Cooler Master back for EEWC 2019

Cooler Master back for EEWC 2019

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It is now 27 years since Roger Lin founded Cooler Master in Taipei, Taiwan. Back then in 1992 computer cases were beige boxes that were all air-cooled. But the need for effective air cooling was on the rise. Thus ORYX was founded and produced heat sinks for desktop PCs.

By 1993 ORYX had shipped its first CPU heatsink and was chosen as the prefered cooling solution by several OEMs.

When introducing the ATC-100, the worlds first all aluminium computer case, the name of the company was changed to Cooler Master. The ATC-100 marked the start of the early 2000s departure from the boring beige boxes.

As the new millennium turned, Cooler Master released another world first. The CH5-5K11 as the worlds CPU cooler with heat pipe technology.

Through the early 2000s, Cooler Master had several further worlds first breakthroughs like the first copper heatsinks, first complete retail liquid cooling solution, worlds first AIO liquid cooling solution. And let’s not forget the racecar inspired Cooler Master V8.

The relevance and similarities with GTR24h and the EEWC are all obvious. And we are very happy to have Cooler Master back at the EEWC for 2019.

You will have the pleasure of experiencing the newest cases and cooling solutions at the Cooler Master stand at the 2019 Endurance eRacing World Championship. And for the drivers and teams, there will be the chance of winning some nice Cooler Master products.

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