Jabra steps up support of the 2018 Endurance eRacing World Championship

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The quality of the audio is very important for clear voice communication. Jabra is experts when it comes to quality voice communication with extensive technology in noise cancellation. Like the teams taking part in this year’s Endurance eRacing World Championship, Jabra acknowledges that clear audio is a must for racing teams when communicating with their drivers. Important strategic information like when to pit, what tires to fit, how much fuel must reach the driver in crisp clear audio.

That is why Jabra has decided to provide all teams in the 2018 Endurance eRacing World Championship with a Jabra Evolve 40 headset. With excellent passive noise cancellation and purpose-built for voice communication, be it through mobile devices, IP-telephony or online services, it is the perfect headset for your teams’ pit crew.

The passive noise cancellation comes from the design of the earpieces being able to fit snugly to any ear without causing irritation or unnecessary pressure on the ear. Being seated in a room with 40 other teams and thousands of spectators it is important to filter out background noise in order to hear your drivers questions clearly.

The headset comes with both a 3.5 mm jack stick connector and a USB adaptor. This means you can both connect it directly to your phone, or to any USB compatible computer or device.

Each team will get one Jabra 40 Evolve headset, which will be yours to take home after the event.

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