Who are AFP?

In a stacked field of teams for the GTR24H, a team with no prior 24-hour race experience enters. Who are they, and why would they enter GTR24H?

Short History

AFP – short for Apstineo Force Polonia, is a sim-racing team founded on the still active community of rFactor 1 in 2017. Until 2020, we only competed in rFactor 1 and Automobilista, before entering the rFactor 2 community, starting with FSR Academy.

Why did we enter GTR24H?

Quite simply, GTR24H is one of the best-organized endurance events, with some of the most skilled endurance drivers in sim-racing. We have done endurance racing before, consistently being on top in the GT3 class in EERC, but we are ready for a new challenge. By racing against the best, we can become better.

Who are our drivers? Nürburgring 24-Hour Special Event

We have 3 drivers entered for our team, all with amazing endurance and sim-racing skills in Ernests Lapins, James Dziuba and David Kalocsai. With this lineup, we hope to first of all finish the race, and hopefully get a good result while we are at it.

What are our goals

Same as most teams. We want to grow our team and community around it, and get successes in all forms of sim-racing, whether its endurance racing, open-wheel racing or GT racing. By racing against the best, like we are here in GTR24H, we can improve and hopefully become one of the best.

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