though in the GTE class, and with a few other changes.

DanishSimRazers Target The Podium In GT-Rookie Class With Dual Entry

2017 saw the start of an adventure for a team. Back then it was called DSR RacingRoom #05. They secured the 9th position in the GTE class at the EECW. It was the teams’ first participation in an event of that calibre. The goal was limited to just finishing. And they did. It wasn’t completely […]

Cooler Master back for EEWC 2019

You will have the pleasure of experiencing the newest cases and cooling solutions at the Cooler Master stand at the 2019 Endurance eRacing World Championship. And for the drivers and teams, there will be the chance of winning some nice Cooler Master products.

Partner & Press Conference – Video and Resume

On September 25th 40 companies and media outlets attended the GTR24h – Endurance eRacing World Championship presentation and press conference. We live-streamed the entire event and recorded the video. Here is your option to attend the conference in video-format. And to not rob you of the option of asking questions, you may send all your […]

Partner & Press Information Event

Esports are booming and esport racing is a great way to earn brand recognition and earn association with high-performance esports.

This event is a presentation of the opportunities for press and partners with the Endurance eRacing World Championship.

New Options: Rent a Gaming PC

This is another one that has been on our wish list for years: Giving the teams the option to rent a good PC, we just couldn’t find a partner with the right options and pricing. But here it finally is. The affordable PC rental service. This means no risk of damage during travel, travel lighter and reduced risk of hardware failure during the event. All machines are load-tested, cleaned, dusted and 100% ready for 24 hours on full load.

A Story of Practice and Preparations

I’m going to tell you a story of a team that won the GTR24h 24-hour races right out, or class wins, 7 times since 2008 and some of the preparations and activities the team used to achieve these results.

The Art of Strategy

Strategy within endurance racing can and has been the difference between winning and losing. The choice of tyres, fuel strategy, stint lengths for drivers can all play a part of what gives a team as good a chance as possible in performing at its maximum.

EEWC 2019 Real Racers

Some of the best sim racers in the world travel to Denmark each year to take part in the EEWC, one of the most unique sim racing events on the planet. Some of the sim racers who take part also take part in real-life racing. The similarities between simulations and real-life are becoming more and more as sims get more and more complex. This article is the first of two looking at drivers who compete at the EEWC and in real-life competition.

Catering and Coffeé

AS asked for many times by our dear customers and participants, here it finally is. The full pension catering option. The menu included is: Friday 26 OctoberBreakfastFreshly baked corn buns, rye bread, two types of cold cuts, cheese, pâté, juice coffee/tea.EUR 8.66 DinnerPasta Bolognese with fresh saladEUR 8.66 Saturday 27 OctoberBreakfastFreshly baked corn buns, rye […]

A brand new entry for the GTE class

We’re glad to announce that a fourth GTE will join us at the 2019 Endurance eRacing World Championship, with the aim to give even more variety to the GTE field and more possibilities to the teams which have chosen this class. This latter has been quite hidden by the recently introduced McLaren Senna, which has […]

LMP1 exchanged for Hyper Car

GTR24h will follow the pied piper and we will be running the McLaren Senna Hyper Car instead of the LMP1 car for the 2019 Endurance eRacing World Championship. This was no easy decision and it took us most of the weekend to weigh for and against. But the diminishing problems that come with the Hyper […]


You may have noticed a bit of a different tone and style around here for the last week. And that is because things are changing. Casper, Chris and Lasse will be leaving the company as of August 1st. We want to thank them for the invaluable work they did in making GTR24h what it is. […]

Spa 24-Hour Signup Goes Live

First things first. Please accept our unreserved apology for the month-long silence following the Nürburgring race. We had unforeseen challenges concerning both the track and the LMP1 car. This is now cleared up, and although neither the track or the LMP1 car is 100% finished, we are now in a state where we feel ready […]

