Danske Spil Possible Partner for 2019

Danske Spil Possible Partner for 2019

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The data-collection article with concerns a possible collaboration with Danish Booking company Danske Spil.

In order for them to consider joining, they need data on teams and drivers in order to start setting their odds.

How will you and your team benefit

We don’t know yet. Commission payment has been brought to the table. Meaning that a percentage of the bets would go to the company. How we distribute from there and work with you, the teams, we don’t know yet.

Danske Spil is not a big player in the betting arena. But they are the biggest in Denmark. And we would like to use this deal and profit distribution model for future deals.

How we move forward

For all teams considering participating in the 2019 EEWC we need a complete, or as complete as possible, backlog on sim racing achievements.

What races did your team participate in, what positions did you achieve, what series and races did the drivers on your team participate in and what positions did they achieve. Years of sim racing experience, number of long distance endurance races.

Even if you are just a driver without a team, but wish to participate we would still very much like you to send us your data.

The data doesn’t need to be in any specific format and doesn’t need to be complete. It only needs to be as complete as possible.

If you could send these data to teams@gtr24h.org as soon as possible it will be a tremendous help towards moving sim racing forward as a proper eSport. This is a very special partnership deal that will help both teams, drivers and the organization.

The last chance to send us your data will be the 30th of January 2019, since the data will be relayed to our partner on January 31st.

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