Track update and new skins

Normally, we would argue, the weekend before the event is way too late for making changes to the cars or the track. We are going to make an exception.

We have made changes to the track graphics and looks. We have done this, to make it easier to drive in the dark and when it’s raining. Most drivers were struggling in these conditions, and we’ve investigated the issues.

The conclusion was, that most road surface textures in the track were broken. Lasse has used the entire weekend fixing the issues with the track, and we are very pleased with the result.

This means, the track now works better in the night, when the lights are on, and the fog and wet track has been optimized. The track surface looks darker, but this has to do with some reflections we haven’t been able to fix on a tight schedule.


We have been very busy this weekend, so the new update also includes all the skins and some minor tweaks to enable larger radiator opening on GT cars, since sufficient engine cooling wasn’t possible.

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