New partner: Logitech – The Benchmark PC Racing Wheel Manufacturer

New partner: Logitech – The Benchmark PC Racing Wheel Manufacturer

For longer than GTR24h has existed, Logitech has been the go-to manufacturer of entry-level to mid-range sim racing wheels. Much of the success of sim racing in the early two-thousands, is linked to the availability of cheap and high-quality racing wheels from Logitech. First the Logitech Momo Force, then in 2006 the legendary G25, which has been the wheel that really launched sim racing to the public.

The current iteration is the G29, an extremely strong and high-quality wheel, that has lifted Logitech from the mid-range to pro levels. Only direct drive wheels and wheels that come at 2-3 times the price, can truly compete with the G29. The only thing holding the G29 back is, in fact, the brushed electric force feedback motors. But in the G29 there are two of them, and a helical gearing system to provide that ultra smooth transition of force from the motors to the wheel. Combined with new digital encoders for wheel positioning, this is without a doubt, the best Logitech sim-racing wheel to date.

Logitech has been kind enough to provide two of these G29 wheels with pedals and 6.speed shifters, for us to give away to two lucky spectators, who can go back home from the event with a smile on their faces, knowing they can now start their own sim-racing careers.

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