New Partner: Runtime Performance Nutrition

New Partner: Runtime Performance Nutrition

The noble idea behind Runtime Performance Nutrition is that eSport shouldn’t have to resort to unhealthy fast food for quick meals. Runtime has a mission to develop products that will finally change that: Performance Nutrition made in Germany developed with experts and using only high-quality ingredients.

Runtime consists of people from the gaming scene and therefore know exactly what is important – simply because they have experienced what it means to be insufficiently nourished in professional gaming and other sports.

The Runtime Performance Nutrition product line consists of meals, which are powder substances to which you only need to add water or milk and shake to have a ready meal. There are performance drinks and energy bars as well. You can use any kind of enclosed drinking container to shake your meals, but Runtime also provides specially designed shakers.

Runtime Performance Nutrition will be providing free supplement meals for GTR24H participants, and they will make a special GTR24H meal, designed especially for sim racers.

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