Viper Gaming by Patriot Memory joins GTR24h

Viper Gaming by Patriot joins GTR24h in a strategic partnership to promote their gaming brand to our many Simracers and viewers.

Patriot Memory Inc a Global Leader in Performance Memory, Solid State Drives and Flash Storage Solutions joins GTR24h in a strategic partnership to promote their gaming brand Viper Gaming. Viper Gaming with roots going back as far as 2007 – has gained huge respect, success and reliability among gamers worldwide. Patriot Viper Gaming holds product such as Mechanical Gaming Keyboards, Laser RGB Gaming Mouse, Viper DDR4 Performance Memory, RGB 7.1 Surround sound Headset and SSDs drives which can fulfil most gamers needs.

Patriots top of the line products will be listed here and can be found on the links below.

Viper V765 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboards here:

Viper V570 Laser RGB Gaming Mouse here:

Viper RGB DDR4-4400Mhz Steel Performance Memory:

Patriot Viper v380 RGB RGB 7.1 Surround Sound headset:

Viper SSD VP4300 PCI-E M.2 Gen4 X4 drive:


Patriots brand new SSD VP4300 1TB and 2TB Gen4 m2 is highly recommendable as it breaks record speed up to 7400MB/s read and 6800MB/s write speeds – which put the drive as one of the worlds fastest SSD drives on the market to this date of writing and since the drive is based upon the new Gen4 x4 NVME controller – we can expect even better speeds with future firmwares. The Gen4 drives will down the road deliver speeds – which we never thought possible a few years back and what is even better is that Patriot is supplying their drives with 5-year warranty. This is the way!

But it doesn´t end here as you can experience their top of the line Patriot Viper v380 RGB 7.1 Surround sound headset used by our Race Control and Studio production during our Live Stream of Nürburgring 24Hours – We already heavily tested their headset for both music, studio and production and we can only say one thing – the sound quality is amazing and a perfect fit for Simracing as especially the Base level is Enormous- who doesn´t like the sound of a V8 early in the morning!. Further digging in the Viper Gaming Headset – we managed to overlook their Gaming suite which holds functions such as an Equalizer, Xear Voice Clarity, Xear 3D, Xear Enc, Xear Magic Voice and of course RGB lighting for best possible looks – the possibilities are endless for tweaking of the audio quality to your best possible needs.

To support the whole Simracing scene – Patriot also joined the Deuces MotorSport Club team to promote their product to get the know-how, experience and knowledge to help their future developments in Simracing. Something we with great excitement will be following as we do think all help in favour of the Sport we all like so much.

For Patriot website look here:


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