Winners Never Quit, Quitters Never Win

DSR – Danish Sim Razers – now consists of more than 1200 members, which means that we have grown by more than 200 members since the current GTR24H ACC and EEWC seasons started.

If you’re able to attract that many new members in so short time then it should tell you something about the popularity of sim racing in general. It is especially wonderful to see that it is indeed growing in the minds of the general populace and gaining momentum as a legit e-sport on a national and international level and that the sport continues to evolve. It is great to be part of something new evolving on this scale and to be able as a club and team to mould the Danish community of sim racing. Some of the members to represent DSR – Danish Sim Razers – in the current GTR24H seasons have all been sim racing for far longer than the existence of DSR, and some might even have been at it since the conception of sim racing in general.

DSR puts special emphasis on broadening the knowledge of our sport; to make it more exciting to watch, to make it more social in its interactions and to offer hands-on experiences to the public. We think that we have somewhat succeeded when we take a look at our membership totals that just continues to skyrocket. This year we have experienced some difficulties in offering more hands-on experiences to everybody but we must not forget that the social aspects have grown and continues to do so.

Our ambitions for this EEWC season haven’t changed. Car #777 still aims for a podium finish at the EEWC in October. We are just tailing the B32 car by a meagre 3 points, which is currently holding the P3 spot in the total standings. Car #777 has 33 points in total and B32 has 35 in total, which most certainly puts them within our reach.

Our other car, #766, is currently P6 – with 23 points – in the standings and trailing 8 points after P5 – Simracing Motorsport, who has 31 points.

In the ACC series, a few races back, we evaluated our situation and decided to lower our expectations of the series a bit. In the beginning, we were aiming for a top 10 position at this point but we had to realize that the task was more than we could hope to accomplish. Simply put, we haven’t been able to find enough speed in the Aston Martin which we chose to drive for the whole of the season. Many teams opted for a different car at every race, using the one most fitted for the current track. We didn’t do that, instead, we hoped to gain a deeper knowledge of our car and thus more confidence and speed in the end. When the season had just begun, we had a discussion about whether to do as the other teams or not, but quite quickly came to the decision that we felt better about sticking to the same car for the whole season.

Before the last race of the season, we had scored 10 points which placed us on P17 on the total standing’s leaderboard, and we don’t expect to gain any more points in the last remaining race unless we get to capitalize on the misfortune of some of the other teams. Last time around we did place a decent P6 despite our expectations, most notably because we never gave up. Accidents have been known to happen during this ACC season and we have been able to benefit from these in the past.

The goal is clear and we have now set our eyes on the Circuit de la Sarthe and the thrilling Le Mans race due to take place at 23rd to 25th October – this year’s biggest sim racing spectacle.

Why do we race?

Some say that if you aren’t first then you’re last. But that isn’t true, is it? You may place at P8, P9 or even P18. We at car #777 had no illusions when we committed to the GTR24H ACC Sprint race series that we would be a top team. Some might be tempted to ask us why we even wanted to bother?

We do bother because we love sim racing and racing in general. Of course, you get the most out of winning, but the ongoing fight on the track and the fights between the teams may be just as fun, exciting and challenging as the fight for the podium. If you in a series together with a couple or more of other teams on your own level then these teams are who you’re up against. Not those in the top or those below your level of racecraft. And this goes on race after race, and these are the teams you may mock after you have won over them so many times.

In the Sprint series, we have had a victory every time we scored points and placed either P6, P7, P9 or two P10s. So, in that regard, we have actually had 5 victories during the season since we just managed to secure another P10 on Monza, the last race in the calendar.

We really want to secure a podium finish at the EEWC Le Mans event no matter how the EEWC and ACC season have fared so far.

“Winners never quit and quitters never win” – Quote by Vince Lombardi


Authored by

Ole Wedel Thalund & Steven Salsgaard

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