GTR24h Camp at ADAC TOTAL 24 Stunden Nürburgring

GTR24h Camp at ADAC TOTAL 24 Stunden Nürburgring

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For the past 7 years, members of the GTR24h organization have been going to the Nürburgring 24 hour race. Many unforgettable memories have been forged on the brinks and campsites around the track.

This year we want to invite you along with us, to one of the worlds most legendary 24-hour races.

With people starting to arriving at the track the weekend before the race, it can be a challenge to secure good camping sport. Therefore we have a two-fold plan. We will let you know which site ends up being chosen in the week leading up to the race.

Tickets for watching the race can be bought online before arriving. Camping and parking tickets for the weekend are bought upon arrival.

Priority 1

Hatzenbach. Despite the uneven ground, the campsite features some of the best racing. Good 4G coverage as well so you are able to listen to the Radio Le Mans coverage in English or even stream the race live on YouTube while watching the cars go by. A preferred experience by many. This means easy access to information such as live timing, entry lists, etc. Important for following the race.

Friday, when the track is quite the party will break loose and engulf the section of the track in fireworks, friendly Germans, music, and beer.

From Hatzenbach the Grand Prix track and front straightaway complex are within walking distance. This gives you the best of both the old and the new. Throughout the weekend, the Nürburgring complex is full of activities for you to participate in or watch.

Priority 2

Adenauer Forst. A well kept secret gem of campsites. Like the Hatzenbach this is a twisty part of the track where curbs can be ridden to gain an advantage. This ensures exciting overtaking attempts and sends sparks flying.

Like all the camping grounds around the track, Friday evening is sure to be one massive motorsport festival party. Friendly Germans, loud music, heavy drinking, overwhelming numbers of motorsports fans and new friends is a given.

Adenauer Forst has it’s advantages as well. Walking distance to the town of Adenau with supermarkets, bars, restaurants, hotels and lots of racing merchandise shops, camping equipment and all you need of food and drink for an entire weekend, is a clear advantage. Just walking through town on race weekend is likely to guarantee a sight of all the current supercars and sports cars in existence.

4G coverage is also guaranteed although maybe not at the same level as the sites close to the Grand Prix track.

What should or could you bring

We recommend a light weight camping chair and a backpack for walking along the many paths around the track. We have also been very happy with bringing along at least one pop-up pavilion tent. That is nice both when it’s 10 degrees and raining, as well as 35 degrees C in the burning sun.

Speaking of sun, remember to bring sunscreen. You will regret it if you don’t. Nürburgring may be famous for rain and tough weather, but it can be scorching hot as well.

Bring a tent, mattress and sleeping bag, along with whatever equipment you think can contribute to the camp in fun and positive ways. The whole idea is to establish a base camp as close to the track as possible, from where you can follow and enjoy the race as well as eat, sleep and party. Then you can set out from there on various excursions to different parts of the track.

Here is a list of things we have seen people bring: Tents, campervans, vans, Trucks, Mobile homes, entire cabins, wooden terraces, floodlights, battery powered flood lights, flashlights, electric generators, stereos, speakers, lots of televisions, draught beer fonts and even entire bars, loads of drinks, sodas and beer, walls of beer cans, armchairs, couches, banners, flags, flag poles, scaffolding for private grandstands or towers, firewood for bonfires, braziers, barbeques of all sizes even entire outdoor kitchens, pools and even large swimming pools, carpets, blankets, dining tables, dining chairs, Scalextric race tracks, basketball hoops, garden fence, disco lights, trampolines, playsets and swingsets … I think you get the idea.

See you at the ring!

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