Monster Energy – Welcome aboard!

Monster Energy – Welcome aboard!

There is a brand of energy drinks, that you instantly think of when extreme motorsports are mentioned. That is of cause Monster Energy. And they have a proud heritage of supporting all kinds of motorsports, extreme sports, and gaming. Currently supporting the Mercedes F1 team in Formula One as well as several Rally Cross teams and drivers.

The Endurance eRacing World Championship is the extreme challenge for sim racers. 24 hours of racing the same car on the same computer, with the same equipment at the same physical location. That is both extreme and unique in sim racing.

To the participating teams and drivers, the deal means a hefty supply of Monster Energy drinks will be available all weekend long. So if you find yourself a little long in the tooth for the Saturday night 2-hour long night drive, Monster Energy will be there to help you along. To the EWC event, it means another partner joins the network with more than 30 million social media followers. And to the many motorsport fans among the Monster Energy followers, it means a weekend of spectacular sim racing with a depth and detail, never before seen.

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