Viborg HK releases 10.000 EEWC 2019 Spectator tickets for sale

A milestone for the 2019 Endurance eRacing World Championship has arrived. Viborg HK has now officially put their 10.000 spectator tickets on sale. Tickets are separated into two tiers, regular and VIP. Regular tickets grant you access to the entire venue including the paddock arena, exhibition arena as well as the main racing arena with […]

RacingRoom Challenge 2019 – Livestream by GTR24h

RacingRoom asked us to live stream their 2019 GT3 Challenge race on the new rFactor 2 Lester race circuit. Signup goes through RacingRoom and the cost to compete is 100.- DKK. There is a cash prize pool of at least 3,870.- DKK as well as gift cards for RacingRoom. Signup and payment information is available […]

We Are Shipping Jon To Taipei – Computex 2019

From humble beginnings in 1981 Computex has grown into the worlds second largest computer expo in the world only surpassed by CeBIT. You can be sure to find major manufacturers such as Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, and others, as well as Taiwanese brand names such as Acer and ASUS. Since most of these companies are already in our partner network, we […]

GTR24h Camp at ADAC TOTAL 24 Stunden Nürburgring

For the past 7 years, members of the GTR24h organization have been going to the Nürburgring 24 hour race. Many unforgettable memories have been forged on the brinks and campsites around the track. This year we want to invite you along with us, to one of the worlds most legendary 24-hour races. With people starting […]

Pinnacle, Worlds Leading Live eSport Betting Company Chooses EEWC

Not only does betting, in general, add a lot more excitement when watching any sport. But betting is a sure sign that any sport is becoming main-stream. Because not only are big international companies starting to realize, that eSport Racing is a serious sport, but the entrance of betting means, that so is the general […]

Livestream Plan – Nürburgring 24 hours

Like previous events, we are again this time going to live stream the racing. With new 21:9 format, new webcams and improved overlays, improved possibilities in the studio as well as Nick Newcombe and Neil Heatlie on site, we hope to keep increasing the quality of coverage. And don’t worry, we are of cause going […]


Click on the poster in your prefered language for details. We are looking forward to seeing you for a day full of racing

Nürburgring 24 hours – Signup open

The toughest challenge of them all. No race is harder on the drivers than 24 hours on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. The GT3 cars from Studio 397 will be a perfect match for emulating the real life 24 hours race in the German Eifel Mountains. Like the Sebring race, the price of entry is set at […]

12 Hours of Sebring Signup Now Open

The real life Sebring 12-hours race is on in March. Let’s have some fun … We spent a whole bunch of hours testing server settings. And we believe we have perfected the settings to allow for way more than 60 cars on the same online server. And suddenly we thought: Let’s combine that! Sebring has […]

Global Connect Provides 10Gbit Internet For EEWC 2019

The ISP of 2018 was not up to par. The provided equipment made a lot of our plans, as well as plans for the teams impossible. We won’t let this happen again. Teams being able to stream 60 fps full HD streams from their rigs and paddock areas. Us being able to run our own […]

SOLD OUT – 50 Cars Are Now Registered For the Endurance eRacing World Championship 2019

What a crazy month January was. Sim Racing is really making an impression both in eSports and in real racing. We see some of the biggest teams in sim racing joining the event this year. That support really means a lot to us, and it will have a noticeable effect on the event this year. 50 car spots sold out in a month also speaks volumes to partners and media partners. You are proving that the EEWC is an event to be reckoned with. […]

Danske Spil Possible Partner for 2019

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12 Hours of Sebring Test

We mentioned before that several things had to fall into place. Some of it is falling into place. In fact so much, that we are now ready to run the 12 hours of Sebring with 60 cars. How you might ask? Well. That is our little secret. But, in order to make sure that we […]

We need your help and information, for a very special project with a very special partner.

