Guide to participate

Please read the GTR24h Regulations carefully. Found on the downloads page.

You will be informed when the rules are final.

First of all be aware that this is a LAN event, therefore you and your team needs to travel to Strib, Denmark to participate. You need a team of 2-5 drivers, but 3-4 is said to give the best experience. It will be a good idea to bring at least one person as pit crew to watch the telemetry and warn your drivers about fuel use, tyre wear, accidents on the circuit, traffic etc. You can request to be part of a team or start your own by using the forum at, or you can ask friends and family to join you.

When you have your team you need to start practising. To get the absolute best result, make a new Windows installation (Vista, 7, 8 or 10), install drivers and Windows updates.

When Windows is up to date and running, install the following:

1. rFactor 2
2. TeamSpeak 3

TeamSpeak is software for quality voice communication over Internet and LAN and is used both during practice online and during the GTR24h race event between the pit and the racing driver.
When you are ready to buy your ticket, please go to Here you will find two different types of ticket. A sim rig spot and a pit tens spot. You need to buy one of each of these types for each car you wish to enter.

Ticket System

Pre-registration ticket: This is a downpayment for your team to reserve a spot in the queue to buy the Pit Spot tickets.
Pre-registration period is over. All 40 spots were paid, but some teams may decide to abandon their pre-registration allowing other teams to enter.

Pit Tent Spot ticket: This is the fee to have you teams paddock headquaters tent. It’s a 3×3 meter area where you can put up your pit-telemetry systems, VIP lounge, and whatever your imagination can come up with.

Sim Rig Spot ticket: This is the fee for your team, to have its sim rig in the sim rig hall.

Each car entry consists of 1 pit tent spot and 1 sim rig spot.

Spectator ticket: This ticket gives access to the event for one person as a spectator.

Food ticket: This ticket buys your meals during the entire event. includes breakfast Friday, Friday night party dinner,  breakfast and dinner Saturday and breakfast Saturday.

VIP ticket: Exclusive access to VIP activities and the Friday night dinner and party. All team mempers have acces to the VIP events as well.

Car Pack

LMP1 Class

  • Generic GP1, made by GTR24h

LMP2 Class

  • Studio 397 Oreca 07

GTE Class

  • Studio 397 Corvette C7R
  • Studio 397 BMW M8 GTE
  • Studio 397 Porsche 911 GTE

GT Rookie Class

  • Studio 397 Bentley Continental GT3
  • Studio 397 Callaway Corvette C7 GT3-R
  • Studio 397 McLaren 650S GT3
  • Studio 397 Mercedes AMG GT3

20141026_141710Data  and Telemetry

Thanks to Lazza’s plugin, rFactor2 can support MoTeC i2 Pro to analyse your race data.

And thanks to Simutils you have a great tool for telemetry data during the race.


If you want to make a skin for your car, you can send the skin to We will check the validity of the files, and it will then be included in the car package before the event. The deadline for custom skins is 14 days before the event. Templates for the cars and number plates are available from the

Practical information

When you are going to the event, pack your race frame of choice and the computer you choose for the race. And perhaps bring a backup PC for the race computer in case of problems. Bring money, air mattress, sleeping bags, towels, soap, toothbrush, blankets and any equipment you want to use in your pit/paddock area (laptops, headsets, ethernet cable (5m) etc.). It would be wise for each team to bring their own small gigabit switch, and grounded power extension cords with EU plugs for the equipment you want to install in your pit area.

Power provided is 230 volts with grounded EU plugs in the sim rig area and un-grounded in the pit tent area.

The event starts Friday evening with practice time. Teams arrive and set up their gear. The GTR24h hands out a 3×3 meter pavilion tent for each team to use as Pit/Paddock area. People talk and mingle, and you will meet old and new friends :)

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