Endurance eRacing World Championship 2018 – Pre-registration is now public

Endurance eRacing World Championship 2018 – Pre-registration is now public

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At the time of this post, there were 17 remaining spots. The registration process has followed the following plan: First podium finishing teams for 2017 were allowed to register up to 4 car-spots per team. Then we opened up for all 2017 participating teams to register up to 4 car spots. After that, we did a ton of information digging and did our best to contact everyone who previously participated in a GTR24h event. They were then allowed to register up to 4 car-sport per team.

And now it’s finally time to go public!

You are allowed to register up to 4 car-spots per team, by using the following link:


Disclaimer: If you get car-spots inside the first 40 teams, you will not be able to get a refund on your pre-registration. This counts as our insurance towards our budget so that we don’t face any financial problems. And this is not the final participation fee. When the classes and car-pack are finally decided and finished, hopefully by the end of January, the final ticket sales will open. The first 40 pre-registered teams will then have about a month to finalize their registration, with driver names, sponsors, car and class choice (not binding, but information MUST be provided).

If any of the teams inside the 40 first teams should not be able to compete, the first teams on the reserve list will be notified. They will then have a couple of weeks to decide whether they want the spot. If not, the right moves on to the next team on the reserve list. When the final lineup is decided, the teams on the reserve list, that did not get to compete, will get their pre-registration fee returned. Teams inside the first 40 teams, that give up their spot will not get a return.

Should the situation arise, that a participating team, after paying the final registration, decides to withdraw, the spot will again be offered to the first available team on the reserve list. The original team will get a refund of their participation fee, not the pre-registration fee, but only if a reserve team is available to fill the spot. Again, this rule is in place to ensure that we have solid budget that we can count on.

The total final participation fee (including pre-registration) will be somewhere between 150 to 300 €, depending on not yet settled pricing and sponsor agreements.

(Photo: Maria Rønn Rinhack‎)

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