For all teams considering participating in the 2019 EEWC we need a complete, or as complete as possible, back log on sim racing achievements. What races did your team participate in, what positions did you achieve, what series and races did the drivers on your team participate in and what positions did they achieve. Years […]

GTR24h 2019 Special Online Races

GTR24h is ready with 3 special online race events for 2019. Perfect for you to prepare your racecraft for the 2019 EEWC

EEWC 2018 on Viasat eSport may have been sent in 19 countries

We are still waiting for the official viewer numbers. Unfortunately, exact numbers cost 20,000 DKK per country, so we are not going to get those. We will have the numbers for one country and then calculate the averages. But it is not unrealistic that we got 1.000 viewers per 1 Million population per part transmission. […]

2019 Endurance eRacing World Championship Team Registration

The full registration is already underway. The podium teams of all classes have already been notified with the information on how to register. They will have the signup for themselves until January 14th. After this date, all of the other participating teams of 2018 will receive information. They will then have exclusive access to signing […]

EEWC 2018 60 Min Review

So finally our Christmas gift for you is ready. Following the full rerun of the race on VIASAT EsportTV we can now make both this 60 minute review and the entire race avialable to you, directly here on the website. The review covers starting positions, start of the race and some of the most important […]

Insider: EEWC 2018 on TV2 Fyn

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Broadcast plans for the 2018 EEWC on VIASAT ESportTV

The dates and times for the broadcast on VIASAT ESportTV of this year’s Endurance eRacing World Championship are now official. EEWC part 1 – December 17th 16:30 – 19.00 CET EEWC part 2 – December 18th 15:55 – 18.15 CET EEWC part 3 – December 19th 14:15 – 17.30 CET EEWC part 4 – December […]

Partnership with NordVPN

We are finally ready to announce one of our biggest partners: NordVPN. NordVPN eliminates any privacy and tracing problems. You will be completely secure from websites and hackers tracking your online presence. On top of staying anonymous NordVPN also eliminates the threat of malware and viruses from browsing the web. It knows when malicious content is […]

Computer Salg Is Helping Us Lift The Bar

Last year was not without problems. A bad USB cable in a microphone is a memorable situation amongst others. The lack of proper working network cables was another. Not a problem this year. All backbone LAN cables will be delivered by Computer Salg. Anybody remembers Jimmy Broadbent messing about with content in the live stream […]

Dell Joins EEWC 2018 With Laser Projectors and Computers

To spectators and teams in the arena, the large screen experience of the live feed and live timing is important. And the most effective way of projecting an image onto a big screen is using lasers. Dell has 6 Advanced 4K Laser S718QL projectors in Europe and 3 of those will now be at the […]

Wireless by Linksys

Nowadays all events really need strong wifi coverage. Both for internet access for spectators and all of their wireless devices and for the competitors and drivers. Some teams use mobile apps for telemetry and some use mobile apps for live streaming updates from their teams during the event. You also want everyone to have a seamless experience […]

Certified Zero Emissions Motorsport World Championship

40 cars, 15,000 laps, 22,500 bhp, 6,400 racing tires, 189,000 kilometres completed, 136,000 litres of high octane fuel, and a certified carbon footprint of zero. This will be the result after this year’s Endurance eRacing World Championship. There are approximately 6,200 active wind turbines in Denmark. Capable of producing 5,7 million kW of electric power. This […]

Food Tickets For Spectators Now Available

This is the small food ticket without the VIP dinner. It’s intended for regular spectators, VIP spectators who want full board for the entire weekend and team members, not attending the VIP dinner or party. They will remain on sale until October 14th. https://gtr24h.org/product/catering-food-ticket-for-spectators This ticket covers: Breakfast Friday – Coffee & Tea. Rolls with […]

Food Tickets For Team-Members Now Available

The food tickets for team members are now available. They will remain on sale until October 14th. https://gtr24h.org/product/catering-food-ticket-for-team-members This ticket covers: Breakfast Friday – Coffee & Tea. Rolls with butter, cheese, jam and cold cuts VIP dinner Friday – Tuna mousse with shrimp and dressing and bread – Buffet with marinated turkey and beef cuvette stew with small spicy […]

