Carpack v1.0 out now!

Carpack v1.0 out now!

We are now ready with the carpack v1.0. Join the server and get the update.

Spa track changes:
– Adjusted pitspeed.
– Adjusted race-length.
– Replaced HDR profiles for proper lighting both at night and day.

Car changes:
– Enginelifetime and RPM adjusted to be certain the cars can last 24 hours.
– Cooling adjusted, and more/finer steps of radiator added.
– Various bugfixes (f.x. Aston martin idle speed, porsche radiator drag, ferrari engine heat generation).
– Damage threshold and chance adjusted. Cars are now less susceptible to permanent aero-damage.
– Wear of Rain and Intermediate tyres adjusted to a factor of approx. 0,6.
– A few skins added to showcase possibilities of the genstring.
– Safetycar added to the package.

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