DanishSimRazers Target The Podium In GT-Rookie Class With Dual Entry

DanishSimRazers Target The Podium In GT-Rookie Class With Dual Entry

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2017 saw the start of an adventure for a team. Back then it was called DSR RacingRoom #05. They secured the 9th position in the GTE class at the EECW. It was the teams’ first participation in an event of that calibre. The goal was limited to just finishing. And they did. It wasn’t completely painless but they finished.

The dream from then on became to reach the podium at one of the subsequent events of the same kind. DSR participated again in EEWC 2018 with the car Burst eSport Runtime #05. It was not quite the same crew as in 2017. But half the original crew, with a couple of other drivers, managed to get through the race in 2018 and ended up in 6th place in the GTE class, an improvement from 2017 in a much more competitive field.

This year, 2019, DSR has changed course, betted everything and will take part in EEWC with not one, but two Callaway Corvette C7 GT3 cars. This time under their own club name of DSR and with their own management. The team consists of a total of six drivers in two cars. The drivers are supplemented by three super talented pit crew members.

“We have made the best possible preparation before this year’s EEWC. We will be using the experience we have brought with us from the previous races. I dare say that we are as ready and well prepared as we can be. This year, we have been supported in trying to achieve our goal and dream.”

– Steven Salsgaard

DSR would very much like to take the liberty here to thank those who support us. Thank you to Gadgethuset.dk and thank you to Epparel.net both of which are helping us make our sim racer dreams a reality. We are so proud to have you onboard that words cannot express our gratitude.

“Our fans and followers are certainly not a bunch who should be overlooked, so a huge thank you is directed at you too. Without you, the dream is no fun at all. Everyone, both sponsors and fans, you help us in trying to realise the dream of getting on the podium.”

– Bo Christiansen

We look forward to meeting you or seeing you again the last weekend in October 2019

Team DanishSimRazers EEWC 2019 lineup

DreamTeam 766:
#1 Bo Christiansen
#2 Michael Ciccolini
#3 Mathias Højgaard Blöhme

Nightmare 777:
#1 Karl Lykkegaard Jensen
#2 Steven Salsgaard
#3 Søren Hansen

#1 Mathias René Pedersen
#2 Maricar Munk Jensen
#3 Ole Wedel Thalund

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