The EEWC 2018 Hardware Prizes

The preliminary hardware prizes for the 4 classes are now ready. It is unlikely that more will be added, with the exception of cash prizes, which we are still working very hard to secure. There are some policies behind the distribution, which we would ask you to respect. We do not want to differentiate between […]

ASUS Enters as EEWC 2018 Partner

There are big hardware manufacturers, there are even some gigantic once. And then there is ASUS. What makes ASUS special amongst other IT hardware companies, is not only do they make all the categories of IT computer equipment, from smartwatches, smartphones, tablets, laptops to desktop computers, they also make and sell individual PC hardware components […]

Wireless screen mirroring with Airtame as partner

Airtame provides professional grade screen mirroring technology, that supports all devices across multiple separate WiFi networks and supports WP2 encryption. Stream to your TV or office presentation screen from a guest WiFi network. Airtame streams the screen of any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, directly to any screen with an Airtame HDMI dongle attached. But it [...]

Karting-center Roskilde Racing Center backs massive EEWC investment

TEAM RRC has its roots deeply planted in Danish motorsport, and now it actually shares its name with the Danish karting center Roskilde Racing Center, located a little outside the cathedral city. The name is relatively new – in fact, TEAM RRC was founded just a year ago, in October 2017, but it is a […]

Lithium Motorsports in The World Championship to Learn

They started out as a Danish sim racing team in 2015. But since then the team has reached a mature size. From being a team consisting of two friends, Mads Krog and Danni Fugl, they have now grown to the size of nine drivers. This year’s Endurance eRacing World Championship in Strib is the debut […]

SimTech Motorsport Is Ready For The 2018 EEWC

Last year’s general winners of GTR24H Endurance eRacing World Championship are back in the race in Strib. This time more focused and more ready than ever before. Irish SimTech Motorsport actually comes from the world karting, where most of the team is running long-distance racing in go-karts. But the team also agreed that eSport – […]

Sim Lab is now a partner for EEWC 2018

Richard Schouteren, the founder of Sim Lab is a fellow believer in the exponential growth of eSports Racing. Since 2015 his company has been building some of the best sim racing platforms in the world. Sim Lab does this with a policy of providing professional grade products at an affordable price. And to ensure that [...]

Prototype on the way

A 3D model has been bought, the physics are being modified. Let us present the Generic GP1! The top-category car for the GTR24H EWC 2018  - a purely rear wheel driven beast running a twin-turbo V6 engine that revs to about 7,000 rpm and puts out  700+ hp. The car has a curb weight of 833 [...]

Zylinc is our new partner for EWC 2018

If you run a company that delivers customer support or are in contact with customers in any way, then Zylinc is for you. Zylinc will streamline all your communication across multiple channels. It will no longer matter if your customer contacts you via email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype or a phone call. All you CRM information on [...]

EWC 2018 willl be broadcast on Viasat eSportsTV

There are so many news and announcements, that we are having a hard time keeping up with just announcing them. The biggest and most important news this week, is that the broadcast of our event has gained yet another channel. Together with Viasat, we are happy to announce that the entire race will be broadcast [...]

New Partner: Runtime Performance Nutrition

The noble idea behind Runtime Performance Nutrition is that eSport shouldn't have to resort to unhealthy fast food for quick meals. Runtime has a mission to develop products that will finally change that: Performance Nutrition made in Germany developed with experts and using only high-quality ingredients. Runtime consists of people from the gaming scene and therefore know [...]

Environmental stance with Refurb

40 refurbished laptops and webcams from Refurb will power onboard experience for live stream viewers. In sim racing, we have an opportunity. We can simulate regular gasoline and diesel based racing, without using either, since computers just consume electricity. On top of that, in Denmark, we have the options available to go 100% renewable and power [...]

Thrustmaster Supporting the GT-Rookie Class

Grassroots sim racing, the people that join the race just to have the adventure, or the new guys in sim racing who wants to challenge themselves. You will find them all in the GT-Rookie Class. With a wide mix of drivers ranging from seasoned veteran hobbyists to real life race drivers doing their first ever [...]

