Global Connect Provides 10Gbit Internet For EEWC 2019

Global Connect Provides 10Gbit Internet For EEWC 2019

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The ISP of 2018 was not up to par. The provided equipment made a lot of our plans, as well as plans for the teams impossible. We won’t let this happen again.

Teams being able to stream 60 fps full HD streams from their rigs and paddock areas. Us being able to run our own streams uninterrupted. For the coming media partners to be able to have rock solid high-bandwidth internet connection. This all has very high priority.

We went looking for the best possible solution available at the venue. And we believe we couldn’t possible find a better partner than Global Connect.

GlobalConnect is the leading provider of high-tier custom fibre network, data centres and IT outsourcing in Denmark. They cover Denmark, Northern Germany and parts of Sweden with a 16,000 km long network of optical fibres and 16,000 m2 data centres.

GlobalConnect’s mission is to offer the most powerful, most effective, and most future-proof network and housing solutions to companies and organizations operating in our markets. 
We want to give all of our customers optimal conditions for innovation, competitiveness, and a strong economy through solutions that are technically and commercially second to none within our field.

– Global Connect Mission Statement

For EEWC 2019 Global Connect will provide industry level 10Gbit fiberoptic internet connection.

You can read more about Global Connect and their hosting and networking services on their website:

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