GTR24h 2019 Special Online Races

GTR24h 2019 Special Online Races

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The focus of the GTR24h has always been on replicating real sportscar races in simulated form. And we want to move towards more than one race a year. However, we are not yet ready to run these races as LAN events, but they will be run with the same setup as the EEWC. The same streaming coverage, the same content coverage, the same rules and procedures.

Race 1:
23rd of March 12 hours of Sebring
LMP2, GTE and GT3 classes

Race 2:
8th of June Nürburgring Nordschleife 24-hours
GT3 only

Race 3:
10th of August Spa 24-hour
LMP1, LMP2, GTE and GT3 classes

The more accute reader will imidiately notice that two of the races are GT3 only and the Sebring race includes 3 classes. That is becuase our emphasis is on recreating three of the worlds greatest sports car races. And the classes chosen are the cars that race these races in real life. Because of the different classes the races will not be part of a championship, but instead stand alone as seperate unique special events.

Signup for each race will envolve a small registration fee.

“Why must there be a participation fee?”, you ask. In short, it is to make sure that as many as possible of the signed up teams actually show up for the race. It is our experience that free races tend to be taken less seriously and that a small fee has the nice attribute of creating a slightly more serious atmosphere.

More information on signup, numbers of cars on each track, partners, procedures, special rule addendums and specific tracks will be available soon. Meanwhile, keep in mind that the races are still work in progress. It is very unlikely that the dates of the races will change, but the Nürburgring race may be exchanged with the Spa race.

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