Welcome back AMD!

AMD will be with us again for 2018, just like they were in 2017. This year AMD is putting up 10 pcs. of 2nd Gen Ryzen 7 2700X processors in the prize pool. Are you the sort of person that likes to stream your online racing, or do you run several telemetry programs, crew chief, [...]

Special graphics overlays in tomorrow’s broadcast

Special graphics overlays will go live in the broadcast tomorrow. Only drivers racing under the same unique name as they have recorded in the Teams and Drivers questionnaire will have data shown in the live broadcast. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeKE7xuZY4JmUVOIPVPMq-MLOunKLGt-An9WaHOv6lR6W0LFw/viewform So, to have your driver’s details and teams details show up, you need to fill out the form. […]

L33T Gaming joins GTR24H for the EWC 2018

Every person, gamer or sim racer, needs a proper chair to sit in. And so do our commentators and race control. L33T Gaming has been kind enough to provide us with their L33T-Gaming Elite V3 chairs for the commentators on stage so that Jimmy Broadbent and crew will have the very best and seating possible. It [...]

Monster Energy – Welcome aboard!

There is a brand of energy drinks, that you instantly think of when extreme motorsports are mentioned. That is of cause Monster Energy. And they have a proud heritage of supporting all kinds of motorsports, extreme sports, and gaming. Currently supporting the Mercedes F1 team in Formula One as well as several Rally Cross teams […]

Jabra steps up support of the 2018 Endurance eRacing World Championship

The quality of the audio is very important for clear voice communication. Jabra is experts when it comes to quality voice communication with extensive technology in noise cancellation. Like the teams taking part in this year's Endurance eRacing World Championship, Jabra acknowledges that clear audio is a must for racing teams when communicating with their [...]

Racing Room becomes Burst Esport

Sim racing is quickly becoming the fastest growing branch of eSports. Mainly driven by the fact that sim racing skills can actually be applied to real life racing and vice versa. And big companies are starting to pay attention to this fact. Also the fact that nearly every person on the planet age 5 to 100 […]

SOLD OUT – 40 teams are now registered for the Endurance eRacing World Championship 2018

In no small part due to the attention that millions and millions of motorsport fans bring to the event through our partnership with Motorsport Network, we are now sold out on the 40 car spots for this year’s race. Today we saw some massive names in both real-world racing and sim racing eSport join the […]

VIP tickets on sale at half price

VIP tickets are still on sale at half price for a couple of days more. The sale will end on May 1st. The VIP tickets are special spectator tickets, that give the purchaser access to the event 24/7 from 19.00 right through to the end. It includes access to the Friday night teams and VIP dinner and [...]

Motorsport Network joins the GTR24h partner network for the 2018 Endurance eRacing World Championship

With platforms in its portfolio including Motorsport.com and Autosport.com, Motorsport Network represents the world’s largest audience of motorsport and auto enthusiasts. By aligning this audience with the constant growth of the eSports market, Motorsport Network will assist in promoting the Endurance eRacing to millions of new motorsport fans. The planned collaboration will also deliver new [...]

The carpack situation explained

Here is a long-awaited update on the car-pack situation: We listened to your feedback from 2017; Consensus was that while the Enduracers cars look good, they felt weird to drive and were difficult to set up. Also, we recognize the issue that lapping between GTE and 2015-spec LMP2 is difficult on the track due to […]

Partnership with Cooler Master

Cooler Master is back as a major partner with the GTR24h. This year the partnership is boosted to a new level, with a stand at the event, prizes, and social media coverage, sharing GTR24h content and live stream to their more than 1.5 million followers worldwide. What will Cooler Master have at their stand? We [...]

