ID Simsport Enters Three Cars for EEWC 2019 with Koenigsegg Supplier

ID Simsport Enters Three Cars for EEWC 2019 with Koenigsegg Supplier

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More than 10 years of endurance racing. What is now known as ID Simsport started it’s early racing days as Team Innotech C2 Racing and ever since then they mainly had their eyes on endurance racing.
The team has always prioritized GTR24H’s EEWC as THE EVENT. And throughout the year’s many great results have been collected to the resumé.

“ID Simsport is a large team, and we normally attend EEWC with 3 or 4 cars. But it is a nice team with a great teamspirit, there is a place for every driver, no matter age or driving skills. But the team still has a very serious approach to the sport”

Gert Nielsen – Driver of ID Simsport

Sim-racing has evolved and matured vastly in recent years, and at ID Simsport they also had to adapt their approach to the sport, not to be overtaken by other teams. But they continue to stay true to the spirit of the team, a team spirit and environment where there’s a place for drivers on all levels.

The bar has never been set higher and with partners joining our team, the demand for results rises. This has a natural impact on the expectation within the team, therefore this year they have put together a driver lineup consisting of solid sim-racing experience and speed, and then added a real-life racer, Jacob Mathiassen, who’s driving the British GT Championship for Century Motorsport.

To me Sim Racing is the ultimate practice platform for motorsports. It is very close to the real thing and you can truely feel even the smallest setup changes and how they effect the car. To be honest you almost have the same feeling as when you are sitting in the real race car when you are on the limit. I’ve used a couple of years for practicing all the english circuits that are raced in the Britich GT Championship and it helps be sharp and well prepared for every race weekend. I’m looking very much forward to being a part of the 24-hour race with ID Simport.

Jacob Mathiassen

ID Simsport Corvette drying off in the paint shop garage
ID Simsport Corvette drying off in the paint shop garage

With sponsors approaching the sport with financial support, there’s also a demand for results and exposure.
And with that said, last year the team landed a multi-year agreement with the esports department of Hobro IK – Hobro Vikings. Teleforeningen has also been a trusted sponsor for several years through personal sponsorship.

“To me, simracing is a way to relaxation from everyday life. And for those of us who love racing, but will never experience real life racing, it’s the perfect opportunity to experience the feeling of racing.
When the lights go out and the battle for positions, it’s probably not very different from reality.
As the driver Lasse Sørensen said, the only difference is that you don’t die when you crash.”

Thomas Bregnegaard-Madsen – Driver of ID Simsport

The idea that sim-racing is for everyone is and has always been part of the ID Simsport DNA, and with the ever-increasing competition at EEWC, they bring one car in the GTE class which is expected to be tougher than ever before. But they also bring two cars in the GT-Rookie class where there’s still room for hobby and gentleman drivers.

The impressive Pit Wall of ID Simsport. Race engineers handling data and strategy of 3 cars at the same time

“It’s a fantastic environment, were friendships a formed across genders, age and borders. You can live out your dream as driver at heart and drive cars you could only dream of driving, it’s as real as it gets without being in the car.
ID Simsport is a great team and everybody has a voice in the team, and being able to provide input to achieve best possible outcome of the races.”

Marie – Pit crew of ID Simsport

Monitor ERP

At ID Simsport we are very pleased to welcome Monitor ERP as a new sponsor for EEWC 2019. Monitor ERP is a great ERP tool for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies. Monitor ERP is by far the most used ERP tool in Sweden and expanding rapidly in the rest of Europe

Take a look at this impressing video from Koenigsegg, to get an idea about what is so special about the Monitor ERP product.

We look forward to working with Monitor ERP and to welcome them into the new and exciting world of sim-racing. And we hope you will help us welcome Monitor ERP by checking their website.

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