EEWC World series continues in 2020

EEWC World series continues in 2020

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After a great 2019 and more than a decade in Simracing – We at GTR24h are happy to announce our new 2020 season will soon kick-off.

As stated last year, and with the launch of our World series GTR24hs main goals has always been replicating real sport cars races in simulated form, and that will, of course, continue in 2020.

With last years race at both Sebring, Nürburgring and Spa Francorchamps – we are now happy to announce that 2020 will bring changes to the entire season, which would make it harder to achieve the all-time trophy at the EEWC in October 2020 – yes welcome to our new Series!.

All teams participating in our season will be given points. and the possibility to gain double points at the EEWC and become the all-time, and first-time winner of our GTR24h EEWC season.

The entire team of race control, our great commentary team, the stream team, SoMe and Marketing team and our sponsors will of course make the experience become better than ever. We are ramping up on all angles to make it a better experience than ever – we will introduce new features in 2020 which will be revealed over the coming months.

So what’s in store for our 2020 season? It will now bring 5 races in total where the EEWC in Viborg will be the final, where your competiting team has the possibility to secure double points to be the all-time 2020 season winner in one of our 4 classes: Hypercar, LMP2, GTE and GT3-Rookie.

So what’s in store for all you fellow Simracers? What would make the 2020 season the hardest, and most demanding season in our history? – How about 5 – 24 hours races in total? – yes, you read it correctly – to make our season the hardest and most demanding in our history and maybe in the Simracing genre – 2020 at GTR24h will definitely test our teams to the fullest.

The 2020 season will be kick off with a 24-hour race at the 5,4 Kilometer Dubai Autodrome race track the first newcomer to our series. The race weekend will be at 7/8/9 February.

In April 2020 we will be visiting the Petit Lemans/Road Atlanta track – a second newcomer to our series. Petit Le Mans, requires a high level of skill to master. We will be looking forward to seeing the many teams for 24 hours of pure racing!

In June 2020 – we will be back at the well known Sebring track for 24 hours of racing at one of the most iconic and respected tracks by all drivers who test themselves every time they drive there. Hopefully, we experience changing weather condition and a lot of great racing again!

In August 2020 we will be back at the famous Spa Francorchamps for 24 hours of hardcore fast pace racing.

In October 2020 we will be at the grand final in Vibocold Arena for 24 hours of racing at Le Mans.

So where are we now?
At the current stage, we are working hard behind the scenes, to prepare for this exciting season, so the teams can start preparing for our first race which kicks off in 3 months.

As GTR24h is now a fully licensed series – there will, of course, be a registration fee for the entire season – where the tickets for EEWC will be included. We will soon launch the registration page for all the teams to sign up.

All the best.
Jon Fabricius Turell, Paw Lindegaard, Peter Munkholm, Nick Newcombe, Neil Heatlie, Aiden Millward, Lewis McGlade, Ossian Pukaka and Jess Shanahan.

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