Come meet GTR24h this Easter at Copenhagen Games 2018

Together with Sim Lab and Undercover Racing, GTR24h will be present at Copenhagen Games with two simulators this Easter. Spectators, visitors and participants at the GPH Games 2018 are more than welcome to come and visit the stand at lot 1.03. Turn right at the entrance and you will arrive at the GTR24h stand, right beside BenQ […]

First Partner for 2018: Jabra

Crisp, clear sound and supreme product quality. That is what Jabra is known for, worldwide. Noise cancellation that is out of this world will come in handy, as Jabra is decking out both Race Control and the entire commentating team for 2018 with Bluetooth Jabra headsets. This will once again give the live stream another boost in […]

Endurance eRacing World Championship 2018 – Pre-registration is now public

At the time of this post, there were 17 remaining spots. The registration process has followed the following plan: First podium finishing teams for 2017 were allowed to register up to 4 car-spots per team. Then we opened up for all 2017 participating teams to register up to 4 car spots. After that, we did […]

Ticket sales and basic information for GTR24h Endurance eRacing World Championship 2018

We are only a few days away from the official pre-registration going live at GTR24h.org and with that in mind – the focus on next year event is massive. We are working like crazy at GTR24h to make this event something you wouldn’t want to miss and something you will remember for a long time […]

Results – Endurance eRacing World Championship 2017

We already know the results and we’ve celebrated our World Champions SimTech Motorsprots and RacingRoom. But now the results page is also updated. It contains the positions, laps, gaps, qualifying positions and qualifying lap times. https://gtr24h.org/results-endurance-eracing-world-championship-2017

VLOG from Jimmy Broadbent

Jimmy did a wonderful video log of his experience of the event. Please watch the video, and go over to Jimmy’s channel, like the video and subscribe to his channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq-ylUNa9RoTK5jr6TBOYag The video log takes you right through the event from arriving Friday to leaving after the podium ceremony on Sunday.

Final partner for 2017: Buttkicker

No, we are not kidding. Yet another big name in Sim Racing / eRacing joins the event. Buttkicker is famous for helping sim racers get a little more of that “seat of the pants” feeling, with their audio based shaker units, that work equally well on office chairs and sim rigs. For this year Buttkicker […]

Roskilde Racing Center Joins as Partner

We are proud to announce the Roskilde Racing Center joins as a partner for the 2017 Endurance eRacing World Championship, with an option on a multiple-year deal. We know that this mostly has interest to danish fans and participants, due to the physical location of the track. As a result, this years partnership will result in spectators […]

Important information and instructions

Food tickets Sunday 22nd of October is your last chance to buy food tickets. The tickets include breakfast buffet Saturday and Sunday, evening meal for Saturday of pork chops baked in tomato sauce with apple pie dessert. You can buy the tickets here: https://gtr24h.org/registration Lighting in the arena For the entire event, we plan to run with […]

The prizes for the Endurance eRacing World Championship – GTR24h 2017

First of all, if you support the GTR24h and our efforts, share this post. Now to the extensive list of giveaways, prizes, trophies and medals in the prize pool with a total estimated value well above 7,000 €. Audience and Spectator giveaways If you buy a spectator ticket, you get the chance to win either […]

Team presentation: Thrustmaster Musto Racing

Thrustmaster Musto Racing is one of the worlds leading eRacing teams. Here is their team presentation for the GTR24h Endurance eRacing World Championship 2017. As a part of the teams and teams sponsor promotion program, we will publish any presentation videos from the participating teams, both here on the web page, and on our Facebook page. […]

Coolermaster joins the Endurance eRacing World Championship as Partner

Coolermaster is all about the things that make building a PC such a rewarding experience. The sense of achievement. The joy of making and creating something uniquely yours in form and function. The freedom that comes from complete control. And of course, the thrill of bringing your creation to life without melting your components. If […]

GTR24h 2017 10 Year Anniversary Intro Video

With two years in the making and more than 200 man hours of research, editing and image manipulation, this video was originally planned to air at the 10th GTR24 back in 2015. A lack of material and ambition of making something that would truly honour the participants in this decade-long endeavour kept postponing the premiere of this video. […]

