Virtual GP Season 8 Round 3 – Hungaroring

Virtual GP’s eighth season enjoyed the speed of Daytona last time out, as the pinnacle of Czech Republic sim racing heads back to Europe for round three, venturing to the twists and turns of the Hungaroring.

It’s been several years and different racing sims since VGP last set its virtual foot in Hungary, 2016 in season two to be precise. Back then, it was Jaroslazv “Jardier” Honzik who was triumphant over Daniel Liščák and the now returning Martin Štefanko, when the series was first utilising the Assetto Corse platform.

The Hungaroring is no stranger to major racing series, such as Formula 1 with its various feeder series, Truck racing, GT racing, and motorcycle racing. Its tight, twisty demands are a contrast to VGP’s last outing at Daytona, Hungaroring is known for being a difficult track to overtake at, but the drivers of the VGP know how to put on a good show.

Current champion Lukas Podstata hasn’t had the best of starts to his championship defence, unlike his main rival from last season Lukas Přáda who won the opening round at Imola and was second at Daytona behind Martin Nedelík.

Who will be the Hungaroring master? The broadcasts will be shown on the Virtual GP YouTube channel

Image © Lukáś Redl Virtual GP

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