Two GT3 Slots Remain As Monza Will See Danish Sim Razers Join

Usually, the drivers of DSR er split into the two Nightmare and Dreamteam cars. But for Monza, it looks like the lineup will be a mix of three drivers from both cars. And maybe that is why the car entered doesn’t carry any of the Dreamteam or Nightmare appendices.

DSR is actually both a team and a sim racing community. The team members are a collection of drivers from the Danish racing community Danish Sim Razers. A community that doesn’t only cover Factor 2, but instead has members from all forms of virtual racing on all platforms and all types of racing. You will find all kinds of sim racers from Gran Turismo on Playstation to Dirt Rally drivers on Xbox and iRacing drivers on PC.


The team is sponsored by GadgetHuset, Epparel and Roskilde auto udlejning

If you want to support the team, head on over to Danish Sim Razers on Facebook