New partner: Logitech – The Benchmark PC Racing Wheel Manufacturer

For longer than GTR24h has existed, Logitech has been the go-to manufacturer of entry-level to mid-range sim racing wheels. Much of the success of sim racing in the early two-thousands, is linked to the availability of cheap and high-quality racing wheels from Logitech. First the Logitech Momo Force, then in 2006 the legendary G25, which […]

New Partner: Corsair – A World Leader in Gaming PC Cooling, Memory and Periphials

With their foundation in high-performance DRAM Corsair has advanced to a world leader in enthusiast-grade PC components and peripherals. If you have a dream PC for your sim rig, chances are, that dream has one or more pieces of Corsair hardware in it. Since 2014 Corsair has provided high-grade gaming keyboards, mice, headsets and mouse mats […]


RACINGROOM sponsored gift cards for prizes at last years event. This year the effort is ramped up with the addition of a full-motion sim, in which spectators can try some hardcore sim racing. If you ever wondered how Kevin Magnussen feels when racing his Haas F1 car, or Tom Kristensen felt driving his Audi R18 on […]

Til danske deltagere: Dansk Metal spørgeskema

Vi har lovet den danske fagforening Dansk Metal en lille undersøgelse for deltagerne på dette års GTR24h. Både vi og Dansk Metal vil sætte stor pris på dit svar, uanset hvad dit forhold eller tilknytning til fagforeninger er. Indlæser…

First 2017 partner announced: AMD

AMD has a tagline that goes: “Enabling today. Inspiring tomorrow.” We think that describes both our brands, and together with the history of AMD who is always challenging the big rivals and the arrival of the new awesome AMD Ryzen processer, we think this is a match made in heaven. The Ryzen processor is your […]

So it begins…

23 teams have applied for participation in the 2017 GTR24h   And a practice server has been running and some driver have already done more than 200 laps of practice. http://gtr24h.liveracers.com/Live?server=GTR24h%202017%20TEASER   Are you ready for a test race?

Dedicated Race Control

On the list of things that will change for the 2017 GTR24h is the Race Control. 2017 will featured a dedicated Race Control, meaning teams will hopefully no longer have to dedicate man power to the judges table. Apart from stretching thin resources on the teams, this should also ensure much better coverage of incidents […]

Registration for 2017 is now open

Official letter from GTR24h organisers: Hi all racefans Thank you all for a great event and congrats to the winners! We are already planning the GTR24h 24-hour race for 2017 and the registration is now open. Please be aware that the registration has changed a bit. The registration is FREE of charge and non-binding until […]

Another new partner

For the second time today, we can announce a new partner. This time it’s the danish sim racing rental venue RacingRoom. They will be handing out a gift certificate for four simulators for an hour. If you have friends who don’t understand what all this sim racing thing is about, this is a perfect time […]

New partner

Today we announce a new partners. RC Kongen is your danish provider of all things RC. You may choose to support them in return by visiting http://rckongen.dk/ and press the like-button the their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/rckongen The main focus of RC Kongen is on off-road RC’s with both an indoor and outdoor off-road race track at the 300 […]

Introduce yourself

Hello fellow GTR24h drivers! On the GTR24h web page we have created a special section for drivers to introduce themselves. The commentators needs something to talk about during the live stream. Tell us about yourself, your history in sim racing, results, goals, favorit cars, equipment etc. Tell us whatever you want people to know about […]

Several updates to the website

We are not finished updating many of the original sub pages. But the front page has been updated with live stream and live timing content. This means we are ready for the big race. The video section on the front page will automatically change to the live stream once it is live. Meanwhile it will […]

2016 – First announcement!

