Environmental stance with Refurb

Environmental stance with Refurb

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40 refurbished laptops and webcams from Refurb will power onboard experience for live stream viewers.

In sim racing, we have an opportunity. We can simulate regular gasoline and diesel based racing, without using either, since computers just consume electricity. On top of that, in Denmark, we have the options available to go 100% renewable and power everything on pure wind turbine energy.

But we will go even further …

With the support of Refurb, a Danish company that salvage, clean, repair and resell used computers, phones, tablets and other IT-equipment, we are further lowering the environmental footprint of our event.

We are 100 % aware, that “living room console racing games” is seen by many race fans as unserious gaming. A huge part of being able to retain interest amongst viewers is to provide depth. We had the plan to set up 40 live streams with pit radio and webcam. This plan has now become a reality.

Refurb provides 40 laptops and 40 webcams, that will run streaming software, and Teamspeak. These will stream onboard webcam, selected telemetry data through SimUtils and pit radio audio, as well as showing detailed information on the team, the car and the drivers of the car. This will provide a depth of access and information, never before seen in sim racing.

On top of this, each laptop will be placed on a stand behind each sim rig, where it will make car, team and driver information visible to the spectators outside the sim rig area.

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