New Features For The Fans

New Features For The Fans

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GTR24H is all about the teams and their fans. And creating a platform, where it’s easy to follow the teams and getting the latest information is what our website is constantly evolving towards.

Today we reveal new options for the fans.

The first option is an important one, both for us and the teams. The rating system allows you to give the authors, both GTR24H and the teams feedback on the quality of the content. You can rate the articles on a scale of one to 5 stars. Rate it with a one-star rating if you don’t find the article interesting at all, and rate it 5 stars if you think it is perfect.

Second is a small addition of turn-page functionality. This allows you to flip forth and back through the articles, like flipping pages in a newspaper or magazine.

The third option is quite big. It is the addition of a comments section. This is meant for fans to debate the content of the articles. But please remember, this is not a Q&A section for the teams or drivers to ask questions for the organisation. Just like F1 drivers don’t use the comments section on or comments on the F1 Facebook page to ask questions for the FIA. This is for fans of the teams and fans of our series and races to debate the contents of our articles.

We hope everyone will be happy with the new additions and put them to good use.

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