Dear Participants Finally we are able to announce the setup of GTR24h 2016! As it happens, this will be the 10th running of our beloved event. We are continuing our efforts from the previous couple of years, of improving the whole setup around the event. Keeping GTR24h on the edge of what you can experience […]

Track update and new skins

Normally, we would argue, the weekend before the event is way too late for making changes to the cars or the track. We are going to make an exception. We have made changes to the track graphics and looks. We have done this, to make it easier to drive in the dark and when it’s […]

Announcement regarding Pre-Qualification regulations

The regulations states, that drivers has to do at least 50 laps of driving on the server, and on top of that, LMP drivers should do 10 consecutive laps below 3:30. These rules are created to ensure the “safety” on the track, and that nobody is driving around having no clue weather to go left […]

Car package BOP announcement

As of todays update, our INTENTION is to not make any more adjustments to the performance of the cars in the car package. We are not promising that we will not make any major performance adjustments any more, but this will only happen based on mistakes found and if we decide it brings value to […]

LMP Templates

As requested, here are the templates for the LMP car skins. When you have created your template, please send it to skins@gtr24h.org Enjoy! AudiR18 ToyotaTS040 Porsche919

Regulations 2015

As of today, the regulations for the 2015 GTR24h are available. Go to the download section or get them right here: https://gtr24h.org/wp-content/uploads/Regulations_GTR24h_2015_rev1.0.pdf Please be advised, that minor changes to the regulations can be made during the next couple of weeks or month, if anything special comes to our attention. If you find any errors or […]

2015 is a go!

Dear Participants! This is it, the ticket sales for GTR24h 2015 are now open! You can go to the registration page to buy a ticket via Eventbrite, right now! Remember you can start out by only buying a pitspot ticket to reserve your place on the grid, and buy driver and pitcrew tickets later. Keep […]

GTR24h 2015 first announcement!

Dear participants   A lot of you have been patiently waiting for news about this year’s event. Today, we are going to spill some of it. The format of this years event, will – of course – be very similar to previous years. Last year we took a big step when changing the game to […]

Carpack v1.0 out now!

We are now ready with the carpack v1.0. Join the GTR24h.org server and get the update. Spa track changes: – Adjusted pitspeed. – Adjusted race-length. – Replaced HDR profiles for proper lighting both at night and day. Car changes: – Enginelifetime and RPM adjusted to be certain the cars can last 24 hours. – Cooling […]

Test races

Over the next 4 weeks we will offer 1 test race pr. week. Join the fun and prepair your team for the big event! The schedule is the following: Test Race at Daylight Date: 24th September Qual: 19.00 – 20.00 Race: 20.00 – 21.30 Weather: Dry Damage: 100% Test Race at Night Date: 30th September […]

FAQ added

The last couple of weeks we have received a few emails from concerned teams. The teams are questioning how this years event will be held, and they are afraid that the migration to rFactor 2 will be too difficult for now. We are very determined about the change to rF2 and we certain that the […]

New website features

During the weekend we added three new features to our website that you might find interesting. If you go to https://gtr24h.org/guide-to-participate you’ll find the new features on the pane in the right side. You’ll find that we have added a list of registered teams. The grid spots is filling up quiet nicely, and you can […]

Server and configuration updated

As of today the server has been updated to the new rFactor 2 build 798. This means that you’ll need client version 798 to connect to the server. The password for the server has been changed, and you’ll be granted the password once you buy a ticket. The configuration has been updated, so the track […]

Server now updated to build 770

The GTR24h online server is now updated to build 770, please update your rFactor 2 install using the launcher and click update. When a new build is released for rFactor 2, please don’t update your GTR24h rFactor 2 install before an update-announcement has been posted for GTR24h, otherwise you won’t be able to join the […]

Spa Francorchamps 2014 Regulations are now available

The GTR24h regulations for Spa Francorchamps 2014 is now available. Please read it carefully to know how to prequalify for the event.

GTR24h Spa Francorchamps 2014

Today is the 1st of July, and as promised this means news from us about this years GTR24h. The last details has been sorted out and we will try to clarify some of the last details about this years race. Some of the points are already known while others will specify some unknown details. – […]